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I Decided to Open My Eyes
Lucid Dreaming
by Emperorofcactusland
Citation:   Emperorofcactusland. "I Decided to Open My Eyes: An Experience with Lucid Dreaming (exp78716)". Jul 16, 2019.


This is only my second experience in prolonged lucid dreaming. Usually I wake up as soon as I realize I'm dreaming. I will try to recount this dream as accurately as I can remember but the details are pretty fuzzy in my mind.

In my dream I was walking with a few friends (my usual tripping crew) in SF's Haight Ashbury area (hippy hill). We were walking towards a building in which the hippies were throwing furniture off the roof. I started running towards the building and as I approached the building I suddenly swerved off to the left and started sinking into the ground. I yelled to my friends 'I think I'm tripping guys...'. My voice tapered off before I could complete the sentence. Everything became black and I felt like I was falling. While I was falling through the ground I somehow came to the realization that I was dreaming. I continued to fall but I was no longer afraid. Instead I felt curious and tried to manipulate the plot of my dream. I couldn't control anything besides my thoughts and so I decided to open my eyes.

This is when the experience became very bizarre. After I opened my eyes I still had that distinct falling feeling. I felt like there now multiple forces gently pulling on my body. I could clearly see my room (It was around 4:00pm). I tried to move but I couldn't. I tried to close my eyes and return to the dream but I found that I had no control over my movement whatsoever. At one point I could hear my parents who were in the room next to mine talking.

Although I was initially scared by the mental state I was in I eventually used my experience in dealing with bad trips to kick myself out of that mindset.
Although I was initially scared by the mental state I was in I eventually used my experience in dealing with bad trips to kick myself out of that mindset.
Instead I just felt curious about my situation. I used my parents conversation as a frame of reference to judge time by and realized that time was going by very slowly. I encouraged the feeling of being pulled and at one point felt like my consciousness had actually been pulled out of my body and I was next to it. Eventually the being pulled sensation tapered off and found myself able to move again. The whole time I had my eyes open and could view and experience stimuli from the external environment.

I consider myself a fairly experienced psychonaut but this experience was easily one of the most powerful I've ever had.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78716
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 16, 2019Views: 351
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