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Last Time I'll Ever Try It
Citation:   eVitamite. "Last Time I'll Ever Try It: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (exp79601)". Jun 29, 2009.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
  T+ 8:32 20 mg oral Pharms - Temazepam  
  T+ 13:31 2 mg oral Loperamide  
  T+ 15:58 2 mg oral Loperamide  
  T+ 15:58 200 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen  
A healthy Finnish male, 30 years, 75kg ... also know as eVitamite / eVitamiini in the drug forums. Ten years of very moderate drug use behind, with breaks from drugs as long as 1.5 years. I could say I'm very experienced with all the usual drugs but I have never abused any substance.

1 x red blotter, size 5mm x 5mm, approximately 300 - 450 μg of bromo-dragonfly, probably colored with OH SO HEALTHY inkjet ink... :P

Alone in a quiet cabin near the sea, x amount of kilometers from middle-sized town in Finland

Out of curiosity I have decided to try bromo-dragonfly. I got the stuff from reliable source and since I'm now in the tranquility of summer cottage I think this is the perfect place to try one. Since there are virtually no written experiences of ingesting bromo-dragonfly, I'll try to make one during my trip. Here goes nothing... =)

No effect

Definitely something. Can't put my finger on to it. Lingering. Don't know if this is pleasant or unpleasant.

Err... Unpleasant or at least boring! Where are my visuals? I'm cold, so that means my body temperature is rising. Nice to think that it's going to be 23 hours 'till this boring shit is over.

My pupils are not dilated. I'm getting some kind of visuals, but still quite hard to explain what. I'm feeling the effect kicking in more and more on each minute. Sometimes this feels kind of shroomy =) I'm still able to write in English, which amazes me.

I'm feeling quite ok. =) Nice actually. Having slight nausea tough... I might throw up tonight... :P

I'm so wasted. @_____¤ Friend came to see how am I doing. You see, I decided to have my little experience here in the great outdoors. That's just how I'm feeling atm.

Typing with Nokia E61 is beginning to be little 2 much for me atm. I'm gonna switch to anagogic interface soon, aka pencil and paper.

[at this point I was not able to write in English so the rest has been translated from Finnish]

Writing this document is important to me, for some reason... but this is so difficult. I dare not to write on a pieces of paper, since I'm scared I'll end up loosing some of those... And there would be quite a lot of wondering and questions if someone outsider would get a hold of my papers.

23:?? or something like that... X)
This trip progresses like a steam wheel...heavily, huffing, puffing. This trip is forced out of my brains, I taste iron in my mouth, sometimes I'm a little bit scared...about everything, and nothing. Maybe not scared but worried, or something like that. Comparing trip to a steam wheel was actually a phrase of my friend Zorkku back in the days, long ago. The drug used back then was probably some designer drug of the day, something like 5-meo-dipt or something like that... Cant remember. I seem to be unable to form logical sentences in Finnish. :D Constructing sensible sentences is a hard work for me.

I CAN NOT compare this to shrooms or LSD. Sure we are in the same universe, but in entirely different planet, solar system or galaxy. I’m worried about the physiological effects of this drug. If this would not be a research chemical I could just let go and enjoy the experience. I think my body temperature rose at the beginning since I was really cold all the time... Then again I was cold just minutes ago, so maybe it's just FUCKING COLD in here!?! :D At least my sense of humor is still working. Sometimes I feel itchy, and my kidneys feel strange, but then again, they feel strange sometimes when I eat shrooms. Is this just my imagination?

[… a pause of few minutes… writing was extremely difficult]

Every chemical is a key which opens certain locks, or ignites certain processes in the brain. The problem is that all the good locks and easy roads have been discovered... and made illegal! :( Then all we have is these Pandora boxes, which YYYY-ES we can get a legal trip BUT the effect is similar than trying to operate regular a motor with diesel fuel: runs badly, lots of smoke and bangs. This trip has been achieved by kicking (with full force and straight to the balls) with army boots to the long forgotten domain of sleeping brain functions. Something primitive has awaken. Cranky, old grandpa is this trip, with a sore prostate.

I miss my friends, and not because I would feel that I need them more than ever, but because I truly miss many of my friends.

I feel like I have to pee. Maybe I should go and have some mercy on my kidneys. Although in this condition I'm not sure if I know do I have to go or not. The whole trip can be described as endless debate / arguing / indecisive thoughts ... I'm not sure about anything, not sure about my bodily functions, not sure about anything.

Maybe I should not blame the drug about my lack of ability to make decisions, but instead look back my life and examine if I have been indecisive too many times and try to figure out how can I end this bad pattern? I feel nauseous. I can't think straight. Hard to express my self. Malicious drug. We do not like it (id, ego and superego). For once they agree on something, rather than fight, argue and being indecisive.

I hope I have reached the plateau. Some times I feel like I'm getting higher. I fear I can't tolerate more intense experience. I feel tired…

In a way one could use this as a tool of meditation, setting one's priorities, etc BUT... my God these wagons! These wagons are so lousy that my teeth are going to be ground to dust before I can unravel a problem eating my soul. I don't know if I have such problems, maybe we all do have them. But YES! And NO! These are the tools of a fucking CAVE MAN! I'm not playing! I want better toys! :P This bromo-dragonfly is not a therapy tool. There are so much better choices, like shrooms or acid. There are lots of written documents about acid used as tool of therapy and meditation.

I'm cold again... :(

00:?? after midnight anyways...
Either the power of mind over body is unbelievably strong and I have managed to imagine myself in to diarrhea OR this just supports my theory that this molecule is messing around my serotonin-receptors causing symptoms of:
- loss of appetite
- nausea
- diarrhea

Too much pain, almost none the gain. I can almost say: I rest my fucking case.

I got tired of this physical 'shit' and after consulting a psychonaut friend over the phone, we decided it’s best to take 20mg temazepam to ease the physical symptoms. I hope this will help and maybe I will be able get some sleep also =)

Another possibility is that this was completely wrong cocktail and these writings and my smelling corpse found in this cottage will be the proof of it.

diarrhea continues. How lovely! <3 Yes ma-am I so like this bromo-drangonshit... :P

Oh shit... I read some articles about bromo-dragonfly and I'm little bit worried… A young girl of 18 year died in Denmark after ingesting unknown amount of bromo-dragonfly. I hope I'm not dying in here. It would be so embarrassing. Liver & kidney failure?

I was able to sleep a little bit. I have spent the whole night suffering from diarrhea... :( I feel terrible. I have thought about taking a cab to my home (to the city) and checking in to a hospital. I so hope this diarrhea will go away. I'll now take one Imodium Plus = 2mg loperamid hydrochloride to help me with the diarrhea.

The effect is wearing out slowly... too slowly. I got another hour or two of sleep and I think that helped. Still suffering from severe diarrhea, but I think there is not blood in my feces? Blood in feces, what does it look like? I don't know! :( I have managed to urinate normally and the color of my urine is normal so I guess no worries in that department. I have now taken another Imodium Plus to ease the diarrhea, so 2mg of loperamid hydrochloride. On top of that I took 200mg of ibuprofen. If I am suffering from fever, the ibuprofen might lower my temperature? I will try to get some sleep. I think the worst is over... I will survive.

I slept again. Diarrhea continues ..err... how many hours? Twelve fucking hours... :'( I am quite scared from time to time. I THINK that for now, this has been normal diarrhea, with no blood in the feces, so I'm not bleeding internally. I'm somewhat scared to go to the bathroom, since I have no idea what kind of stuff will be coming out of my bowls. The effect is wearing out slowly, but still TOO damn slowly. My pupils - some time a go big as plates - have been going down in size. The small amount of visuals I got from this drug disappeared during the night. Now all I have left is dumb and dull feeling, teeth grinded to dust and terrible diarrhea. Sometimes I feel nauseous again, which is nice...

Only four hours to go, if the writings I found from web were accurate.

Maybe 1% - 2% of the effect left from the peak level, so 98 - 99% of the chemical have left my body. This was the worst poison I have ever experienced. I feel like I was able to avoid hospital with the margin of just few μg. This game of Bromo-dragonfly vs. Me was won by me in the overtime. The game was very tight and I won barely.

The experience is over. My stomach and pupils are normal again and I feel as normal as one could after this kind of night. The effect lasted 23 hours. I recommend bromo-dragonfly to NOBODY! The price of quite a boring trip was terrible intoxication. Physical symptoms were big: nausea, loss of appetite, jaw clenching and teeth grinding, pupils size of a plate, fluids going out from my body in to the bowl --> massive diarrhea and loss of fluids. I didn't dare to drink almost anything. Just few little sips of mineral water during the night. Still I was excreting several liters of fluids trough the night so my bowels would have emptied long a go... It was water leaking from my body to my bowels!

Not much was happening inside my head so this trip was not very emotional, not very spiritual or not very visual. This was absolutely POISON! There are so much better drugs in the world, like shrooms or acid. If a person decides to try this after what I have told about my experience, I wish them happy suffering. :twisted:

The last medication I took was 12dl of Osmosal at 17:20 to re hydrate my body. I couldn't take it any earlier since I didn't have it on me. A friend brought me some from the pharmacist, after I called him in the afternoon. At 17:00 I was also able to eat normally.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79601
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 29, 2009Views: 44,982
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