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Mescaline with amnesia ?
Citation:   Seven Up. "Mescaline with amnesia ?: An Experience with TMA-2 HCl (exp7907)". Jul 7, 2001.

25 mg oral TMA-2
An experience that happened two days ago.

I took 25 mg of TMA-2 at 5:40 pm. I was supposed to go see a friend at his place at 7:15 pm.

I took the subway to a park and waited there for the stuff to come on.

At the t+0:45 point I started to feel this typical physical sensation of psychedelic PhenEthylAmine : a sort of buzzing in the body which was somewhat aphrodisiac. This sensation persisted for the whole experience. This was very quickly followed by a typical PEA mood elevation.

At T+1:15 I left the park in a very cheerful mood heading for my friend’s place. In the subway I was a bit concerned that I kept chuckling for no appearent reason and that the people I was sitting in front of might be thinking I was making fun of them which I wasn’t, I was just in a very good mood.

I arrived at my friend’s place at 7:11pm and we went out to buy some food, as we were supposed to eat together. However this product was very anorectic and I wasn’t hungry at all despite my fasting all day. As we were waiting in the queue I started to feel very stoned. This was a curious sensation. I was sort of hyper but wanted nothing more than to sit in a cosy fluffy couch! On our way back to his appartement, I was laughing so much at what he was saying about girls passing by that my friend asked what I was on. So I told him I was on TMA-2.

The first two hours passed very slowly, those two hours really felt like a whole afternoon, no exaggeration ! In retrospect it seems that TMA-2 doesn’t take 2h to come on but only one hour and its first effect is to slow down your perception of time.

My friend ate by himself since I just couldn’t bear to put anything in my mouth. I was thirsty however and water was very agreeable to drink. Possible amphetamine temperature-increasing effect ? It proved to be very funny to look at him eating and commenting about his life, I laughed a lot. Shulgin was right when he said that this material is very humourous and without dark corners.

After that we were just chatting and listening to music. There was no real psychedelic effect before the t+3:30 point. At that point I started to see the edges and corners of the room (it has white walls) undulating and a mild ripple movement on the walls themselves. The contrasts between lights and shadows on the walls were also increased. Then I started to see faces emerging from the wall. Music was very gripping – we were listening to Susumu Yokota’s Sakura album; sounds like ambient but really it doesn’t fit into any genre, let’s just say it’s electronic music.

We decided to go out for a walk. It was dusk time. Passing in front of a park, I noticed some flowers had a more intense colour – purple and orange in particumar had taken on an electric quality. Red flowers on the other hand were not as sparkly. I could also see rainbow halos when I was looking at the street lamps. When I was walking and looking at the buildings I also realized that space perception was enhanced, in that I was more aware of its existence.

We then proceded to go that hill from which you can see the whole city. The lights of the city seemed to vibrate much more than usual, they resembled what you can see when you wave a glowstick in the dark with a small amplitude. We continued our walk and it was relatively benign. Basically I was feeling quite amused by the people and the buildings and could see rainbow halos when looking at the street lights.

Then we went back to his place. I stayed some more time with him and his girlfirend who came back when we were taking our walk, and then I left back home. It was 11:20 pm. In the subway, waiting for the train there was a big ad for a trip to Crete showing a diver in the mediterranean sea. The big blue picture started to wave mildly as though to emulate the waving movement of the sea…

I took the train but got off several station before I arrived at my station as I felt like walking. At this point there wasn’t much sensory effect left but I was very instropective. The drop-off had actually started. I realized that throughout the experience my ego had gone off and I was trying to pull myself together, ie to recrystalize my personnality without any traumatic thought. I felt a bit fragile but as I said before the material is not promptuous and is relatively benign – that doesn’t mean that it is not powerful.

I also realized that a bit of amnesia was part of the experience which was not unlike the amnesia felt with a heavy dose of MDMA. Curiously during this drop-off period I couldn’t express myself but in English which is not my native language. My inner dialogue was all in English and not in either one of my native languages.

Back home (0:25 pm ie t+6:45) I checked my pupil and it was still dilated although only moderately so.

I had expected to be baseline after 8h, so occupied myself until 1:40 am expecting to be out of the experience at that point. At 3:10 am my pupils were still dilated, I still had increased mental imagery and I just couldn’t sleep ! It looked like it was gonna be a full 12h experiment so I terminate it with a xanax.


It’s been two days now since this experience and I have to say that I’m still slighlty anorectic and still quite fuzzy in my head, looks like the amnesia is still present. I’m having some difficulties in formulating my thoughts and finding my words. I feel a sort of void in my head and especially in the forehead. Feels like some sort of impairment which worries me a bit but not too much – I’ve known worse symptoms than that with MDMA already. I think – I hope – that this will clear in a few days. I experienced no nausea at all.

This stuff is a lot like mescaline but probably less sparkly, but it feels less safe to use. Not bad but be careful, this is a RESEARCH chemical, practically nothing is known about it !

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7907
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 7, 2001Views: 17,746
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TMA-2 (112) : First Times (2), Post Trip Problems (8), Various (28)

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