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Second Date with Daisy
Citation:   Mr. Writer. "Second Date with Daisy: An Experience with DPT (exp78405)". Nov 13, 2009.

45 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
I have done DPT once before, only 25mg nasally, and had an ok time, although with some anxiety due to perceived cardiac effects.

I insufflated 40-50mg at midnight. Almost right away I noticed a change in my heart beating. This was what had freaked me out the first time. The heart rate increase was modest however, and this time I decided I would not let panic rule me, and simply lied down, closed my eyes, and breathed extremely slowly, lowering it back down to almost normal. Something was still different though; finally I put my finger on it. Not only does my heart beat faster, but it seems to beat HARDER. I don't know if this is medically possible, or simply a perception thing (since all things ended up being more intense, my heart beat was simply the first to be noticed?), but it was very prominent. Still, having lowered the rate almost to rest-levels, I no longer was worried.

The burn was very mild, and the taste was very easily ignored or washed away with a breath mint occasionally. The first hour was the most uncomfortable, because I was not yet tripping, but the energy of the trip was building up, and was centered in my chest, and spilling into my heart. It is troubling to think I may be about to have a heart attack.

Time dilation began very quickly, within a minute or two of having snorted it, with 5 or 10 minutes feeling like 30 minutes. Suddenly I noticed the most wonderful, erotic, gentle, fantastic sexual pleasure in my genitals and anus. I felt like I was getting a cosmic rimjob and having my balls fondled. This surprised me, and immediately dispelled any worry of heart issues, as I realized that the reason for my cardiac energy building up rapidly was because my whole body was entering a state of supreme arousal. I squirmed on the floor for a while, grin plastered on my face, cupping my junk and feeling almost bashful at the strange yet welcoming direction this substance was taking me.

The incredible tingling spread from my loins down through my legs to my toes, and up through my midsection to my head. The sexual gyration was now wholly consuming me, and had gone to a supra-sexual pleasure, a pleasure that has within it the entire set of all things sexual, but also a wide range of other pleasures that are simply not felt by this organism in sober circumstances.

The energy then began to rise in intensity very drastically in short waves; pulses of primal orgasm (too weak a word for what is actually felt!) rushed through me, and caused me to tremor almost violently at times. The tremoring was not scary at all; you know sometimes when you stretch your legs out completely your muscles shake and it feels cool? or like when you tap your foot uncontrollably sometimes due to having energy bottled up? Well it was precisely this familiar feeling, only on most of my muscles, and much stronger than usual, but still a well known and cool feeling which I welcomed gladly.

This new behaviour also came with a perceived coldness, so much that I went from wearing only shorts, to putting on several layers of clothing and going under 2 thick covers. I laid there for perhaps 30 minutes, face alternating between the surprised look of a person who's lover has just tried something naughty on them that they liked, and big old grin the likes of which mdma and lsd and psilocin elicit. I realized the extent to which this chemical had altered me when I opened my eyes, and saw on my left hand, where I had written 'DPT 50mg' in case of heart attack, was now half gone and being washed away by a puddle of drool. As I laughed inside at having drooled all over myself, I suddenly entered the trip full force, and here is where language becomes an issue.

These body sensations persisted EXTREMELY STRONGLY for 1 hour (1 hour after snorting they peaked), most of which consisted of me simply shaking strongly in ecstasy, like a sexual seizure. At the time of making this thread they dropped off suddenly and their strength and rate of occurence fell over the next two hours until I was baseline, although a certain tension remained all the way until the morning and until perhaps noon this next day.

I have ommited discussing the mental effects, and focused on the physical effects, for two reasons; the physical effects were an important part of the trip, and the mental effects are more difficult for me to describe than lsd, mushrooms, ketamine . . . they are very, very powerful, 45mg of this stuff had more of a mental effect on me than 5 hits of acid that changed my whole life.

There seemed to be a sort of regression, but not to animal, much, much further, I felt more like an amoeba or even a single-celled organism. Things were extremely streamlined and simple, but unbelievably intense. The common fly uses 90% of its neural processing power for interpreting visual data; it was sort of like this, but not focused on visual, rather focused simply on all 'inputs', and senses were senseless. I tasted what I heard, smelled what I saw, felt what I thought, thought what I touched. Utter synesthesia, a complete fruit salad of senses.

My night vision improved dramatically, with every single little light source being like a miniature sun, and there were effects on scale which made me think somewhat of Ketamine; things looked MUCH further away than they really were, climbing steps was confusing because I didn't understand what form was and how movement is achieved, since movement requires things moving in relation to each other, but there was only one thing, 'input'.

I went to the bathroom multiple times in the night, to urinate and defecate (I have IBS so it may not be the DPT), and both happened fine, with a little difficulty urinating due to tension in muscles. I looked at myself in the mirror, and other than the wild-eyed look of primal thrill, like I was both stalking prey and mating at the same time, I looked 100% sober; no big pupils, no droopy eyelids, only slight facial and hand flushing, no stumbling around.

It's difficult to pinpoint the 'core' of the experience. I will try by comparing what my perception is of the 'core' of other substances I have tried;

LSD is about understanding who I am as a person and what I am doing in this world.

Mushrooms are about understanding my identity in relation to the rest of the universe, and the plasticity of senses and mind.

Ketamine is about understanding the plasticity of the mind and sense of self.

DPT is about understanding the plasticity of forms of existance and other possible manifestations of being which you happen to not inhabit in your sober life.

Both times now I have emerged from the experience extremely grateful not just to be alive, but to be alive in my current form. The first time was because I thought I was going to die, this second time because I just went through 2 hours of feeling alive x 10,000, which is a fantastic thing. I sat on my bed naked with the light on, marveling at my arms, feeling my skin to make sure it's real, stretching it, pinching it, feeling what it means to have 'form' and what it means to have sensory inputs from this form.

That's all I can think of writing for now. I can't wait to do it again, and now I'm confident about doing a good 100mg dose.

Music. Music. Music. I listened to Ravi Shankar during the comeup, which helped coax the erotic sensations, and I listened to Animal Collective's newest album during the peak, which was the best drug decision I've made in a long time. That album goes with DPT like peanut butter and jelly. Whoa momma. Absolutely bliss, love, fun, play, laughter, smiles, hugs.

Towards the end of the trip, my nose became EXTREMELY stuff up, so much so that I could only breathe through my mouth. This was very, very annoying, and I blew my nose into my hands, my bed covers, anything nearby, it didn't matter in the place I was, and it was simply an easy action to fix a big problem. Nasal blockage is significant, one little 45mg toot blocked me up far more than 6-12 hours of heavy cocaine use.

Rectal seems to be emerging as the best way to take this gift.

Fitting that that's where the pleasure began . . .

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78405
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 13, 2009Views: 16,332
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