Absinthe Makes The Cart Topple Yonder
Hobo Absinthe
Citation:   FaminedShaman. "Absinthe Makes The Cart Topple Yonder: An Experience with Hobo Absinthe (exp7938)". Erowid.org. Apr 11, 2002. erowid.org/exp/7938

1 tsp oral Wormwood (extract)
      Alcohol - Hard  
This report is created in the hope that it reaches a few like me whom have had little luck in experiencing alternative methods of thujone injestion without the hooplah of added herbs, high-proof alcohol (could be viewed as expensive), and general stogginess that seems prolific in new wave psychedelic experimention.

As I sit sipping a glass of home made absinthe, I am left to wonder at the anal nature of prepartations and defintions of classical and current absinthe ingestion. Somewhere in the past I was partaking in a lovely stroll through my local health food store, and noticed a jar of wormwood herb for 70 cents (Canadian) per ounce. As pleased as I was, I wondered if I could afford the alcohol to attempt extraction. After researching some experiences and methods of prepartion, I decided to go my own route and dose the wormwood (1 heaping teaspoon) with the trusty lemon juice bath used for other extraction purposes. After leaving sit in a bowl with 500 mg of Vitamin C and just enough juice to cover the herb, I sat and had a lengthy discussion on the history and practice of monogamy.

After solidifying the notion that our species contains many intricate and embellished cultural trivialites, (1 hour), I strained the mixture through a cloth with lemon aid added for mass. After experiencing the horrid taste, I knew I had to dilute with at least 750 mls of juice (not concentrated lemon juice) to be able to drink comfortably.

The gist of the story is that this extraction works fine. No spoonfulls of sugar, no high proof ethanol, no added herbs. A very pleasent buzz worthy of futher investigation. The main benefit here is the fact that one does not have to be confused in analytical mud pits by attempting to determine the effect of the active ingredient, (thujone, supposedly) through the effect of the high proof grain alcohol. No need for combobulation when you have not had any alcohol.

Strangely enough, upon first speculation, I find the effect not uncommon to an alcoholic buzz. This may be the culprit as to the inability of subjectively dissociating the two active ingredients.

As I take another pleasingly bitter sip from the glass, I hope that others may attempt the experience with less fuss along similar simple extraction techniques.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7938
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2002Views: 14,106
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Wormwood (50), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Alone (16), Preparation / Recipes (30)

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