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Dualism, Common Sense, and a Whole Lot of ...
Citation:   Mujo Lila. "Dualism, Common Sense, and a Whole Lot of ...: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT (exp78901)". Jun 10, 2009.

9 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (powder / crystals)
A friend and trusted dealer (K) had recently acquired a new stash of research chemicals, several of which neither of us had ever tried before. As no one on our drug addled little campus recognized the name “5-meo-mipt”, and K could tell them nothing about it, it was difficult for him to sell it. In fact, he had sold none of it when I wandered into his room and he asked me if I would try a little bit. I have experimented with a variety of psychedelics and Shulgin creations in the past several years, so I had minimal apprehension going into the trip.

I started with 6 mg, licked off a piece of paper. I walked across campus back to my room, rolled a half sized joint, filled a water bottle, and set out for a nearby reservoir. Walking past the reservoir, I headed up some hiking trails that I had not yet explored. No one was around, so I took off my shirt and shoes. After about an hour and a half, I was not feeling much more than a pleasant body high, so I figured I'd jump start the trip with some cannabis.

Never fails. As soon as I finished the joint, I noticed some OEVs that reminded me of LSD: geometric patterning arising out of the sticks, leaves, and rocks on the forest floor. Continuing my hike, I noticed that the body load had intensified, but was pretty nice. It's worth noting that I tend not to have body load problems (except for 2c-I and LSD) and usually receive pleasant enhanced tactile sensations from almost every other psychedelic I've tried. So, this may just be me and not necessarily an effect of the drug. Anyway, my sinews and muscles felt like taught ropes, I was very conscious of being made out of meat, being a mammal, as opposed to being a vegetable in front of a computer. The act of walking was very pleasurable.

Pretty soon, I started drifting off the trails and just roaming randomly through the forest. I noticed another hiker a distance off, felt an immediate aversion to human contact (i'm not a particularly sociable person unless I want to be), and followed my impulse to hide. Wandering deeper, I discovered a small pine, about 4 feet high. The tree struck me as conscious and somewhat intriguing. This was not the first time: at least half of my mushroom trips have revolved around communion, possibly imagined but usually informative, with trees. I felt similar consciousness emanting from a tree stump and a pile of rocks. The latter surprised me, and I pondered for a while why the collective pile struck me as having more agency and identity than the individual rocks.

Making my way back to the reservoir, I stopped to enjoy the water. I sat on the edge of a little pier and began kicking my feet in the water. The sound was entrancing and musical, and the ripples formed tiered geometrical patterns. Some bikers came by, and I felt very aware of their presence, but was not as skittish as before. I was casually watching one of the bikers fiddle with her equipment, when a cop walked up behind me and asked me what I was doing. Apparently, the townies don't like the college students hanging around the reservoir and I was asked to leave. I felt no fear or awkwardness dealing with the police officer (although I was not carrying anything incriminating either).

I headed back to my room, hurrying past my housemates who wanted to make dinner plans with me. I wasn't quite up for social interaction yet, even though I felt good and seeing my friends brought a smile to my face. I locked the door of my room, and drew a tapestry over the window. The sunlight cast a gold light (exaggerated by the trip) over the walls. My computer screen looked like an aquarium, with a layer of water over everything. I set up a playlist, and practiced singing for a while. This felt even better than walking had before. Again, my throat muscles felt like firm ropes. Music was enhanced, but not dramatically, and while I felt my performance was enhanced, I was not quite as inspired as I've been on mushrooms. The trip was over about 4.5 hours after dosing, with a mild afterglow.

After telling K how the trip had gone, he suggested I try it again with a higher dose. So, about six days later, I had organized a trip with a couple other friends who ultimately backed out. Reluctant to wait, I decided another solo trip would be fine. This time, I dosed 9 mg, poured out of a capsule onto my tongue. Nature had been a good choice before, so once again I rolled up half a joint, filled a water bottle, and went on my way. This time, I hiked about mile by the road to get to a different set of hiking trails. Once again, I felt very little effect for the first hour or so, and jump started the trip with cannabis.

This time, I laid down and took some time to enjoy the CEVs. They were mostly pale blue, red, and green, predominately blue, and pulsing with light, taking the form of little arrows, mushrooms, and simple celtic knots. I found that the general content of my thoughts had a direct effect on the CEVs: happy thoughts would immediately generate happier, brighter images, the arrows would point upwards, etc. I did not experiment to see what negative thoughts would bring, however.

Walking further, my internal dialogue became increasingly strange. I suddenly noticed that my right arm was moving and gesturing of its own accord, accentuating the statements of one side of the dialogue. At this point, I began projecting that half of the dialogue into an anima like character who often plays in my imagination. She normally takes the form of a teenage blonde, but when she appeared in my mind's eye, in that moment, she seemed about ten years older and very wise and intelligent. She described herself as an intermediary between my mind and god. I asked her to show me or prove it or something to that effect, and suddenly the green in all the foliage around me began spilling out of the leaves of the trees and blades of grass. The green became paler and brighter, until my whole field of vision was filled with bright white light. I stopped and sat down until the moment passed. It was interesting, but a little bit unnerving.

I left the trail and sat down with my back against a tree. The anima had disappeared, and I wanted to calm myself a bit with some meditation. Flies kept buzzing around me, preventing my somewhat startled mind from relaxing. One big fly landed on my leg. It had a pale grey head and two red dots on its ass. I could see remarkable detail on this bug, but whether the 5-meo-mipt had enhanced my vision or whether my imagination was just making it up, I will never know. Either way, I got a profoundly nasty vibe from this insect, and swatted at it, but it kept evading me and returning. I began to consider the pacifism and acceptance I had been cultivating and how there could be times when a generic compassion towards living things could be detrimental to the survival of the organism that my conscious mind is in charge of protecting. For example, flies and many other insects can spread harmful diseases in various ways, so allowing them to walk on my skin and food may not be the best idea even if it is the most tolerant one. In retrospect, this is exactly that kind of intriguing paradigm shift I feel that many of the Shulgin analogs I have taken lack (with the soul twisting exception of a high dose 2c-e trip, a mistake I would rather not repeat.

While contemplating the insect, I noticed that the speed at which I was breathing was the speed at which reality was happening. If I sped up my breathing, the plants would sway in the wind at a greater speed and the bugs would fly faster. When my breathing slowed down, the reverse would happen. I decided that this was a power I did not want to have right now, and continued my walk. While hiking, my mind's eye created a picture of my head's silhouette, side view. Inside my skull were two snakes biting each others' tails (the Ouroboros from Alchemist mythology). Every time I took a step, they would spin 180 degrees. The idea was that the longer I lived and the more I did, the more my judgements and opinions on how things ought to be would shift back and forth. I had already felt that my subjective views were less important than objective realities (although the two are often hard to distinguish) but this short vision reinforced that belief.

I had not seen any other hikers, but as I came back to the mouth of the trail, I began to hear gunshots from the nearby firing range and the sound of trucks and machines from a nearby construction site. I wanted to sit down somewhere peaceful, but the noise (amplified by the drug) was hard to tune out. I decided to walk back home. On the return trip, the cars on the road next to me felt much too close. My sense of distance and speed was exaggerated in a manner very similar to that of a mushroom trip, and being next to traffic was profoundly unnerving.

Although my mood had been sort of tense and melancholy during the hike, I felt fulfilled and accomplished as soon as I collapsed onto my bed. I listened to a variety of industrial/dance tunes with different sultry female singers. Despite being largely electronic, the music felt lush and organic. The vocals were beautiful, but I did not find them erotic. This time around, the drug dramatically enhanced the music listening experience. My friend H, with whom I am very close, came up to see me. She sat next to me as I lay on my bed, and we gently stroked each other. She does not trip, but has no prejudices about drug use, and asked me what the experience I was having was like. Words escaped me, and I told her I had no real way of describing it. Communicating my feelings verbally was difficult, a problem I frequently have when tripping, but it did not bother me as much as it usually does. Perhaps I'm used to it by now. I began to come down, the trip was over six hours after dosing.

Both my experiences with 5-meo-mipt reminded me far more of psilocybin and LSD than any of my other Shulgin tryptamine explorations: 4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-DiPT, and 4-AcO-DET. I felt the visuals, open and closed eye, and music enhancement were very remniscent of acid and shrooms. As with mushrooms, I felt very attracted to nature and repulsed by technology. The headspace reminded me very much of LSD, with strange philosophical musings, paradigm shifts, and themes of dualism. LSD contemplation, however, can often be a painfully neurotic and murky experience for me; 5-meo-mipt felt much clearer and simpler. I preferred 9 mg to 6, but I do not think I would want to take more than 9. I would certainly like to try this one again; 5-meo-mipt was much more interesting and rewarding than most of the synthetic psychedelics I have tried.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78901
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jun 10, 2009Views: 21,707
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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