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Fly Away
Citation:   Captain Crews. "Fly Away: An Experience with Cannabis (exp78331)". Sep 4, 2016.

2 bowls smoked Cannabis
I have been smoking marijuana for about five months now. I smoked weed about three to four times a day, everyday. In the morning (wake n' bake), after getting home from school, sometimes before going into massage class and/or work, and before bed while playing some video-games. I decided to quit for two weeks and then smoke some hydro so as to get baked, stoned, blazed, blitzed, and/or kerplunkled. I began to feel like the meaning behind smoking the herb had been lost. I was just smoking to smoke. Alas, I, being a stoner, said “fuck it,” and decided to smoke after waiting one week exactly. I smoked two small ground up bowls of hydro, which my father had so graciously given to me, through an ice cold bong.

The trip:
I was standing by my open, patio door for the first half of the first bowl I smoked. Half way through the first bowl, it put me on my ass. I just felt so amazing that I needed to chill out so I sat down in a comfy chair. My pal and I began playing video-games. Afterward, during the beginning of the second bowl, the trip started to come on.

I inhaled the smoke deep within my lungs and slowly shut my eyes. The images behind my eyes were too complex to describe while I was holding my breath in this so called “blindness”, but this is normal. What I mean by “so called blindness” is that even without my eyeballs I still would have been able to see everything I'm about to describe. I was surprised when the effects started getting a bit more intriguing. (I'd never actually 'tripped' on marijuana before, aside from seeing and feeling a warm, red aura the very first time I smoked.)

A slow vibration began to pulse throughout my body. It originated from my scalp and slowly moved down; all the way to the soles of my feet. I could feel it most prominently in my torso, around my heart and stomach. The pulse had its own audible frequency. Kind of like a “whum, whum, whum.” I felt as if I was radiating with energy and, later, was able to see the vibrant energy. I felt my head open up and expand, becoming part of my surroundings. [Alex Grey's 'Transfigurations' depicts what I saw and felt almost perfectly.] The same feeling followed until my whole body felt connected and one with everything.
my whole body felt connected and one with everything.
It is the same omnipresent feeling that I will mention multiple times, but this is how it began.

The sound of the highway outside and the sound of my “Frequency”, as I will call it, are the only things I could hear. I’m very thankful I was with only my buddy, Davon, who was silent; allowing me to enjoy my trip. The sound of the highway beckoned me and I realize that it was the force that pulled me out of my house and got me started on my journey to the final destination of outer space.

As I exhale I start to visualize myself and have complete awareness of my surroundings. The socks on my feet, the boxers and pants on my legs, the shirt on my torso; the glasses on my face; the bong in my left hand; the computer chair I'm sitting on; the arm of the chair in my right hand; the ground beneath my feet; the couch with my best friend sitting on it in front of me; the computer desk and computer to my left; the three chairs, lamp, and my conga drums to the right; the ceiling fan above me blowing cooled air upon the surface of my body; and where it starts to get fun is the open, sliding, glass door with my patio outside directly behind my physical body.

From here I visualize myself not only from a third person point of view (able to see my entire body and the aura of energy I described), but also omnipresent. I see through the eyes of everywhere. I can view these different perspectives individually, but at the same time they're all viewed simultaneously. That's the most difficult thing for me to describe. But my favorite place to “be” was the eyes of myself; in my own body. I felt all of the senses so much more vividly when looking through my own eyes. When I was elsewhere I still felt everything, but not nearly as intensely as when in my own body. I’m glad it was this way because it made me feel as if I was at home in my body. Like everything was “right”. I can remember the feeling of the wind while I was hovering, floating, ascending, descending, and generally flying through the air in this body of mine, whether it be at a fast or slow velocity. I've always wished I could fly more than anything. I feel overwhelmed with happiness now that I’ve finally experienced what it would be like.

My grandmother read an unedited version of this and brought up a good question. She asked me if I was in control while tripping. When I thought about it I realized I would never again be more in control than during that trip. I had a god-like presence. And the only thing I had to do to come back to reality was open my eyelids. Not that I had any desire to. (Reminds me of a song called Behind Closed Eyelids by Shpongle)

Eventually, when I got past all the surrounding outside area of my apartment, I got to an aerial view of my apartment complex; the highway that I've always related to the sound of the ocean; the roads; the buildings; the trees and land; the animals; the people; the rest of San Antonio; all of Texas and the rest of the United States of America; This continues further to all of the other countries of the world and all of the wonderful landscapes flashed through my mind. It expands to an “Earthly presence,” as best I can describe. A feeling of oneness was present throughout the whole trip.

At this point I decided to have another toke. With my eyelids still shut, I lit the bowl and hit the bong. I started to think of getting “high” and I began to fly skyward with my apartment at the center of my downward, aerial view. (Keep in mind that there is always a ubiquitous feeling, as well as the third person view of my body. I could switch to any perspective at any time.) I flew, straight up, higher and higher, until I discovered that I could break through the atmosphere of the Earth and into the great beyond that is space, at which I said aloud, “I can break through the atmosphere.”

This whole time I've been experiencing this bewilderment, I've been describing it to my friend who was sitting on the couch. I don’t think I would have been able to remember everything in such detail if I hadn’t been. We had just got done playing some Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii as I recall. I even explained to him that I was there with him, as well as up in space. I said, “I'm not flying anywhere; I'm just hovering; looking at the Earth. It’s just so beautiful. And at the same time I'm with you, down here.” The Earth was stunning. To a literal point; this is why I wasn't exploring further into space. The azure seas, the verdant lands, the cotton swirls of clouds, and a peculiar gold aura enveloping it all. At this point my mind began to wonder elsewhere into the great, filled abyss that is my brain. I eventually came to realize that Davon was sitting next to me, silent in the presence of me tripping. Regardless of whether I were tripping alone or Davon and I tripping in unison, I decided I was his host and needed to keep him company.

Space was incredibly peaceful and with my ability to fly and be omnipresent I was reluctant to come down, back to reality. But I began to withdraw. Everything and I do mean everything, started “flowing”, as best I can describe, simultaneously back into my head. 'You can take this huge universe, and put it inside a very tiny head, and fold it.' - Shpongle: Around the World in a Tea Daze (As you can see, I absolutely love Shpongle.)

As the universe retreated into my mind I also began to descend from space, down to Earth. I embraced a sensation that I can best fit to a worldly description of ocean waves rushing against my whole body. Or maybe a strong, yet gentle and warm, wind. That’s the best worldly thing I can compare it to. But it really felt like a magnificent energy was pushing as well as pulling my body downward. The push-pull sensation was only on the front of my body, but felt as if it originated from within. It was especially in my thighs, pelvis, and torso. I wasn’t being forced by anything, such as the restrictive and sometimes oppressive force of gravity, which made me feel in complete control; unlike when you're falling.

Once back down on Earth, with the universe back in a more normal state, I opened my eyes and said, 'Well, you can't trip forever.' And Davon responded saying, 'Yeah, man, you can get lost in your head.'

From now on I'll be smoking once a week. I wish whoever reads this enjoys it. Because, after all, who says wishes can't come true? Mine did.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78331
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2016Views: 9,008
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Cannabis (1) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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