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The Birth of Ole Booger Haze
Citation:   Ole Booger Haze. "The Birth of Ole Booger Haze: An Experience with LSD (exp79860)". Nov 5, 2019.

2 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
I am writing this in july of 2009, two years and two months after the first time I had tripped on any kind of psychoactive. It was the last day of my freshman year of college and I could not wait to be finished. I had five hits of acid, and two of my best friends since middleschool had decided to go camping at a lake about 75 minutes from where we live. A place we had been to a million times before.

So we arrive and set up camp and at 8:45 we dropped... I did two hits, 'deuce' and 'rosy' both did one.

About 45 minutes after we dropped we all had this feeling of nervous energy coursing through our bodies. I was constantly tapping my feet because it felt good, no visuals yet. Around this time deuce says 'You know, the thing about acid is... It's not that it makes you hallucinate, it's that it just straight fuuuuucks you up.' Rosy and I laughed hysterically at this and agreed that it must be true... We were about to find out how wrong we were.

10-20 minutes after deuce's observation I tried unsuccessfully to get deuce and rosy to go down to the water's edge with me. Finally realizing that no one else wanted to go I grabbed a bag of chips, a boombox, a flashlight and a gallon of water; not that I needed all this but I didn't want to get to the water's edge and think of something I might want and end up making several trips... 'better to be prepared' I muttered to myself.

I turned and faced the direction of the water (which is about two to three hundred yards away from camp) and noticed how dark it really was. I took one long drag off my cigarette and received my first lsd induced visual; as I moved the cig away from my face I could distinctly the glow of the cherry and my hand move in slow motion. Almost like a brush stroke out of a painting, or as if someone had filmed this action and removed many of the frames to slow it down. This did not startle me, but produced an intense feeling of excitement. I took one last look at camp and had an urge to tell everyone what I just saw, but knew that I could not do it justice. Instead, I struck out for the water.

There I was, trudging through waist-high grass carrying an absurd amount of things and smoking a cowboy killer. I arrived at the water's edge and sat down in the grass which made the grass a little taller than myself. I breifly took note that the seed pods of the weeds I was sitting amongst were pulsating, 'very cool' I thought. I fumbled around with the boombox and put in a mix cd I had made months before and hit shuffle. The first song that played was 'one of these days' by Pink Floyd. I remained in the sitting position for about half of the song observing the grass and all the subtle color changes it was going through. I knew the part where the bass really kicks in was coming up so I decided to lie down for it. As my back hit the ground the music kicked in. This was the first time I had seen the night sky.

The midnight blue sky exploded with billions of stars, some of which were there and some of which were a result of the lsd, these billions of points of light swam around and danced as the music played. The sight was so beautiful that it literally took my breath away. I deeply inhaled and as I did the sky looked like it was getting closer, and when I exhaled the sky got farther away. This process of inhaling and exhaling repeated itself about six times before I actually caught my breath and returned to a normal rate of respiration. Once my respiration rate returned to normal the stars stopped dancing and spread out all across the sky and formed a plethora of geometric shapes; with little white lines connecting each star to another one. These shapes would then slowly rotate while each individual star would subtly change its hue. At this point I realized the song had stopped (the boombox was fucked up) so I took this opportunity to run back to camp and tell deuce and rosy all about it.

Running the little trail back to camp was an experience that I still can not put into words, the feeling of the warm air on my face, the light of the campfire in the distance, the sound of my feet pounding the earth... It was amazing.

I arrived at camp to find that rosy had taken the lantern and was wandering around the woods, while deuce was idly sitting staring at the burning wood. My heavy breathing combined with the look on my face must have alarmed him, because he asked if I was ok. I proceeded to try and explain what I had experienced, but was unable to. I ended up begging deuce to come down to the lake and check it out, but the stubborn bastard refused to do it. While I was trying to convinced deuce to go, rosy meandered back up to camp; I immediately laid into him 'Dude you fucking have to come down to the lake!' Rosy too refused my request. I would not relent, it was now a battle of wills. How long could deuce and rosy withstand my beligerent requests to go to the lake? I knew what had happend out there and neither one of them had experienced anything like that in the woods or at camp. After 10-15 minutes of nagging I finally got rosy to go to the lake with me.

When we got there he had a very similar experience to what I did... 'We gotta get deuce down here man' said rosy.

Eventually we all three were sitting by the water's edge, I was obsessed with the stars, rosy was looking across the lake (which is fucking huge) at a mountain-side covered with trees and deuce was looking at the surface of the water. I was breifly captivated by the water because it looked like it was moving with massive amounts of speed, yet it was realitively still. At this point I leaned back in my chair,looked up at the night sky and let out a gutteral yawp that could be heard for great distances. I just had the urge to do it, and when I did I could feel all the vibrations of my vocal chords and the air rushing out of my lungs out into the sky that I was so captivated by.

Those were some of the highlights of the night.

The effects wore off soon after the sun rose in the morning...

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 79860
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 5, 2019Views: 561
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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