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They're Trying to Take Me Away
by tjshokk46
Citation:   tjshokk46. "They're Trying to Take Me Away: An Experience with DMT (exp78376)". May 3, 2021.

40 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I originally typed this up for another site so don't mind all of the indirect speech..

Heh! I recently had a very odd experience with DMT..

Finally feeling confident after many DMT endeavors, I thought it'd be interesting to take his normal crazy, closed eye only, hyperspace dose of DMT and walk around with his eye open.

I loaded up ~40mg of almost pure white DMT into an aluminum foil pip and lit it underneath and inhaled like a mad man.

Instead of leaning back, turning on some hippy tunes, and closing his eyes .. I kept y eyes open, staring at my computer monitor.

The very first thing I noticed was 'HOLY SHIT, THIS IS A FUCKING MISTAKE' <-- that's a quote.

I slightly turned his head to the right and noticed that instead of one lighter, one pipe, and a few papers.. There were many of each.. The fucked up thing about it is, I said the 'tracers' if you will didn't move around the room with me... They only stuck to my desk.

Anyway, I got my normal yawning kick, teary eyes, etc...

I also noticed the tower of energy being formed around and above my desk.. This freaked me out a tad bit but, not too bad..

As I walked around the house looking at all of the fairly solid colors (vs his normal pixelized oev) I realized my big mistake.. I was cold before I hit the pipe. After hitting it, I was freezing for some reason (until it wore off).. This sent me into a hellish trip..

The only really bad visuals were these colors circling my feet on the floor... They all turned into swirling, connected, pulsing and, multi-colored faces .. Kind of like the one shpongle like to use so much but not the same..
These faces kept trying to form a vortex around him and each time they started to, I could feel my body being sucked upwards... This normally wouldn't bother me .. As I said, the coldness, 'set and setting'...

Well, in the psychological cluster fuck I was in, I had to try very hard to not call his normal DMT buddy... I knew my friend was at work and I'd get him yelled at for being on the phone..

Meanwhile, I think like 1 minute had passed lol..

So, I went back into my room and decided that even though I HATED watching TV on DMT, it may help me ground myself.. I also decided to smoke a cig.. Something I never do and can barely do while on DMT but, I figured since I normally only does it sober, it could help chill me out.

Wow was my room pulsating and swaying like nuts...
I lit his smoke and was pretty surprised at how slow the sparks came out... Like on one of those high FPS cameras playing in slow motion... The sparks basically sat in the air even after pulling his lighter away..

I sat down and turned on one of his favorite shows.. 'Las Vegas' (Corny, maybe, but I don't care :P )...
Jesus... These people were all speaking some sort of jibberish language and making high pitched squeeling sounds..
Not really but, in DMT land, that's what it sounded like..

The TV wound up disturbing him though .. I wound up balling up in a corner like a loony until it wore off...
I was very very glad I chose the smoked route that day..
I could just imagine if he'd had to spend hours in that frame of mind..
I think he would have actually broke down and cried.

Once it wore off, like normal, I sat on my couch and thought 'dude, that was fucking cool'
See, I always appreciates a DMT experience, whether good or bad or for fun or 'knowledge'



Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78376
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2021Views: 133
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DMT (18) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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