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On a Whim
by oneiro
Citation:   oneiro. "On a Whim: An Experience with Heroin (exp78585)". Aug 20, 2020.

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I worked outside this summer, about 20 hours a week for three months. I biked back and forth to work, and I was getting in about 30-40 miles a week constantly. The weekend before I came home my hours changed and I biked 50 miles in three days. I stretch a lot, but I tore a muscle in my leg obviously as it was painful to the touch and I had slightly difficulty walking.

Fast forward to coming home, I asked a friend if he knew where any painkillers were, and he said he had been riding the horse lately as he put it. I knew what he meant and for some reason I wasn't offended when he asked if I'd like to try some. As a matter of fact, I pretty much knew at that moment that I would take him up on the offer.

5:00 My friend and I have kicked the shit around for a while and moved on to laying the lines out. He offers me a generous line and I ask him to cut it down a little to play it safe.
He offers me a generous line and I ask him to cut it down a little to play it safe.
We do our respective lines and the feeling overcomes me within 10 minutes.

The euphoria was amazing. Nerve pills are basically my drug of choice because I have social anxiety, and it feels amazing to not have any worries and be relaxed under their influence. Heroin was almost like a super powerful benzo to me in this regard, but I still felt active and wanted to move around a little. All the same, simply sitting down and being pain free was also amazing. My pain from walking had vanished in 10 minutes.

5:30 We are attempting to find batteries for a virtual boy, as the thought had occurred that this would be an awesome. Between phone calls, looking for working AA batteries, and speaking to my mom, I still felt amazing.

6:00 We failed at getting the virtual boy to work and had sat around talking while listening to music. My friend asked me if I wanted to finish another bump and I said yes. This was smaller than the first but still significant, and in retrospect I probably should have done less or no more at all. We made some plans for the night and my friend departed at this point.

6:15 I was itching madly and decided to take a shower, but not before letting my sister and another friend know that I had tried H for the first time. I guess a part of me was happy to have done something so uncharacteristic and I wanted to be perfectly honest and upfront about it. I wasn't intent on bragging, and I'm not normally, but I wanted to be upfront and I happened to bring it up in conversation twice when the opportunity presented itself.

6:30 I had the house to myself and I was in the shower when the first wave of nausea set in. I hadn't eaten since the morning and the only thing I drank was a can of sprite. And so up the sprite came. It was odd - puking a fond carbonated beverage and nothing else. After a few rounds there was nothing else to puke, and I began to feel much better. I got out of the shower and my appetite was getting the better of me, as it had been trying to do right before I met up with my friend.

6:45 I was out of the shower, making food, and still feeling great. I was worried the nausea would return if I tried to eat, and I was right.

7:00 I had just eaten, and I noted the fact that after the first bite or two of my sandwich I felt better than I had during the entire experience. I was peaking and it was incredible. After this point, I pointlessly finished most of my sandwich. I could hardly taste it, and I spent what seemed like forever chewing each bite. I knew that I wouldn't be keeping it down.
I spent what seemed like forever chewing each bite. I knew that I wouldn't be keeping it down.

7:10 Having not drank any water with my food yet, I had an uncomfortable puke sesh. Think doritos mixed with bread = dry. After a couple rounds, I chugged some water and the feeling again subsided, with some food still held down.

7:30 I spent the next little while listening to music and surfing the web, when I decided it would be a good idea to record my experience.

7:45 My water, sandwich, and chips had come back for revenge. This was almost explosive. I ruined the integrity of my trashcan.

8:00 3 hours into my experience, and minus the nausea it has been well worth it. I can probably blame the nausea and feeling of weakness on donating plasma earlier today, obviously after donating my body isn't in tip top condition, and it may very well have potentiated the H.

8:30 Current as of this writing. I've been making plans tonight for cinco de mayo, ready to go out and take over the world if need be. I feel amazing, and I love Elliott Smith. Listening to him will never be the same now that I have an inkling of what he must have felt so many times.


I've tried cannabis, multiple painkillers (codeine, lortab, percocet), multiple benzos (xanax, klonopin, valium), morphine once, and mushrooms a couple of times. Heroin was among the substances I told myself I would never try. I mean cmon, heroin?

I'm glad I looked past the stigma. I still wouldn't do it IV, and I'm making it a point to never do this again. But I only have one chance to live in this world. Might as well experience all that I want to while I still can.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78585
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 20, 2020Views: 227
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Heroin (27) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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