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Tiny Taste = Super Senses
Citation:   Backpack. "Tiny Taste = Super Senses: An Experience with 2C-I (exp79551)". Aug 6, 2009.

T+ 0:00
6 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:00   smoked Cannabis  
I had a sample that had been sitting untouched for two years. Stored in its labeled bag within another vacuum sealed bag and locked away, I wondered if it had degraded. Knowing that phens are relatively stable, especially when stored under good conditions I was confident it would be as potent as when received. Since I was fairly confident about the compound's purity but had not performed a marquis test or GCMS to confirm it the closest I had come to a bioassay of the material was a 1mg sample to test for any bad reactions. Since none occurred, I had decided to step up a bit this time. I felt that 5mg would minimize any bad reactions while giving a better sense of 2C-I's character. At the same time, I was doubtful that I would get any significant effects at this dosage.

My skepticism was met within an hour and a half of orally ingesting 5-7mg of the fluffy, white powder. Because I did not expect any noteworthy effects, a companion and I went to a restaurant. We successfully got through our meal, but first alerts started after the appetizer. The come-up began mildly with perceived jitters throughout the body reminiscent of, but smoother than, caffeine. I describe them as perceived because I did not look at my hand to check for visible tremors but the body feeling was similar to the adrenergic response associated with fight-or-flight situations.

In addition, noticeable sensory enhancement manifested itself around t + 0:50. My chicken, which at first had been mediocre, began tasting increasingly vile. The chicken itself was not bad. It certainly tasted like chicken but also distinctly like an unclean grill. This gave the impression of eating flesh-textured charcoal. Also, the chicken was covered with a white wine + herb sauce that began tasting increasingly bitter. I'm not sure what types of herbs where in the sauce but their unpleasant flavor filled my mouth and extinguished any remaining appetite.

Additionally, my sense of vision intensified. Although there were not distortions of hue or tint, small details adorning the room stood out with increasing frequency. My mind occupied itself with examining the fixtures, colors, and textures and considered how these elements represented a Mediterranean environment. I thought they did so in a patronizingly commercial way but then decided I could not accurately rate the decorations' authenticity since I have never been to the Mediterranean.

Next, I devoted attention to my enhanced auditory senses. The collective murmur of other diners had transformed into a web of identifiable conversations. Although I could not follow and comprehend the content of every conversation, I could hear the individual words of each conversation. By watching the speaker's lips, I could clearly follow his/her conversation and hear each word despite an approximate distance of 30+ feet and crowd of 35 other diners.

Although the sensory amplification was interesting to witness I found myself increasingly anxious. I had not planned on getting any effects from the ingested dose. Within seconds I consciously isolated this feeling of surprise as the source of the anxiety. After coming to peace with the realization that a minor trip was well underway I alerted my companion and calmed down. On the other hand, I was still relieved to exit the restaurant and let out an audible sigh of relief as I entered my vehicle.

I arrived home at approximately t + 2:00. I was still surprised by the effects of such a small dose. During the ride home, the 2C-I made itself well known throughout the body with energy of growing intensity. I still have not decided if I liked it or not. It certainly was not immediately pleasant. It felt like my muscles were alternately contracting and relaxing depending upon my thoughts. Anxious thoughts made them contract and deep breathing and soothing music made them relax. I considered how different this characteristic was from 2c-b, M1, or MDMA. Those chemicals allowed analysis of even the most troubling thoughts without the slightest anxiety but this chemical intensified the anxiety associated with even the most minimally troubling thoughts by providing a physical component that acted almost like a negativity alarm. I pictured the beginning of Ghostbusters where Bill Murray conducts the ESP experiments and shocks test subjects according to their answers. 2C-I acted as Bill Murray and 'shocked' me when my mindset drifted into anxiety prone territory.

Looking back on this part of the experience I see how much needless anxiety I let myself feel. Luckily, this experience reminded me how easily I can reset my mindset on a positive track and rid myself of anxiety by applying energy not on the problem and its possible consequences, but instead on finding an appropriate solution.

On a side note, anxiety inevitably arises during almost every psychedelic experience I have had since becoming an adult and fulfilling certain adult roles. Luckily, psychedelics help isolate and deconstruct these sources of anxiety, develop new coping mechanisms, and create thought programs that can be carried into and promote success within consensual reality. Unfortunately, my anxiety always manifests itself as physical tremors and sometimes as nausea. This has been the case with mescaline, 2c-b, and 4-aco-dipt. Luckily, once I appropriately confront the anxiety, the tremors disappear.

In fact, tremors and nausea are part of the come-up in almost every material I have tried. After the (more-than-likely) purge, these side effects disappear. It is almost as if the purge is the mind and body's way of performing automatic garbage collection and disposal; for example, disposing of anxiety sources that are too subtle to consciously acknowledge. During the purge on 2C-I, I perceived the body as a portal between an internal world in which activity takes place on a micro/cellular level and external world in which activity takes place on a macro/planetary level.

It is dusk by t + 3:00. The come-up is over and I'm working toward a peak. My body feels strong and refreshed. The only physical complaints now are tense jaw, neck, and leg muscles. I try chewing gum but the 2C-I's anorexic quality forces me to spit it out and almost triggers a gag reflex. I am mentally active but not overwhelmed. I can compose coherent trains of thought without them colliding inside my mind. However, most of my mental attention is focused on coping with physical discomfort and receiving the visual stimuli of the neon, halogen, and fluorescent lighting of this suburban landscape. Momentarily I feel a sense of security associated with passing these strip malls and gas stations. Then I feel guilty using suburbia and its accompanying consumerism and repressed dysfunction as my safety net.

Instantly, an internal voice reassures me that my comfort does not come from suburbia, consumerism, or dysfunction but from familiarity with my surroundings. Upon receiving this message, I feel less guilty. This experience reminds me that although I have a pathetically limited worldview I intentionally stay sheltered; secure in my slice of suburbia. I make a mental note to address this defect; realizing that if my sense of security rests on familiarity with my surroundings I could have a rude awakening at any moment should I need to suddenly adapt to new circumstances.

I become quietly contemplative, desire no more stimuli than the silent sights of buildings, neon, traffic lights, tail lights, and their accompanying tracers and halos. The halos are pronounced and colors are bright. Trails are minor but natural light has a purple hue. My companion's face and solid-colored surfaces and their shadows take on abnormal colors. A good way to describe it is the effect from the tri-color Obama “Hope” poster except with a color scheme consisting of purple, green, yellow, pink, and my companion's natural skin tone.

Upon arriving at our destination it is t + 3.5 and my companion decides to get ice cream. The anorexia that first introduced itself as I attempted to finish dinner exhibits itself again as I decline to order ice cream for myself. Once my companion receives the ice cream, I take a bite even though my stomach feels tight and my jaw is involuntarily clenched. I do not enjoy the ice cream in the slightest. I cannot taste any of the flavors. It is a big, wet blob on my tongue. Interestingly, I get great satisfaction examining the textures and shapes of the morsels in my mouth and trying to guess what they are. My companion eventually tells me the ice cream had peanut butter, cookie dough, and chocolate chips. I would have guessed it had art paste, cotton balls, and gravel.

At this dose, there was no strong peak but a point at which the mental activity was strongest. It was around t + 4 while my companion and I were sitting in the downtown area that I felt connected to the activity around me yet felt as though I were observing the activity from a safe distance. Although I live in the adjacent community, on this evening I was an anthropologist examining the nocturnal activities of upper-middle class suburbia on a weekend night. For the next hour I stayed engrossed in observing the interactions of others. I watched teenage girls roll their eyes at teenage girls roll their eyes at catcalls of middle-aged men in convertibles and wondered why these men even solicited the attention of girls who could clearly be their daughters' friends.

I turned my attention to an immigrant cleaning crew and considered the disparity between the cleaning crew members' socio-economic standing and that of the inhabitants of this particular community. I wondered how far they traveled to work minimum wage picking up cigar butts in the middle of the night. I wondered if they felt they would ever afford the items in the windows of the stores in front of which they cleaned. I prayed that they did not feel despair or embarrassment toward their place in life or type of work. I prayed that no drunken, haughty soul would ridicule or harm them tonight. I observed a man who had taken his daughter for a walk in the stroller stop outside of a bar's outdoor stage to watch a blues band with her. I prayed that they maintained a strong relationship and reminded myself to create opportunities for sharing moments like that with my child.

After sitting for approximately 45 minutes, my companion and I walked around the area and stopped in front of a pet shop to look at saltwater fish. I observed the fish's markings and amused myself considering how the markings resembled celebrities in make-up. I pointed out fish that looked like Grace Jones, Boy George, and Poison on the cover of 'Look What the Cat Dragged In'. We continued on our way and stopped to watch a photo slideshow display in the window of a photographer's studio. The slideshow included family portraits, baby pictures, senior pictures, and wedding photos. Many of the photos had been digitally retouched to enhance the color or manipulate the image. I reveled in the colors, especially contrasts between color and grayscale images within the same photograph. I contemplated the nature and quality of the relationships between members of each photograph. They looked happy and sincere and I prayed that this was truly the case in their real lives.

We returned home around t + 4.5 and I was on my way back to baseline. I used some cannabis, Blue Satellite #2, to transition to the comedown. Although many of the visual and mental effects had subsided, I felt happy and had plenty of energy so decided to exercise and listen to some music. I combined yoga, strength training, and aerobics for the next hour and felt great doing so. I could imagine how enjoyable dancing on this could be. To some extent, yoga poses, breathing, and running helped maintain a euphoric headspace from the 2C-I. I easily ran 1.5 miles in about 10 minutes and with headphones was able to conjure up CEV's in which I observed myself running through a swirling, psychedelic nebula.

By t + 6 I was ready for sleep and used a bit more cannabis before crawling into bed. I tossed and turned for about 1.5 hours and eventually dozed off. The nest morning I woke up with a hang-over. I was lethargic, achy, and nauseous. Throughout the day I struggled with bouts of GI discomfort similar to mild food poisoning. This persisted for 48 hours after coming down. By t + 72 my body and mind felt like normal.

I was surprised by the strength of the experience at such a low dose. Despite mild neck and strong jaw tension that accompanied hours 3 - 6, I enjoyed the colorful visual effects, productive and healing mental effects, and feeling of gratitude that accompanied this 2C-I experience. This material seems geared toward self-improvement, contemplation of the nature and quality of interpersonal relationships, and more successfully using physical bodies as vessels to introduce divine love into the Earthly schema.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79551
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 6, 2009Views: 31,973
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2C-I (172) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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