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by Billy
Citation:   Billy. "2C-Apocalypse?: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp78512)". Oct 14, 2015.



I have come across tons of psychoactive chemicals, but the most dangerous one in my opinion is 2C-T-7. I work for a campground/venue that invites people into a natural environment where they are basically free to do what they want as long as they don't hurt others.

At this place there have been 2 separate occurrences of people 'losing it' on 2C-T-7. Both times the person became very violent, towards others and themselves, stripped off their clothes and starting screaming that they were prophets of the apocalypse; one of which I witnessed first hand.

April, 2008 I was on .15 g pure MDMA, sitting by the fire at a large laid back gathering around 3 a.m. A very cute, interesting girl started speaking to me and we talked and ended up cuddling by the fire. She was on a hallucinogen, 2C-T-7 and she had taken 1 dose (not sure how much) but I'm assuming it wasn't much, however she was a small girl and it was her first time using any hallucinogenic drug.

We talked for a little while and she ended up convincing some guys to get fire wood and I congratulated her on helping to provide warmth for everyone at the fire, to which she claimed she understood her reason. She told me that she didn't think anyone else knew why we were here, and that there was a reason, and that she believed that I knew, and she wanted to find out.

She began to talk very quickly about many very deep philosophical subjects and made a lot of sense and I was attracted to her intellect at first. Taking her shoes off she stuck her feet deep into the sand and wiggled her toes around smiling saying that she was free and told everyone else to take off their shoes. Nobody took off their shoes.

This is when I began to notice that she was in over her head, also about 35 minutes after she told me what she had taken. She started to get very agitated that nobody else would take off their shoes so she got up and began to scream at them to take off their 'fucking' shoes. I told her to sit back down and calm down and she did. She began to relax and I hoped that she was done with her outburst.

She stared at the fire with a large smile, I assumed she was enjoying some kind of visuals. Eventually she said she wanted to put her face in the fire and said that we're not real and that our bodies aren't us. She said it's not real but there is a reason. She asked me what happens to us after our bodies are gone and I said I believe we continue to exist in some higher form. She sat and thought about what I had said for a minute or two.

Soon she quickly jumped up in front of the fire, her body jerking and wobbling unlike anything I had ever seen and screamed that everything was fake and that nobody was real, pointing at nearly each of the 20 or so people by the fire and screaming that they were not real. People were trying to calm her by telling her she was just tripping and that everything would be okay, but she continued saying that we must free ourselves and she would free us by being our sacrifice and said she was going to burn in the fire and she started to walk into the fire.

Someone grabbed her to stop and she hit him in the face. He tried to restrain her but she hit him in the face again and he grabbed her tighter and physically moved her. A friend of mine took her away from the fire and explained that she needed to find her friends and not come back to the fire because a lot of people were mad at her.

30 minutes later we heard her screaming and running around in the camping area; she came back ripping her clothes off. She was talking about 'the end' and the apocalypse and god judging us and saying that it was actually 2012 this year. Her friends were found and she was taken into a building for about three hours where they had to continually talk her down and keep her from taking her clothes off while she ranted about the end. They kept her there until she came down when they let her go back to her campsite with her friends.

I saw her the next morning around 11 a.m. (approx. 8 hrs after ingestion) and I asked how she was and I said I was very concerned but also intrigued, she looked extremely embarrassed and would not look me in the eyes, she said she was 'as well as one might say she could be' which was puzzling, and kind of scary. I asked her if she remembered and she said she blacked out for most of it. I asked her if she remembered threatening to jump in the fire. She said she did. I asked if she was really going to and she said yes and that it was a good idea. She didn't seem to be opposed to the idea even the next day after the immediate effects of the drug had apparently worn off.

The entire time I was witnessing this girl's violent departure from reality and near suicide I was reminded of the story of another guy on the same drug doing similar things less than a year prior at the same place.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78512
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 14, 2015Views: 1,749
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2C-T-7 (54) : Second Hand Report (42), Bad Trips (6), Large Group (10+) (19)

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