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Bad Judgment in Mexico
Alcohol, Rohypnol & Ketamine
Citation:   interstella. "Bad Judgment in Mexico: An Experience with Alcohol, Rohypnol & Ketamine (exp7833)". Erowid.org. Mar 31, 2003. erowid.org/exp/7833

  oral Alcohol (liquid)
    oral Pharms - Flunitrazepam (pill / tablet)
    oral Ketamine (liquid)
I didn’t even intend to do drugs that day. I had no idea, when I woke up that morning, that a visit with some close friends would turn into a nightmare by the end of the day.

A few of my friends from college were coming down to my city to hang out at the beach, where my family was staying in a vacation house for a couple weeks. They arrived around noon, and I remember running ecstatically to greet them at their car. It was a beautiful summer day in Southern California, and I figured we would all chill around the beach area, maybe go for a drive, have lunch, just talk and catch up. One of my friends, however, was tempted by the thought of Mexico being so close by. He had the idea of buying some ketamine (which is legal in Mexico) and make a huge profit selling it at raves in California. So I agree, why not, let’s go have lunch and some drinks in Tijuana, and then come back.

Among the people present that day were several compulsive drug users. These were the people with whom I’d experimented with acid, ecstasy, speed, cocaine (and of course marijuana and alcohol) during the past school year. I should have realized that going to Mexico could be dangerous (especially if drugs are involved, crossing the border and such), but my judgment was definitely lacking during the course of this whole day. Sometimes when I’m with my friends I feel invincible.

So we drive down to TJ, park and walk across the border. One of the girls goes into a pharmacy and nonchalantly asks for several vials of ketamine. The K is put into a water bottle, diluted with water to look inconspicuous. After a little shopping and looking around, we decide to have some margaritas before we go back. The girls in the group got pretty tipsy, including me (I had probably a margarita and 2 corona beers … plus the waiter was oh-so-eager to offer us some tequila shots as well).

Things seemed safe, I was having fun, when the waiter offered us some pills that he said were really good with alcohol. I had heard of people using prescription muscle relaxers and painkillers with alcohol, with pleasant effects and no problems. So I figured that these pills he was offering us were something of that sort. The guy with us who was the main ‘druggie’ of the group asked the waiter several questions before deciding that they were ok and that he would buy some for all of us. Big mistake on my part: not knowing exactly what I was taking and trusting other people to approve it (when they didn’t even know what it was either), also taking any drug with alcohol. We finally leave, a bit drunk, but still sober enough to manage.

This started to change, however, as we walked through the turnstiles to return to the U.S. Everything looked fuzzy and I started to feel like I was losing control of my muscles. I turned to my friend walking next to me and saw her stumbling. We looked at each other, not able to focus on each others’ faces, and she whispered, “I feel fucked up … like, too fucked up.” I felt the same way. I couldn’t explain it; I had been drunk many times before and it never felt like this. I felt like water, just flowing along, unaware of my physical motions.

After that, everything that I remember is very much a blur, though I do remember basically what happened. Somehow my friend who was driving was able to drive us to my favorite coffee shop (we got very lost getting there; this is somewhere I would go on a very regular basis). We got to the parking lot and I realized I had the water bottle with the ketamine in it. Being completely fucked up and stupid, I said, “I just want to see what it tastes like,” and took a little sip. Seeing me do that, another friend grabbed the bottle, and pretty soon we had all taken at least a sip, some of us more. After that it was all over.

Apparently I hit the parking lot ground and was lying there, incoherent, for awhile (I don’t really remember this). A few other people did the same. Two of my friends went into the coffee shop and fell down. The next thing I remember is a cop trying to talk to me; I could barely see him because my vision was almost all dark, I was crying but I don’t know what I was saying to him or what he was saying to me. One of my friends said later that the cops that found us there in the parking lot were saying things to us to the effect of what disgusting stupid idiots we were.

After the parking lot scene, I have a vague, one-moment memory of being in a car again (I found out later that my friend who was the driver had called a friend of his who lived in the area, to pick us up and take us back to my parents’ vacation house). The next thing I remember is boom—hitting the ground at the beach, and by the time I was able to move and get up, I realized that I had been lying there facedown on the sand for several hours.

I stumbled back to the house with the two girls who had been dropped off with me, and found that two people had gone home, and one was in jail. The pills that we had taken were Rohypnol, one of the most infamous “date rape drugs,” and I can understand now how it works for that evil purpose. We are very, very lucky that the Rohypnol didn’t really kick in until we were across the border. I can only imagine what that waiter had intended to do.

One of my friends had pocketed the extra pills after we took them, and so he was the only one with any illegal drugs found on him, thus he went to jail for the night. I was so freaked out, trying to figure out how to keep this from my parents and be able to get this guy out of jail at the same time. The guilt, the regret, and the headache were unbearable. I felt weak and shaky all day.

I was able to borrow my dad’s car and get our friend out of jail after his mother paid the bail. He seemed terrified when we picked him up. I dropped my three friends off at the train station and that was the end of our visit, which was supposed to be a regular nice sunny day with friends at the beach. Instead, we ingested an utterly stupid combination of alcohol, K, and Rohypnol, caused a lot of problems for one of our friends (he went to jail, had to go to court after that, is on probation, has to do community service and go to NA meetings, etc, while the rest of us are blame-free), and had a terrifying, traumatic experience. This was about a year ago; I haven’t been to Mexico since.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 7833
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 31, 2003Views: 62,741
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Pharms - Flunitrazepam (108), Alcohol (61), Ketamine (31) : What Was in That? (26), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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