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Problems With THC
Cannabis & Alprazolam
by maiky
Citation:   maiky. "Problems With THC: An Experience with Cannabis & Alprazolam (exp7871)". Sep 30, 2003.

      Pharms - Alprazolam


I first tried marijuana was I was about 15. Until I was 20 or so, I mostly smoked schwag and I really liked it. During my first two years of college, I smoked schwag at least three times a day, and I came up with some of my most insightful paper topics while high. Also, smoking schwag made me slow down while I was reading, which is a good thing, since I normaly am a high-strung person, and have a hard time sitting around doing homework. Besides Marjiuana, I have done LSD close about 50 times, and I tried mescaline and coke once. Hated coke, but liked LSD and mescaline.
However, after about two years of this, schwag did very little for me except made me tired. At this time, several friends of mine had found high-potency marijuana clones, studied how to correctly propogate them, and began operations. Soon I was smoking dank buds everyday, and I was not prepared for what happened next.

First of all, I must admitt that I have been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder since I was 11. OCD is an anxiety disorder marked by irrational thoughts and rituals. I have been on prozac or anafrinal since I was eleven. I believe this is an important factor, since I think that people who are more mentally stable than I am (I emphasize more, since nobody's 'normal')probably will not have the same problems I am about to describe.

One day, before my two friends and I went to class, my friend Delly packed her bong with some particulary potent stuff. She also sprinkled some of the crystals(or keefe, which has the most concentation of THC in the plant)on the bowl, and smoked about two bowls of this and then started walking to class.

While we were crossing a bridge, I began to feel as though my brain was jelly-like, and I could feel it pulsing through my skull. I could not feel my body, it felt as though I had left it, and there was a tightening in my chest. Also, I could feel the back of my neck pulsating and tingling. Eventually, we got across the bridge. But I still could not feel my body, and I was afraid I was dying or going crazy. I eventually told my friends this and said that I was going to catch the next bus home, since I felt that my legs were jelly and I couldn't walk. I eventually got back to my apartment, laid down, and the high wore off.

I smoked weed uneventfully after this until one day I smoked it after going on a two week drinking bender without taking my usual meds. I was very ill and i smoked a oney of high-potency pot to make the nausea go away. 9 times out of ten this is all I need to make me want to drink water and get food in my system, but this time, I felt the same way as the time I crossed the bridge. This time was worse, however, because of the fact that I was dehydrated from all the booze I had consumed. I was convinced I was dying, and I had Delly take me to the ER.

I am convinced what happend to me, and what happens to the other people who descibe negative experiences on pot are panic attacks. all the symptoms they describe sound like panic attacks, and since you cannot dye from cannabis alone, I think that it just triggers a panic or paranoid reaction in certain people. My friends do not have this problem, but I do, and I think cannabis can bring out an anxiety disorder in a young adult who has a predispotion in the first place (ie family history of depression, OCD or panic attacks, or someone diagnosed with one of these). Anyway, I still like how cannabis makes me feel once in a while (Like every other month or so), but I always take a Xanax a half hour before to conteract any panic symptoms I may have (such as rapis heartbeat, paranoia.) For someone who prefers a more natural means, yoga, meditation and pleasant imagery also helps. I DO NOT like drinking on Xanax, because Xanax, as with Valium and any other Benzeodiapamines intensify the effects of alcohol to the point of coma or death, depending on the persons weight, ability to metabolize alcohol, and how much was consumed.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 7871
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 30, 2003Views: 70,045
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