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Spice it Right
Spice Product
by CitrusBlank1928
Citation:   CitrusBlank1928. "Spice it Right: An Experience with Spice Product (exp80091)". Jul 29, 2009.

  smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (dried)


I have read almost all the experience reports on spice and I see a lot of comparisons to pot. I have been using it regularly (~ twice a day) for a few months. I used to smoke marijuana, due to drug testing I cannot. This is kind of a substitute, however it is NOT THC. It has similarities but it is a very distinct chemical on its own. The brand I use seems to be a much superior product to other brands. A gram provides at least 6 good experiences, one big hit from a quality bong is almost always enough.

The experience starts upon exhaling. A slight dizziness comes on and things feel a bit different. The effects kick into full gear within 10 minutes and maintain their strength for about an hour or hour and a half. (With regular use the experiences I have seem to shorten in length but do not waver significantly in strength). For me, the major differences between spice and pot become very evident. Perhaps this is my own body reacting differently, who knows. I find that spice puts me in a mild trance like state. I tend to focus on an area very deep in thought. This state is transient because if I am distracted I can clearly focus on another objectives. I do not have the giddiness I get from THC, I get a mindset that can be silly/stupid but I never find myself in a fit of laughter like I can count on with THC. Another thing that makes the spice experience different is that the euphoria that THC often brings to me is subdued. I find that spice can lend itself to paranoia MUCH more easily than THC.

Due to this I would say that THC is much more fun, much more hedonistic than spice. But I will say that this chemical[s] in spice has tremendous merit as an inner exploratory tool. Spice seems to imbue me with an incredible empathy and a different kind of thinking. Now I am in no means 'smarter' when under its influence. Critical thinking skills, mathematics, sense of direction are all inhibited. But with some time with chemical and when in the right state of mind, things become shockingly clear. I find myself constantly having moments where I stop and say wow to myself. I have had a lot of problems with work/family, and it seems every time I smoke I gravitate to these subjects, I guess because they weigh heavily on me. This might lead to a bad experience for some (I feel paranoia could be a major concern for some), but I try to embrace these personal problems and think of solutions to them and I am almost always granted with a better way of looking or a look into my own faults and what I can do to better myself. The realisations don't all have the gravity of being something of great importance, sometimes its just like, 'hey I never thought of that in such a way.' . I won't go into depth, its a little off the point.

I started getting these phenomenal results after becoming very familiar with the chemical and my thought patterns while under its influence. Another interesting effect as mentioned above is empathy. God forbid I watch a television show about someone's hardship or any other tearjerker material, it almost always results in tears and very strong emotions. My mind has a tremendous capacity for experiencing others pain/pleasure. I find it liberating and I also feel it gives a greater understanding towards others for having experienced that. I guess try to look for more than a 'I wanna get high' experience with this one. I get a different satisfaction out of spice, a much deeper and meaningful satisfaction than I have with other substances.

[Reported Dose: 1/6th-1/4th gram]

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80091
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 29, 2009Views: 13,905
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