More Than 10 Years of Smoking Now and Then
by M.J.
Citation:   M.J.. "More Than 10 Years of Smoking Now and Then: An Experience with Tobacco (exp79018)". May 2, 2019.

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The Sexually Invigorating Relaxer/Stimulant

Smoking is the most pleasurable experience I can imagine. Like most people, I grew up being anti-smoking, thinking I would never try it – probably the victim of the usual anti-smoking propaganda that saturates society. But as the son of a smoker, the curiosity was always there for me.

Statistically, most people have their first smoking experience before the age of 18. This was not the case for me. I was a student at a small, conservative religious college in my early 20s, and so up until that point, the fascination had held little sway.

But one day, I was talking to a friend of mine from the college, and somehow we arrived at the conclusion that we should try a cigar. At that point, we were no longer students, so we reasoned that there was little harm in at least giving it a shot – just to see what it was like – once we were no longer constrained by the requisite prohibitions. In the doctrine of my religion, smoking is a “grey area,” thought by some to be completely out of bounds, but tolerated by others as an acceptable personal choice so long as it does not grab hold of one’s life in too controlling a fashion.

With this in mind, we mutually agreed that using tobacco in moderation was not a matter of theological concern
we mutually agreed that using tobacco in moderation was not a matter of theological concern
. After all, the use of alcohol in limited amounts is generally accepted by most people of faith, and while alcohol has a direct relationship to impaired motor skills – particularly as it pertains to the hazards of drunk driving – we reasoned that nicotine was far less harmful, since it does not affect the mind. Therefore, if alcohol was permissible in moderation, so, too, was tobacco.

The cigars were very pleasant, and in short order, we soon began enjoying many evenings of good cigars together, relaxing and conversing as we enjoyed our smokes.

First and most importantly, I DO NOT INHALE. Cigars were never intended to be inhaled, and anyone who tries this will discover that inhaling a cigar is overpowering, leading to plenty of hacking and coughing. Rather, the smoke is to be slowly drawn into the mouth, then allowed to gently and naturally waft out while the mouth still open – or if can be lightly pushed out with the tongue and mouth. Cigar smoke is meant to be “savored” – to be taken slowly and sensuously. Every moment should focus on pleasure and enjoyment, along with the varied and subtle tastes.

Second, I don’t bother with the cheap $1-2 “cigars” you find at a convenience store. Some of these are flavored, while others, like the ubiquitous Swisher Sweets, contain non-tobacco ingredients like cardboard. These are not worth trying.

I go to a large, reputable tobacco store with a plentiful selection of cigars from all over the world. The glorious Cuban brand, of course, which is the highest quality of all – is forbidden. But many others should be available from The Dominican Republic, Haiti, and even Mexico. A good cigar store will have placards under the cigar boxes which describe the subtle flavors. Granted, tobacco has its own distinct taste, but like a fine wine, a truly memorable cigar will have been cultivated with great care, and carefully aged to perfection. You should be able to see descriptions like “a fully bodied, earthy smoke, with a nutty, bold finish,” or “a lighter smoke, burning evenly with hints of sweetness, ending with a dry, smooth finish.” There are many varieties, and if the staff are true connoisseurs, they will be very helpful in answering all your questions and offering advice. (There are no stupid questions. Cigar smoking is an art. Don’t forget to have them cut off the tip, where it goes in your mouth, for a nice, smooth draw.) Expect a good cigar to be savored, with the experience lasting anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the size of the cigar.

But I digress… After a few years enjoying our cigars 1-2 nights a week, we progressed to the inevitable cigarette – because surely something so wonderful as the ever glorious tobacco leaf could have multiple means of enjoyment. And it does.

When I first tried my cigarettes, I went many months “thinking I was inhaling,” when in reality, all I was doing was putting the smoke in my mouth and throat without reaching my lungs. It wasn’t until another friend of mine said, “Draw the smoke in, then KEEP breathing in normally after you take the cigarette out of your mouth.” Ok, most of you know that already. But I’ve lived a sheltered life, and I’ve never even tried pot, and to this day, I have no interest in alcohol. For that matter, I’ve never even had sex! So this idea of “learning to inhale” was new to me.

The first “true inhale” left me feeling like I was breathing fire – literally. It burned, and it hurt. It made me feel like I was going to cough out a lung. I just inhaled it hard, naively unaware of the consequences. Needless to say, this was a mistake.

Nevertheless, I survived, and even though that one harsh inhale made me think I’d give up tobacco forever, my friend insisted that I do it again. “Do it again, a couple more times,” he said. And so very reluctantly, I did. The second inhale also burned, but a little less. My cough was about half of what the first time was. Then by the fourth or fifth inhale – the sixth at the most – I was home free. Pleasure had come at last!

Every drag from then was easy – no coughing, no harshness, no burning at all. Now, later that evening, some of that burning returned, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. Then again, I did this way too fast. I smoked 2-3 more cigarettes that night, maybe more, and for a newbie, that’s just too much. I had some experience with cigars already, so my body was already a bit more “acclimatized” by then.

Nicotine is unique in that it creates both stimulation AND relaxation – plus, it just feels good. It creates a feeling of excitement at the same time that it relaxes and brings contentment. Where else can I get all of those feelings at once?

I have a glass of water handy. The smoke can leave my throat feeling a little dry.

Now, I’m still a virgin. But I discovered that my initial curiosity with tobacco also included a fascination with watching cute women smoke. It’s just so sexy! Watching them enjoy their cigarettes, taking deep and pleasant drags, as though their whole body were feeling that famous rush. I think it enhances their beauty, and it really turns me on.

In fact, there is no doubt that smoking cigarettes can have a deep connection to sex. I’ve been smoking 3-5 cigarettes a day now for quite a while, and it still gives me an arousal I have never found before. Moderation is the key. I find that even after more than 10 years of smoking now and then – zero to five cigarettes a day – I don’t even feel any addiction at all, physically or psychologically. I’ve managed to keep it around 5 a day. I haven’t built up a tolerance, like the heavy smokers, and that allows each cigarette to be a “new” experience for my body. It’s no longer harsh like the first cigarette – so it’s something I can look forward to, something I can’t wait to enjoy
it’s something I can look forward to, something I can’t wait to enjoy
. And it’s like a euphoria that fills my whole body with this wonderfully pleasant feeling when I finally get to smoke again.

But the first cigarette of the day is always the best. For me, it's a tingle that begins in that most pleasurable part of my body... and it starts to build. There is an anticipation, and excitement that slowly rises up within - as though I've finally reached the front of the line for my favorite roller coaster and I'm just about to board. My heart beats a little faster. My mind begins to envision what I am about to do. The anticipation rises - and the tingle starts to build. The feeling is more and more alluring. And I return to the package of cigs like I'm visiting an old friend again. I take one of the white cylinders with its golden brown herb rolled up inside, and I light it. I embrace the amazing feeling as the warm, smooth smoke flows into my lungs, taking a drag so deep I can feel it in my toes.... and I hold it in for a moment, and slowly breath it out again. 'Aaaahhhh,' I start to say, and my mind and body feel complete.

Exp Year: 1998-2009ExpID: 79018
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 2, 2019Views: 1,857
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