I Learned More Than I Could in 1000 Years of Schooling
Cacti - T. pachanoi
by Toro
Citation:   Toro. "I Learned More Than I Could in 1000 Years of Schooling: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp78344)". Erowid.org. Jul 26, 2018. erowid.org/exp/78344

13 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (tea)


Sacred Cactus of Love

I had tried all the main psychedelics like acid, mushrooms, DMT, MDMA and 2-CB and enjoyed them all, but I always seem to fell mentally shattered after said synthesized psychedelics.. I went to Nimbin and purchased 2 big cactus (san pedro) from a shop (A SHOP) and went home to prepare it. I research heavily a new chemical that I ingest, and read SO much on how fantastic mescaline was compared to messy Lsd ect.

I sliced and diced the 13x6 inch piece of cactus then proceeded to blend the bastard and dry the goo in 50*C oven for about 2 hrs. I mixed that powder shit with about a coke can-worth of boiling water and drank the tea... It is worse that the bitter taste of MDMA combined with the gross texture.. It took.... About 1 hr to drink it relaxed and I threw up 10 minuts after I had finished it all. 1 hr passed and I felt a bit strange.. I fel in love with everything I was or thought of until it came out of no-where and just FULL ON hit me. It was like taking 4 doses of average LSD minus the dirty acid head feeling.. My mind was so clean and straight, as it where when I was sober. This is the PERFECT psychedelic. My god. Who would of thought a frickin cactus could change your life... The cactus spoke to me and proposed that like the sacrifice of taking such a bitter, bitter goo... It is in the end benificial and worth it.. This has helped me succeed so much more spiritually and academically as what seems like a boring or dis-liked task or goal, I overcome the bad side and the reward is amazing! Thak you san pedro I love all life, you have done more in one night that 1000 years of schooling could ever hope for.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78344
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 26, 2018Views: 766
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