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Mild Effects, but Spiritually Energizing
Sceletium tortuosum (5x extract) & Cannabis
by verbose kitchen
Citation:   verbose kitchen. "Mild Effects, but Spiritually Energizing: An Experience with Sceletium tortuosum (5x extract) & Cannabis (exp78544)". Feb 14, 2018.

T+ 0:00
0.5 g oral Sceletium tortuosum (dried)
  T+ 0:20   smoked Cannabis  


Me and my boyfriend bought a gram of 5x kanna extract online. Our objective was to add a little fun to our day by experimenting with something new, and to boost our marijuana high when we smoked later.

The powder looked dark and earthy, probably a bit damp, and slightly reddish. Not something I could envision as an enjoyable snorting experience, so we decided to mix it into a drink. At 10 AM I mixed half a gram (eyeballed) into each of two shotglasses of red bull, and then drank one with my boyfriend. To my surprise, a yellow drink and the brown/red powder quickly turned into a white thick liquid that looked like a milk shake and tasted – odd, but okay.

After drinking the drink, within about 15 minutes I began feeling effects… I felt a bit of energy come on from the redbull, but also a calm feeling, the jittery type effects of a redbull in the morning were completely cancelled out. My immediate impression of the kanna was that it was similar to valium, but with a more positive sort of vibe to it; I felt less prone to stress and anxious thoughts, but without the sort of heavy depressant effects that come with a benzo or alcohol. My stomach became a little queasy so that I did not feel I could eat for a few hours, but the minor discomfort was negligible.

About 20 minutes after drinking the kanna, me and my boyfriend went for a walk to go to the art museum, and to smoke a small joint of some very good weed on the way. The whole walk I felt especially close to my boyfriend, I think the drink put both of us in an especially warm mood.
I think the drink put both of us in an especially warm mood.
After smoking the joint, the euphoric effects of the kanna seemed to synergize quite well, I was pretty elated. As we continued to walk, I felt a mild but constant sort of rush of calm energy, it was quite enjoyable. I felt also a bit extra sensitized to emotions and my surroundings, but at the same time calm.

I am always affected by paintings I like, but I believe I was especially susceptible to the artwork because of the kanna. In a room of abstract art from about 1900 to 1950, I was near overwhelmed. I immediately felt a connection with a painting called “Cloud and Birds” by Joan Miro. I felt the image was perfect, that it contained as much energy and life as any I had seen, when viewed in person, I felt it was filling me with life just standing there with it; I was also a little embarrassed because I couldn’t help but cry from watching the painting. I had to pick a painting to write about for an assignment, but I had a difficult time finding words, these are the notes I wrote about the paint “An opening, scribbles, felt. Or, birds, dashed, under a sun, shot out, whizzing in the air, surrounded by felt. Whips of feeling in different instants and different colors make up the only forms, but there are no forms here the marks are representations of movement, of continuous thought…” The type of energy I felt would be familiar to those who know the energy that comes at the beginning of an LSD trip.

After about 3 ˝ hours the effects were fading, although I felt the remnants of a slight mood boost and relaxation until about 4 in the afternoon. Although I had a great time, I do not feel the need to take kanna again any time soon, I think the setting and the novelty of the drug were a big part of my positive experience, it is not that strong really, I think it could be relatively boring to take at home. I would def smoke a little weed when on it.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78544
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 14, 2018Views: 4,917
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Sceletium tortuosum (179), Cannabis (1) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Combinations (3), General (1)

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