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The Dobbers
by Skarmaraka
Citation:   Skarmaraka. "The Dobbers: An Experience with DOB (exp79186)". Jan 24, 2010.

1 hit oral DOB (blotter / tab)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

This was my first time taking this much of a substance. Before I had taken half of blotter with a friend and the effects were nice but not halluciongenous in any way. As well as the first time we bought the stuff believing it was acid and afterwards learning it as actually DOB.

We had tried for months to get our hands on something like this and when my friend C finally came with the blotters (3 hits) which I and another friend M would take I was sort of dissapointed realizing it`s bitter as I had read that the bitterness means it`s actually DOB not LSD.

So we each took our hits , C and M kept it under their tongues but i swallowed it whole with the idea that it will have the same effects anyway.

+20 - 30 min We were feeling slight muscle cramps and a little bit lightheadness. My friend C had a girl who he knew come over at our place and my girlfriend so they were the sitters.

+40 - 60 min Sweating very very hard. And a numbing feeling ,and not feeling the bodys muscles sort of thing. By this time we were curious what the experience will be like , having the other expierence as a means of comparison I felt increasingly anxious.

+1 h 30 m We were all talking and laughing and giggling , and we all had the feeling there was to much chatter in the room so we decided to calm down.

+2h For M the effects were coming on strong , he was admiring some drawings on the wall which seem to him really 3D and he tried to convince me of that but for me the effects hadn`t started as strongly visual.By this time my gf had gone to bed coming to the conclusion that it`s not acid so there is no problem. I was sitting on my chair feeling anxious and thought that I have to tell her that it`s powerful anyway. As I got up from the chair and headed towards the other room I had a very similar feeling to Salvia( a sort of disconnection with the body , the feeling of being formed out of more parts that move separately , like a rubiks cube) and I had the sensation that everything was heading towards me.I went into the other room and woke her up.And we were all back in the same room. Waiting.

+2h 20 m I saw as the drawings on the wall started to move and shift. Each line would wriggle.I tried to read a word written on the wall which would spell out HELP and I saw the P as it ran away from the other letters(that was the moment how powerful this stuff was). After that I admired the walls and the colours of the drawings we had done on them. They were vibrant more deep , and gave me the sensation that each line was 3 dimensional like a mountain. I imagined there was nothing more beautiful than colour. After that I realized that the walls were breathing moving , like they were alive.

After this I lost track of time. I remember looking at the clock and not understanding why time is moving so slowly.I went into the bathroom and watched the toilet swirl and change shapes and turned my eyes to the ceiling which was full of wonderful hammer-hit like patterns which were so beautiful and so useless, I thought that somebody had purposely made them so beautiful. Everything around me seemed extremely beautiful and rare but at the same time extremely useless , I dwelved upon the idea that people don`t apreciate life as much as they should. I found myself admiring the carpet which had millions of pearl like balls formed out of other balls in a sea of greenish patterns which was pulsating.

After this I went out on the balcony with M and admired the outside.We watched the trees and the street and the grass. We all then felt a sudden rush of energy and the need to get outside although I wasn`t sure if I was capable.

So we went outside with the idea of buying something from the store. As we got outside I suddenly felt a feeling of openess. The trees were extremely beautiful. I tried to concentrate on one single branch but all I could see was a big round bush of patterns moving in and out of each other,and then I figured my brain was so tired that all it could do was pick a part of the tree and simulate the rest of it with that small part.

We went down the street and some stray dogs scared us off and we changed directions.We settled down near a fence to think what was our plan. We wanted to buy something from the store but then we realized we hadn`t taken any money so I went to take the money. After I got back we went to the park, where there was another dog which looked ill, and C was feeling sorry for it and I was trying to balance out the situation telling him that his illness is alive too. Everything seem weirder than usual but I really didn`t care that much. Never in my life had I felt so emotionless.

We watched the sky and the clouds in the night. The sky had very dark pastel colours, I had the feeling somebody had drawn some clouds on a cardboard sheet with some pastel colours and was waving it before us. On the way back home I had the feeling of no knowing where I am.I look at the street and as we walked I thought we were walking by the same things over and over again. So I tried to concentrate on something else. I watched the flats. Each one was breaking in more than 3 flats waving and moving. All the trees seemed like photoshop patterns. I had the feeling that I was in a simulated computer program , and really wanted to be somewhere out of the city , in nature.

When we got home we put some music and some visualizations (which were extremely wonderful) and we tried to cope with the tiredness. After that when the sun was coming up we went into the kitchen and tried to eat something, I couldn`t but C and M could. I just watched out the window and M started to explain his eye problems and I felt how his words were affecting me causing me to not see well.

After that followed a revigorating cab drive. But when I got home I was still under the effects and had to wait a couple of hours before being able to sleep.
All in all the effects lasted a good 16 hours while the strong peaking lasted 7-8 hours.

I wouldn`t say I didn`t enjoy the experience,but if you`re going to take DOB be sure to have places to go to because it really gives you energy.(i imagined taking it on a trip to the mountains would be good).

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79186
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 24, 2010Views: 9,424
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DOB (19) : General (1), Various (28)

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