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Trading Eyes with God
Citation:   Bearcoon. "Trading Eyes with God: An Experience with Coleus (exp78974)". Oct 5, 2018.

15 leaves buccal Coleus (fresh)
I have never tried Coleus prior to this experience, but will definitely try it again in the future.

I planted a Coleus plant, initially attracted by its beautiful foliage. Upon further research, I found that it had mild psychoactive properties. Naturally, I was eager to explore the possibilities.

I picked around fifteen leaves, forming them into a quid and chewing them all at once. I highly regretted this, as the taste was quite bitter, and my mouth was filled with a grotesque, grainy black sludge. I chewed this for around twenty minutes, whilst laying on my bed and listening to Mozartís Requiem.

I cannot recall at what point it was that I started to realize that my room was actually an incorporation of rectangles of various sizes and colors that were all two-dimensional, but pasted on three dimensional surfaces. From this point forward, I began seeing things in a whole new light.

I looked to my wall and saw a shadow. It was so bold and strong with such sharp edges that I questioned whether or not it was actually a shadow or if it had been painted on. Somehow, this thinking led me to recognize the intensity of it- it was SO there. It was SO sharp and defined. I could fall into it, be manipulated by it or even cut my eye on it. After thinking about it hard enough, I had decided that I did cut my eye on it.

Everything was very dreamlike at this point. It was a mixture between extreme lucidity and a fog of incoherence floating about. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw wax dripping down the side of my unlit candles. There was a freckle on my leg that would move if I took my eye off of it.

I went outside to look at the sky, and it was a muted shade of purple with gentle pink clouds scattered about it. The bold silhouette of the trees in front of me was terrifyingly beautiful. It was so strange how the edges of the leaves were so clean.

I then went back inside, feeling rather sleepy. I laid quietly in my bed for awhile, somewhat aware of the fact that my bed and I had become one. I donít remember exactly when my thoughts became dreams, but when they did, they were unfathomably realistic.
I donít remember exactly when my thoughts became dreams, but when they did, they were unfathomably realistic.

I dreamt that an androgynous figure was rising up from the sea. I didnít know what it wanted, but all it would do was things that would manifest how utterly human it was. It would cut itself or forget something or tell me something I knew was a lie. It would have been annoying if it wasnít so eye-opening. This dream and the ones that followed were oddly intertwined with issues Iíd been facing in the previous weeks.

When I woke up, I had this great feeling that I was my own protector. I needed to love myself and do things that made my body feel good, so I went outside and swam and soaked up some sun.

Iíd have to say that I much prefer these subtle, gentle, meaningful effects to those of cannabis or alcohol.

It was truly breathtaking.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78974
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 5, 2018Views: 7,109
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Dreams (85), Coleus (168) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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