Quickly Became My Favorite
Pregabalin & Cetirizine
Citation:   Life On Rewind. "Quickly Became My Favorite: An Experience with Pregabalin & Cetirizine (exp79432)". Erowid.org. Jun 3, 2021. erowid.org/exp/79432

675 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin (pill / tablet)
  5 mg oral Pharms - Cetirizine (pill / tablet)
WARNINGS: I avoid taking Lyrica with alcohol because just a few pills and one beer will get me extremely drunk, and it can be overwhelming. Also, benzodiazepines seem to render Lyrica useless in my experience. Finally, Lyrica can sometimes have the same frustrating side-effect that SSRI anti-depressants have. It tends to increase my sex drive, but can sometimes make it IMPOSSIBLE for me, as a male, to ďfinishĒ. I also donít recommend driving like I have. I donít find that my ability to drive is impaired, but you should never drive while high on anything. Finally, I am prescribed Adderall daily, and I try not to take it if I know Iíll be doing Lyrica later. It increases to the already manic mindset Lyrica provides, and increases dehydration.

On a typical night of taking Lyrica, I arrive at my best friend, Jís apartment, where he is usually already high. He often would ask me if Iíd like to be high as well, and dole out my typical dose of 675mg along with a 5mg Zyrtec, since the Cetirizine seems to potentiate the Lyrica in a very good way. We then would usually watch Family Guy, or whatever else is on Adult Swim for a little while until my dose kicked in. It usually takes about 2 hours to feel anything, and thereís very little come up. Once it starts working, it pretty much punches me in the face. I begin to get very euphoric, tingly, and chatty. Everything seems to be great, like thereís nothing wrong in the world. I feel a stronger connection to people, and become everyoneís best friend. I also seem to physically feel numb, but in a pleasant way. The tingling and numbness sound like a bad thing, but I find it very nice. My body and mind feel completely fantastic. These feelings only intensify over the next couple hours, and donít wear off until about 9 hours after dosing. Other effects include decreased visual focus, and Ė in higher doses Ė very vivid visuals if I let my mind wander. I find that if Iím concentrating on a task, such as driving, I donít feel the effects much. If I just relax and watch a movie or sing along to the music thatís usually blasting in Jís apartment, the effects are very strong and extremely pleasant. I have never had a bad trip on Lyrica. I think thatís because Lyrica floods your GABA levels. Iíve been told that Lyrica has similar effects to MDMA.

Mostly, a Lyrica night means watching a movie with my best friend. The heightened state of emotion makes movies more entertaining. There have only been two movies that I found scary, and I believe thatís only because I was on Lyrica when I saw them. The high allows me to become absorbed in the movie, and I love movies that I havenít had much interest in whilst sober. I do find it difficult to concentrate on subtitles, but itís not too much of an issue unless Iím on a dose higher than my norm. Sometimes J and I have a hard time paying attention to a movie because both of us get extremely talkative, and we can have epic conversations. Lyrica makes it hard to shut up.

Sometimes J and I go out on night journeys, where we drive around for hours, and usually end up either far away, or at least in very interesting places. We once passed a big accident scene on the road, and thatís where Lyrica can pose a problem shortly. The scene was so upsetting, and it put a damper on our trip for a good half hour before we were back to happy land. This pill heightens all emotions, so a negative emotion is amplified as well. Luckily it doesnít create a bad trip. Itís easy to overcome the negative feeling.

As I mentioned, higher doses can cause full on hallucination. J and I went back to my apartment one early morning after a drive so I could retrieve something. He stayed by my car which was parked in my alley. He reported to me that while he was waiting for me, the ground all the way down the alley became a golden road lined with shrubs and odd owl-like creatures. He apparently became really engrossed in the hallucination, and only snapped out of it when I called him and asked him to come help me with something. I have seen people running right through me when it was very dark, as well as digital grids on my walls.

The fact that I become so talkative could propose a problem. I become extremely honest, and end up telling complete strangers Ė food servers, gas station clerks, etc. Ė my life story, and things they probably could care less about. It definitely makes me less inhibited because I feel amazing.

Coming down from Lyrica isnít too bad. The hangover is not half as bad as one from alcohol. I tend to sleep longer than usual after a Lyrica night, and I wake up feeling slow and groggy. The best way to get rid of that feeling is to have something with a lot of sugar, since Lyrica depletes sugar from your brain. If I trip a couple nights in a row, not only does my tolerance seem to dramatically increase, but the hangover does get a little worse, and I ache a little bit.

Iíve tried a lot of drugs before, including heroin, and Lyrica is by far the best high Iíve ever experienced. This also can be a problem because there have been a couple of times I have noticed myself developing a slight dependency on it. Luckily, I have not developed withdrawal symptoms because of it, but J has, and he tells me they are miserable. Overall, though, I have to say Lyrica is my favorite intoxicant of all time. I havenít taken MDMA, but since they apparently have the same kind of effects, Iíd just much rather take Lyrica. If I could only have access to one drug for the rest of my life, Iíd choose Lyrica.

Exp Year: 2007-2009ExpID: 79432
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2021Views: 3,569
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