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Cooking Up My First Trial
Citation:   Equinox 2112. "Cooking Up My First Trial: An Experience with MDPV (exp78708)". Sep 26, 2009.

T+ 0:00
4 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45 4 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
Often when I find myself behind my scale, measuring out some obscure research chemical, it brings me to ponder my equally obscure life, and how unusual it is, dabbling in this sort of thing. There is definitely a certain amount of insecurity in it, and yet, it is an insecurity instilled in me by “The Voice of Knowledge” or “The Powers that Be” or “Consensus Reality”, whatever one wants to call it. So, I generally just shrug it all off with a devious grin, and take comfort in the fact that village shamans probably never had to deal with this sort of burden two thousand years ago … I mean, the tribes people may have thought they were crazy, but at least they offered their respect. If only our society were still so open minded. “Knowledge” has a way of closing the mind … doesn’t it?.

This experience is a first time trial, with the intent of determining the scope of possible uses. I want to examine it’s potential as a motivator, an aid to completing tasks, and as a potential stimulant for late night partying. One week prior to this experience, I snorted 1 mg to test myself for idiosyncratic/undesirable effects. None were observed. Very minor euphoria and stimulation resulted, which was undetectable after about an hour. I had no other substances in my veins on the day of this experiment.

00:00 - I snorted 4 mg of the MDPV, not independently tested for purity, but acquired through a trusted source. Then, I went about my business preparing a dish of Chiles Rellenos with refried beans for a dinner I planned to enjoy fully with my girlfriend, and a batch of home-made granola to take to a post-party breakfast with research associates on the weekend. The snow-white powder was sticky and difficult to cut, and kept sticking to the blade … insufflation yielded little to no burn to the nose.

The come on was slower than expected, and subtle, and didn’t fully develop until about the half hour point. I felt a mild euphoria, lightness in the head, and a bit speedy, but in a good way, wanting to get things done, rather than jittery and jumpy. Not a lot of feelings throughout the body, but rather in the head. Generally I was pleased, but unimpressed by the 45 minute point, so I measured up another 4 mg, and snorted it with glee and determination as I took a short break from measuring ingredients for my granola.

01:00 – The effects are getting more pronounced, but not much has changed in terms of overall effects. Still a pleasant euphoria, but nothing worth getting too excited about. I find myself well able to continue on with my cooking, but occasionally find myself stopping to focus on the Eddie Vedder CD playing in the background. I can stay very focused on any given thing, but not necessarily many things at once. It is Eddie Vedder, or the Granola, but clearly not both.

01:00 – The refried beans are simmering on the stove and filling the air in my home with a pleasant aroma of basil, thyme, and of course, beans. Not exactly traditional Mexican, but I assure you ... they’re good. I take a break from cooking to craft some necessary emails to friends regarding the coming weekend, and type some of this report. My creative writing skills are definitely enhanced, and I am sincerely enjoying the process of recording my thoughts to virtual paper. This is a good study aid perhaps, beneficial to writing research papers … or murder mysteries, or sci-fi novels … or rallying cries against our out-of-control government.

01:30 – No doubt, both doses are now fully developed, and have been so for several minutes. Apart from the effects being somewhat stronger than before, the experience is still rather mild. I am however, finding myself motivated to get things done. We’re not talking about organizing my sock drawer or anything, but certainly more motivated to cook rather than sit on the couch.

02:00 – A rather subtle uneasiness has been coming over me, which is signaling the beginning of the come-down. I was not expecting this so soon. I am still very much under its spell, but I feel what I call ‘hollow-gut’ developing. It is what I feel as I start to recede from an MDMA experience … an emptiness in the gut. A feeling of hungriness with no desire to eat. I decide to pour a glass of white wine to see if I can counteract the effect.

03:00 – Still definitely feeling effects, but they are tapering off, and I am finding some of the more ugly sensations that are typical of stimulant come-downs moving in where the euphoric effects have begun to wane. The wine left me feeling a bit giddy, but didn’t alleviate any of these undesired effects. I'm still cooking like a madman.

Some random notes: Lends no greater appreciation for music … I mean, Eddie Vedder always sounds good, and I don’t find him sounding any better than usual. Heart rate is 85 BPM, so this is not driving my cardiovascular system too hard … I probably run at about 65 at rest typically. No shakes, no teeth clenching, maybe a bit of muscle stiffness, but I always have that no matter what I am doing. No nausea whatsoever, and no nasty post-nasal drip.

03:30 – I’d say I am damn near baseline, and feeling a wee bit crappy, but only a wee bit. It’s a non-specific crap feeling, manifested in a slight headache, the hollow gut and muscle tension. However, I really don’t know if the tension is from the MDPV or the cooking. It could be either. Some days I hurt, some days I don’t. I took 500 mg of acetaminophen and 800 mg of advil to hopefully ease these symptoms. The Chiles Rellenos is coming along nicely.

04:30 – The crappiness has faded, along with my muscle soreness and I am feeling more than usual.


Overall, I wasn’t highly impressed with this substance, or at least not at this dose. It would serve as a useful tool for getting things done and I found it to be an effective enhancer of my creative writing abilities (although you the reader may have cause to doubt this observation, hehe). Writing came easier, and I felt more fluid, more clear, and more colorful than usual. The come down came fast though and was not a great feeling. I suspect this one has a monster of a come down at higher doses, but I won’t know until I try it obviously. I was kind of hoping for a recreational material here, but I suspect the rapid, uncomfortable come down would make it less than ideal. One to try again though, that’s for sure!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78708
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 26, 2009Views: 55,353
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MDPV (377) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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