9,10, Never Sleep Again
MDPV & Escitalopram
Citation:   Calahan. "9,10, Never Sleep Again: An Experience with MDPV & Escitalopram (exp80003)". Erowid.org. Aug 1, 2009. erowid.org/exp/80003

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Pharms - Escitalopram  
  T+ 0:00 30 mg oral MDPV (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 30 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   insufflated Tobacco  
  T+ 19:00 100 mg oral Modafinil  
  T+ 20:00 2 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
  T+ 20:00 20 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam  
  T+ 20:00 15 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem  

Description of subject, the writer.

Subject: Male, age 30'ish, weight 80kg, height 1.78cm
Health: Good physical health, hayfever, asthma.
Mental: Diagnosed ADHD-PI
Medication taken two days earlier: 100mg valium, 8mg xanax.
Medication taken same day: 10mg Lexapro, bronchodilator, antihistamine.

Harm-reduction disclaimer
I felt obliged to note the excessive intake of valium and xanax I took two days earlier since half-life of benzos can be quite long and I don't know if it affects MDPV.

Now for the MDPV, this is really important to take note of. I have read lots of reports of inability to stop redosing MDPV, fiendish! Be warned that this seems to be the standard with MDPV and a harsh come-down.

However I did not at any time feel any urge to redose at any time after initial dose. Neither did I experience any comedown or crash, instead just such a slow comedown to baseline I didn't notice it. Whether it was depending on the combination of Lexapro, my mood and mindset or setting, further trials will tell if any.


Description of situation before intake of substance:

Mindset: Just home from weekend at countryside house. Peaceful and curious.
Setting: Home alone. I have had a full nights sleep and fully rested, and in a neutral mood and had a medium meal at 15 o clock.


The text is written in real-time, and I tried to edit as little as possible to show the change of mind and whatever. However I had to edit away rather large stories as my mind wandered to other things in this same document as sleepyness and focus on the report was lost.

Description of the substance
Container is ca 3x2 inch ziplock brand RIPPIE, with a white label. Label has black text MPDV 500mg left side, and to right black square marking with three smaller squares upper left, lower left, upper right.

The contents are a white salt, a bit chunky. Smells faintly citrus. Taste is chemical but not nasty. It solves in water with some effort. Snorting it is painless.

Description and timeline of the MDPV

18.00 30mg of MDPV is taken nasal and 30mg MDPV orally solved in water.
Unknown amount of snuff tobacco is consumed.

18:05 Non-placebo obscure active substance in bloodstream.

18:15 A weak stimulating body and head buzz.

18:30 Negatives:
Minor jaw-tension.
Involuntary movement of tounge and lips when not focusing.
This would be a chewing gum moment in social setting.
Increased pulse.
Hands tremble a bit, though barely noticable.
Tiny tactile and balance loss, which I suppose would go unnoticed.

18:40 Bodyload a chilled out stoned stimulation.
Thoughts and memory becoming light, mindfulness and peace.

18:50 Eyes are still like baseline, there is zero dilation of pupils.
Above mentioned side-effects remain.
Positive effects have remained a plateau since 18:30.

19:00 Breathing has grown a bit more shallow but no issue.
THe head sensations has spread, and is felt all over head,
primarily at frontal cortex and temples.

19:20 What is not:
Speed, activation, euphoria, cns-stimulation, sexual arrousal,
social enhancement, ego-boost, and hyperactivity.

What is:
Relaxation, a calm mix of stony body/mind stimulation, mindfulness.
The content of being is a sanctuary from impressions.
Everything just is but no name for any of that.
Release of naming, release of words and knowledge of anything.
The mind feels a bit like how I imagine being 2-3 years old.

19:30 Taking a pause for now in noting.
I lie down in sofa and enjoy listening to the wind from the window. put on Beethoven's seventh, which I normally can't listen because the beauty overwhelms me.
How will it affect me now?

20:00 The music is passing through me without many emotions.
Music appreciation is not heightened, but rather disturbing my bliss.
but it activates me for what to do next.

21:00 I am now having a discussion on the net with a friend.
She tell me I am writing a lot and inspired.
I have no problem of changing subject and being apprehensive of her,
but only after she mentioned my intense writing.
This means I am entering a speedy phase of mind certainly although
I didn't notice. Now the bodyload has lessened also.

21:30 Activation and speedy mind now. Communicating is important.
Keeping focus on writing this report is decreased.
Interesting note, I am feeling a betterment in my ADHD.
I can focus better, switch focus between things without stress,
and I do not feel the constant wornout mental feeling.

22:20 I am listening to Shakti. The speediness has lessened to a more
normal state. I feel normal actually.
Mentally I feel somewhat like when I were on Ritalin without
the nasty nausea I would get from it.
I am not feeling any urge to redose which is odd, considering this
has been reported.
I have yet to experience any comedown and what it is like.
I am very hesitant to say this is good for ADHD even though I
presently get this feeling - I know it is only a temporary high.
The problem is firstly the effect now is different from 2 hours ago.
Now the bodyload has disappeared and feeling rather sleepy peripherally. Head is still stimulated but in a less speedy way. In a almost natural awakened way, if I may say so since I don't know how it is for normal people. I feel awake now, but thoughts are not racing.

23:00 I have got some rather good things done during the evening.
I wrote a poster with reminders for making budget which is a constant
problem for me, and also a mental reminder how to handle medications
and drugs in a way which works for me to not get addicted or abusing.
Posted it on the wall for everyday reading in the morning.

01:50 A very creative state of mind during the last three hours.
Loosing attention for this writing and enjoying texting online with
friends. I got a very clear mind for expressing some important issues
with a person who I found share some different experiences of reality
which is very lonely to have nobody share with. I appreciated it very
much. Focus is lost for writing more on the report in realtime, I am
enjoying texting with friends and my stoned attention is still
spinning with many ideas. Bodyload is gone and just tiredness.

05:00 Oh well, very sleepy.. The last six hours just passed like a breeze,
can't believe it. Still having a alert head, but sleepy body.
This is sure a long acting substance.

06:00 Back to baseline I think. What is now is the beyond sleepyness where I can get a false wakeful alertness, and refuse to go to bed although I know I would fall asleep in minutes and really need it and instead doing obsessive compulsive things. I am wary of going into a trance-like state which happen to me when underslept underfed and when the dopamine floods.

08:00 I wrote a story of an life changing experience I had one year ago,
that I always wanted to get down on paper to a texting friend on the net.
I am reminded by a person on the net to sleep now, and take the advice
before I enter zombie-state. I have forgotten to eat properly.
Water as needed. Sleepy time now.

10:00 No sleepy time yet, getting up now and then turning rolling in bed.

13:00 I take a shower and do some business downtown. ADHD-confusion made worse by tiredness, noisy - crowded - ugly movement - aura of stress.

14:00 I take my adhd-medication Modiodal [modafinil] 100mg.

15:00 Now I am trying to sleep again, being pissed off so taking 2mg xanax, 20mg valium and 15mg zolpidem. but alas no sleep. I realized I should not have taken the Modiodal which actualy now is waking me up.

20:00 I spend the rest of the evening playing online game and beeing buzzed
on valium coffee and xanax, and wondering if a lower dosage of MDPV
yields lower duration than 18 hours.


Positives: very slow comedown
no redosing-urge
no euphoria
mellow stimulation
none to minor pupil dilation depending on dosage.
Negatives: jaw-tension
wiggling lizards tounge
double vision on high dosage/going long time
Neutral: Kept me awake for extremely long time.
Had many different long plateaus of varying effects
duration: 18 hours total including ultra slow comedown.
Combination: 10mg Lexapro (SSRI)
Tolerance-build: To find out


Medicational uses:
* If taken in early morning in low dosage could potentialy be trialed for surrogate adhd-medication for emergency or very occasional energizer.
* I strongly would disagree trying to take this DAILY as surrogate adhd-medication or energizer because finding a correct dosing that doesn't build tolerance I suspect would be very troublesome and also given the generally accepted FIENDISHNESS which I however did not experience. Not to mention reaching a steady state with eye-balling or even a scale with 1-2mg diff would be impossible.

Best usages in my opinion:

* I strongly would like try a whole day at a carnival, hanging out with friends talking philosophical or rubbish topics would be proper, festival, or just relaxing a sunny day in the park would be nice.
* A creative tool for a fine day of painting or writing or whatever artform. The plateaus of different effects make it both a peculiar and entertaining unreliable source for varying unexpectedness in creative outbursts! AND DO NOT BRING A BAG TO AVOID REDOSING.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80003
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 1, 2009Views: 32,568
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