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Bad Trip in the K-hole
by 34th Captain
Citation:   34th Captain. "Bad Trip in the K-hole: An Experience with Ketamine (exp7931)". Aug 12, 2002.

  insufflated Ketamine


Okay this is a 2 day period.

The day started off with me and my amigo aquiring some K.. 1g of Ketamine Hydrochloride. We have this law where we must dose when we aquire a drug. This is where we got stupid.. [never do this] neither one of us had ever tried the substance before and although i was familiar with the dosages we still should not have done this. this was only a small dosage though... about 50mg for me(snorted0...then he took about 60mg ten min later(snorted)... this was kinda like a DXM trip except shorter and we felt really light. and It dident have the dreaded Robo itch.

[one thing i noticed when we snorted the powder is that we both sneezed about 2-3 times afterward. my advice to other trippers is to close you nose off after you've dosed due to when you sneeze you prolly loose some powder]

then about 30 min later we each snorted some more.. I about 70mg and him about 40 mg. Now we lost about 200mg here do to spillage..this sucked! but anyways this trip was also simmilar to Dxm i started to see wierd tiled hallucinations but he saw nothing. We then ran from a bunch of people and hid way on the otherside of the field. I started thinking i could hear what they were talkinga bout and explained to my friend how this guys parents caught him having sexual relations with him best friend. My friend quickly told me to shut up but i still believed it.

This trip slowly began to die as me and my friend smoked a little pot in a field and took a Train back to the city. me with still about 500mg + in hand the train was pretty trippy as we sat up top. it scared me when we saw the city in the horizon as i though we took the wrong direction but we soon turned and were heading for it.

My friend parted for a concert. and we had planed to meet the next morning to go to his cottage. But those plans were canceled around 12pm that night. He left with his mom and step dad and i had an empty house and some ketamine :)

A little history on my ketamine situation. As i mentioned earlier i have never done it before. But this is the drug i have been trying to get for SO LONG. i've read so many reports and Faqs it isent funny. so I thought this would be a good time to make 'the perfect trip'. I got two comedys for the comeedown. My lava lamp. Blankets. a bowl in case of nausea. and some pizza for after ( due to mee not eating for a day to have an empty stomach). I lined two lines on the table equaling approx 300mg. I figured this would be enough to take me to the k-whole. and if not I had more

I snorted put on a selection of melody tunes on the computer set the video camera and lay down for what i had in store. I at first expierianced again a very DXMy kinda thing very disorriened and shiffty vision. I thought damn i need to take the rest. but i decided to wait. AND AM I EVER GLAD I DID!!

The trip started amazing. I crawled to the mirron not being able to walked. looked in and jumped through to see my other side. I thought I had entered the mirror and was staring back at me. or so i thought. I looked down at my dog and to my suprise he was frozen in time.. I tried to pet him and i hit a sheet of glass. this when i relized i was still 'in the mirror' (when in reality i probally tried to pet the dog in the mirror) I crawled back to the sofa and tried to pull myself on. Ketamine is a stimulent in a way i know and its kinda cool when you crawl. and kinda the same when you walk. your body kinda just moves where you want it to. you dont need to think. i was facinated with it but decided to turn on music television because my fucking computer Crashed.

I lay there on the couch making what seemed to be new revoloutions, including how i was one with the sofa, that why i couldent move. I even believed that humans turned into sofas when they die and watching this on tape is really facinating. The whole time when i was tripping i thought i was moving like crazy but when i watched the tape, I looked almost dead. I had a flash with god next as he appeared out of my curtains. He told me I had sinned. although not through phsycoactives but through my lack of respect for others. He told me i could still redeem myslef but i said 'i'm too lazy' and he said 'Then i banish you to hell' unfortunatly the tape ran out by this point so things get foggy. i woke up and got extreamly paranoid about my parents coming home.. although it was only 4:00 and they told me they would not be home till at least 10:00. I dunn if this was like a wake up call from god or what. I am not religious. In fact i havent been too church in 8 years. My trip became hell from this point. just like he said.

I kept checking the window every four to five min or so and it got so hot even in my air conditioned house which everyone thinks is cold. 20 degrees celcius. again its like i was in hell. I dont remeber much i just remeber i was seriously comtemplating death as a way out.. Death dident seem that bad for some reason. It seemed like i could do anything and it would be back to normall in a few hours. I think i was lucky that i couldent move off the couch or i may have permenetly hurt myself. I was still vary dissy and felt sick to the stomach but my dog started barking and chewing on my hand, so i needed to take him out for a walk.. things started to look up again after i got outside but it was too late in the trip to do anything. by the time i got back inside i was done. it was aroun 5:20pm. I hade snorted it at 3:30pm

I was saying throughout the end of the trip that I would 'NEVER DO KETAMINE OF DXM AGAIN' but as i look back on it. I think I would have had a much better experiance with another tripper. I still have about 200mg left so ya never know...maybe monday is another day. but until then my eyes need some rest. I noticed that all 4 times i dosed on ketamine, By the end my eyes were throbing. Probally becuase they are always in motion.

Have fun with this stuff. It dissapointed me in the end. But i think if you dont eyeball and do it with an experianced partner it would increase in fun level. Due to lack of paranoia.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7931
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 12, 2002Views: 45,442
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