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So Much Bad Press...
Citation:   Alley_Viper. "So Much Bad Press...: An Experience with Fentanyl (exp78559)". Jan 7, 2016.

  repeated buccal Pharms - Fentanyl (patch)
Having had experience using/abusing Fentanyl Citrate intravenously in the past, and overall having a fairly positive opinion of the drug, I am rather surprised at the number of bad press I have read regarding recreational use of this high-tech pharmaceutical offering. I recently obtained several generic Fentanyl patches and wanted to add my thoughts on oral/sublingual use. Having had experience with Fentanyl and possessing some knowledge of clinical dosing, I had some advantage going into playing with it. Fentanyl produces a notoriously “clean” or “subtle” high which can easily go unnoticed or be dismissed by some users.

I acquired generic Mylan Fentanyl “transdermal delivery system” patches in two potencies/sizes. The patches simply list “Fentanyl” as the active ingredient; I am unsure whether the patches contain Fentanyl Citrate or another version of the drug. This is the important part: The delivery rates are 25 mcg/hr and 50 mcg/hr. This is the intended rate of delivery of the drug when applied to the skin. The total amount of drug present in the patches is 2.55 mg and 5.1 mg respectively. This is an extremely important distinction.

Basing my dosing on my past IV dosages I tried not to exceed 500 mcg (or .5 mg) in my initial oral dose (with no opiate habit/tolerance). This was about 1/5 of a 25 mcg/hr (2.55 mg) patch. The patches are very small and I assumed the drug is evenly distributed. I alternated chewing and holding the piece between my gum and lip. Initial effects were felt by myself and others at about 15 minutes. The product was like chewing a piece of tough Scotch tape, now and then releasing a light bitter taste and producing some mild oral numbness. I chewed until the plastic began to come apart (between 1-2 hours) and have tried to avoid swallowing the plastic, though on one occasion I did.

The high is perhaps an acquired taste. Without an initial rush and lacking the real obvious euphoria and warm/fuzzy of other opiates, Fentanyl floating creeps up on me and I found myself forgetting I was high until I was nodding or trying to do some task. As my compatriot put it, “(Fentanyl) is a very functional drug.” Having legitimate pain issues, he was impressed with the analgesic effects and found the background buzz great for daytime and even work. At somewhat higher doses I find it hard to stay awake and find myself nodding for hours. Fentanyl has a reputation for interrupting sleep cycles which it did for me.

After eating roughly one third of a large patch, estimating maybe a 1.75 mg dose, I experienced some nausea and vomiting, though I was pretty loaded and just took it in stride. Initially I worked out dosages with nothing else in my system (though I smoke hash/cannabis almost daily), but have since combined with cannabis and alcohol. I believe there is little danger in combining with pot, but alcohol and Fentanyl can be very dangerous.

After chewing a quarter patch, having a couple shots and a hash bowl and sitting in the sun in the yard…ahh…bliss. Though some might dismiss the subtlety of Fentanyl’s high, I find it pleasant, great for activity and with minimal side-effects and almost no hangover.

The generic patches contain the drug in a plastic “matrix” which, when removed from the packaging, looks like a piece of clear, thin plastic, slightly stiffer than tape, with the delivery rate and “Fentanyl” marked on one side and adhesive on the other. The brand name Duragesic patches offer some advantages to the recreational user; I can think of no way to separate the drug from the generic patch. I stored opened patches in the packaging and a plastic bag and kept them in the dark. Over 24-48 hours the opened patches maintain their potency.


Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78559
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 7, 2016Views: 12,244
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