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SuperSaturated Cannabis Receptors
by Dicriculously High
Citation:   Dicriculously High. "SuperSaturated Cannabis Receptors: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp79971)". Nov 17, 2009.

  smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


I received a sample of jwh-018. I usually like being accurate, but didn't really have a milligram accurate scale. I had been told by the supplier that it was 'a few milligrams'. I usually like really intense cannabis experiences (I'm always the guy at the party with the large bag, forcing other people beyond their limits) so, I was a bit concerned that a few (my thinking - 3) might not be enough to get totally out there. I was, so very wrong about that :)

The sample looked essentially like residue in a small plastic baggie. Shaking the bag, I was able to loosen most of it up into an off-white/slightly yellow powder. It was a ridiculously small amount. From my research, the color and such led me to believe it was a really pure sample.

My intention was to vaporize about half of it, and then immediately the other half, as I was viewing what was in the bag as a 'dose'.

As to my vaporization method, I'm quite proud of that. As with anything I do, I researched this extensively beforehand, and it seemed, with pure jwh-018, people had the most success vaporizing off of foil. I was using a cutoff 16 oz bottle as a funnel/vapor catch. My problem initially was how to hold the bottle, the foil, and the lighter. As I'd only have one go at it, I wanted to make sure not to spill anything.

I made a little holder/frame work out of two paperclips. I twisted them together making a circular ring with two straight ends coming off of it. It looked like the wireframe for a pair of glasses for a cyclops :P. The 'earsticks' had an outward tensile strength that allowed me to slide the contraption up into my cutoff bottle, and held nicely in with pressure. I then folded a single layer of foil over the paperclips, making a little boat where the 'lens' of the eyeglass would be.

This worked perfectly. I dumped the powdered material out of the baggie onto foil, slid the contraption into place, and vaporized it by holding the lighter under the foil. It vaporized, quickly and instantly, and the bottle trapped it all as I inhaled. I had managed about 2/3 of the material from the baggie. I began shaking the baggie, rubbing it against itself for the friction, to collect the stuff stuck to the sides. Preparing the rest.

There wasn't a rush, as from smoking stimulants, but over the five minutes I was preparing the remainder, I realized, I definitely didn't need anymore. I folded the leftovers in some foil for later and made my way to my livingroom recliner.

Over the next 30 minutes, which seemed much more like hours, I got more and more stoned/high. It was, to be simple, awesome. It was very psychedelic, and essentially the 'trippy' parts of a high dose cannabis high, but even more concentrated. By the end of the comeup, I had the sensation that every receptor in my brain that could accept a cannabinoid had essentially been drenched in it. I can't imagine being any more high or stoned from a cannabis product, and think, with jwh-018, I can actually max out.

The trip continued for around 3 hours. It was hard to function. Short term memory was nil. I tried writing a couple of emails, and they were stumbling attempts at communication that seemed much more cogent at the time. At times, there was quite a bit of anxiety, and I think that's important to point out. I've always smoked a lot of cannabis in one sitting, from the very start of my smoking career. I like having those limits pushed, and it's pretty much what I go for. I could see where this would be WAY too much for some folks. I could see people being scared away from getting high by getting this high. It's hard to know how much a few milligrams look like. If you work with this material, you should start with something insanely tiny (smaller than a ladybug) and work up from there.

That being said - I LOVED it. It suits my tastes in this kind of thing perfectly, but once again, I tend to go for heroic doses. I totally tripped. The most intense parts of it, I was quite disassociated. Sometimes at levels that were similar to high dose dxm ego loss. The physical sensations were intense - I felt the 'texture' of the universe as I often do on psychedelics - as if the universe is jello, and I can feel myself pushing between layers of it. I was completely blown away. Fantastic.

The effects continued until hours later when I tried (unsuccessfully) to vape the rest, then went to bed. I'm pretty sure I passed out before making such efforts, but there was fairly intense libido stimulation throughout the experience.

I woke up the next day, and felt slightly stoned throughout, in the way that I did after my first time of actually getting high from cannabis. I had intense munchies throughout the day and felt slow, in not such a bad way. It does make me concerned about using this substance as a substitute for daily cannabis consumption. I think the 'burnout' would be more noticeable and likely I'd put on weight and develop a massive 'pot' belly :P

This substance felt exactly like what it is - a synthetic cannabinoid. In my research, it seems like the creator of it was making a Tagger chemical to identify CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain/body. Taking this felt like drinking the equivalent of the X-ray die, but for cannabis. I don't think getting higher is possible once I reach a certain dose - I imagine I overshot and ended up with just extended/lingering effects. It felt like my brain had been dipped and then wrung in THC.

I think that my suppliers idea of a 'few milligrams' may have been low. I think now the baggie may have had as much as 10 mg, making my actual dose as possibly high as 6 mg. Even so, that was a ridiculously small amount.

I think this substance is amazing, but I feel I should close with a reiteration of just how powerful this substance is. My high tolerance for nearly everything, and my usual desire to push the edge don't make me the best person to follow doseage wise. This substance should be respected. If approached with respect, it could make for an excellent, extremely cheap, cannabis-like psychedelic.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79971
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 17, 2009Views: 21,328
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JWH-018 (483) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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