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Tobacco (cigarettes)
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First Time Inhaling

First I would like to say I am a somewhat experienced user of psychoactives (generally easy to obtain ones), from the age of 13 onwards I have experience with Amphetamine [Adderall XR], Propylhexedrine [Benzedrix], Dextromethorphan (DXM) [HBr and polisterex; syrup, gels, melts, etc.], Lysergic acid amide (LSA) [Morning glory seeds], Ethyl alcohol [beer and vodka], Clonazepam [Klonipin], Lorazepam [Ativan], Diphenhydramine [Benadryl], Butalbital [Firoicet], Methylphenidate [Concerta], Caffeine [Coffee, pills, tea, soda, energy drinks, etc.], Oxycodone [Percocet], Nitrous Oxide [Whipped cream], Inhalants [Butane, hydroflurocarbons, isobutane, carbon dioxide, various solvents] -Stupid shit do not do!-, Nepetalactone [Catnip], Myristicin [Nutmeg], Thymol, and other things I probably cannot remember.

For the longest time at around 14 I starting 'smoking' cigarettes, little did I realize along with my other friends 'smoking, was that we were not actually even smoking correctly, because we were not inhaling into our lungs. This is testament to the placebo effect, because we felt almost compelled to smoke. Perhaps some psychological satisfaction was obtained from the actual act of simply drawing the smoke into the mouth and feeling like we were smoking. Anyways I abandoned 'smoking' after a little while and returned to more satisfying drugs like amphetamine and dextromethorphan. Recently, while fiending for my amphetamine prescription and waiting for some money to fall through to buy a couple of bottles of cough syrup, I decided I would try smoking some tobacco realizing I was not actually inhaling before.

So it started by me lifting about five or so cigarettes from my mother that smokes on and off. She has these ridiculous cigarettes that are really long, around 120mm, I believe they are called something slims. The first day I nabbed them I waited until night time (1 am) and silently went from my room out back and sat on the steps leading to the basement door. I lit a cigarette and tried learning on my own how to actually derive effects from inhaling tobacco smoke. I went through one cigarette and a half drawing smoke into my mouth then attempting to take another breath with my mouth to mix with the smoke already in my mouth and push the smoke into my lungs, this lead to massive amounts of scorching my throat, coughing and gagging. Even though it was unbelievably harsh drawing smoke down with my mouth and coughing I got a mild sense of dizziness and stimulation/relaxation. The final half of the second cigarette I finally got some grasp on how to inhale without nearly as much harshness and coughing, I drew a small amount of smoke into my mouth, held it there for a second or two and then started breathing slowly through my nose which made me then feel the smoke being drawn into my lungs, this lead to an increase in dizziness, mood lift, and stimulation. I put the cigarette out, content I had gotten some knowledge on how to inhale burning plant matter and continued to stand up, this lead to a 'head rush' of dizziness and giddiness similar to an inhalant, as I returned to my room my heart rate steadily increased and a mild case of insomnia developed until I finally fell asleep.

Jump to two days later, I was not feeling up to go to school so I told my mother I had a two-hour delay today (in reality I did not) and she continued to leave and I continued to stay home, at around noon I attempted to get max effect from tobacco, so I drank a mild cup of coffee and after about 15 minutes I prepared to smoke. I flipped my fan around in my window creating a makeshift exhaust fan and lit one of the long ass cigarettes, I inhaled as before and noted that with mental effort I could control the urge to cough my brains out and relax my throat. I held the smoke in for 4-5 seconds and exhaled, I note that exhaling seems to be when I cough the most so I soon discovered that exhaling slowly almost completely stopped the coughing. I finished the first cigarette this way, effects noted were a mild sense of euphoria, dizziness, nausea, tachycardia, a feeling of coldness, stimulation, increase of thought speed, mild tremors, and hunger. Not entirely different from a mild and rough dose of amphetamine. 15 minutes later I smoked another which increased effects of dizziness, tremors, and hunger, but also instead of entire stimulation provided a very mild opiate like calmness and content, a more significant increase in mood, and a decrease in previous nausea. This feeling lasted around 30 minutes.

Overall learning to inhale tobacco smoke and derive effects from it was a somewhat positive experience. I will practice moderation as with all substance, with tobacco.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78576
Gender: Male 
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