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An Amazing Drug and Its Interactions
by kj
Citation:   kj. "An Amazing Drug and Its Interactions: An Experience with Modafinil (exp79198)". Mar 21, 2020.

  oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
Modafinil Interactions W/coke, E, LSD, & More

A co-worker has narcolepsy and he gets Alertec (the Canadian generic of Modafinil/Provigil). Being chemically adventurous, I did a bit of reading on the Web about Modafinil and then convinced him to give me some.

I've probably taken about 30-40 tablets over the past month, usually I'll take 1 100mg pill in the morning, and another in the late afternoon. I find that 200mg (the recommended dose) is a bit more than I need, bordering on jittery.

First I'd like to mention that I do cocaine semi-regularly (part of why I'm interested in Modafinil... it is said to help reduce coke addiction). I do find that Modafinil gives me the energy and clarity of thought that I often seek in illegal stimulants like cocaine, so in that way I see it effectively offering an alternative. I disagree with reports that it eliminates the high from coke; I still got high, but a) it seemed to go away faster, and b) it's not as noticeable because although I don't consider Modafinil a 'high', it is definitely a 'not-low' which means coke's high is less apparent. And most importantly, I found zero uncomfortable or dangerous side effects from mixing the two.

I also went camping for May long weekend, where I did a decent amount of MDMA on the Saturday night (while on Modafinil). I would approximate the dosage of MDMA at somewhere in the 300-400mg range over the course of about 8-10 hours, although who can tell E dosages these days. Again, no negative interactions.

The next day (Sunday) I took two hits of acid. They were small hits, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I've done a fair amount of LSD in my life, and would definitely say I was high but not obliterated or anything. Again, no negative interactions with Modafinil.

Finally my daily routine often involves alcohol and cannabis. Alcohol seems to hit a bit harder and faster, and goes away faster. Cannabis works about the same as normal for me. In both cases, the increased basic energy level that comes with taking Modafinil was definitely noticeable. With weed this is great, although I found myself asking why I was mixing the two, which arguably can be said to cancel each other out. With booze I found that the increased energy level and the faster onset of intoxication caused me to be extra outgoing, verging on loud at times. Imagine the lack of inhibition of being drunk, without the slurred speech and stumbling.

Also on a side note, I went to a sleep clinic and talked to a doctor there. My job is in IT and I honestly do work crazy hours a lot, so I managed to get him to diagnose me with Shift Work Sleep Disorder. This means that my Modafinil will be covered by my health insurance. Can't wait to go back in two weeks to get my script.

In the meantime, I tracked down some Adrafinil online and it just arrived today. Adrafinil metabolizes into Modafinil in the body, and is produced by Cephalon, the same company that owns Modafinil. I've only taken one Adrafinil a couple of hours ago... it definitely is like Modafinil, but it takes a lot longer to come on (1-2 hours instead of 20-30 minutes). Also Adrafinil is said to be harder on the liver, but I've read that Tylenol is waaaay harder on your liver than Adrafinil so I'm not that worried.

Overall I think Modafinil is a truly amazing drug with fantastic effects and very few side effects or interactions. Thanks for reading.


Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79198
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 21, 2020Views: 1,664
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