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2C-E & Methylone
by Terrapinz
Citation:   Terrapinz. "Fantasia: An Experience with 2C-E & Methylone (exp80106)". Erowid.org. Jan 17, 2010. erowid.org/exp/80106

100 mg oral Tryptophan  
  200 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  20 mg oral 2C-E  


The setting for this experience was a near deserted beach in Hawaii. A small going away gathering for a friend/co-worker. We arrived and set up base shortly before sunset. It was July 4th weekend so it was the groups first two day weekend in months. So all were relatively rested.

I am late 30's, and have been heavily experienced with psychedelics of all types, first mushrooms and LSD (years of consumption and experiences with VERY high doses), then moving on to the world of pihkal/tihkal somewhere around 1990. I had not done 2c-e since that time, and it was a period where these substances were unknown and many came all at once so distinct memories were rare.

It should also be noted that I had no time piece - so all times are very approximate, based largely on the progression of the Saturday night radio shows on the local community radio station (simply the best audio trip companion I have ever found). My companions had rather limited experience, and only one had I personally done psychedelics with.

Approx 6pm - preloaded with 100mg 5-htp, 400mg magnesium that also contained 50mg b6, and 1000mg vitamin c.

Approx 6:45pm I explained the menu- what the substances were, their effects/ potential effects (good and bad), duration etc. As expected, one chose GHB, one methylone, and the other 2c-e. I myself chose to take a 200mg capsule of methylone and approx 20mg of 2c-e dissolved in the dregs of his beer. (I had had 3 beers over the past several hours).

T+30 min + the first warmth of methylone is felt, both physically and mentally. The sun is setting.

T+ 1hr 30mins +/- The 2c-e has definitely grabbed hold. First signs of body load are noticed, I realize I have left my extra layers up above in the parking area. Some general first stage confusion setting in (do I have everything here I need, do I have things I should put back in the car, gotta make sure my magic bag is in order (drugs, tobacco, lighters, car keys...)

It is dark now- an almost full moon coming up, with a fair number of clouds in the sky. I decide to head for the car, grab a flashlight and head off. The parking area is only a couple hundred yards away, up a slope (no real path). I have been to this beach hundreds of times, though not in over a year. Part way up the slope, enveloped by trees, I gets completely disoriented. Positively no idea where I am or how to get where Iím going. A few minutes? exploring and I decide to give up and head back to the fire.

Somewhere around this time the radio switches from the (2hr) Grateful dead hour to 'fresh jams' - feating an Umphrees McGee show from the past week. Michael Jackson had just died and they started with an mj cover and 2hrs later came swirling back around into it. It was wonderfully beautiful.

At this point I should say that when I get really high, I tends to surrender to the drug, laying in a comfortable position and letting my mind go. I still (usually) remain an awareness of his surroundings and the conversation.

T+21/2 hours - other people arrive at the beach- I remember thinking I am WAY to high to deal with straight people, and being relieved that they head off a ways down the beach. Some fireworks over the next hour, suprisingly not that interesting.

T+3hrs +/- The sky has a depth to it I have never seen before. A definite DMT like geometry to things, and waves of colors/light with no source other then the mind. The moon is almost full, with multi layered clouds adding to the effects. I am having trouble drinking anything- both juice and water are hard to take in, really can't handle more then a mouthful. Waves of nausea passing through (the other 2c-e participant has already vomitted at least once) . I get up and walk over to the edge of the water. Its like I am at a disco- the waves of lights in the sky are surreal- there is no physical source for them. The sky has an unimagianable deepness to it. I have the ephiany that this must be the substance I and my fellow lab rats had nicknamed Fantasia nearly 20 years ago. I had long remembered it being one of the 2c-tX's but now is certain it was 2c-e. I even remember the nickname they had given to the 2c-tX compound, though this vanished from his brain by the end of the trip.

T+4hrs the warmth of the methylone has worn off and I wrap myself in a blanket. The fire has amazing greens to it, and I enjoys watching my friends involved in their own trips. I sees the oft mentioned heaven and hell aspect, with strange thoughts circling through my mind. For me though the hell aspects are minor, or at least I am able to see the benefits in them. The visuals continue to be a cross of lsd and dmt.

T+5 hrs. The body load intensifies, or at least I focuse on it more. Waves of intense and sudden nausea, some tightness in the jaw (may be contributed from the methylone though I usually only experienced this with much higher doses). May be dehydration related as well as I still can't drink more then a mouthful of water, and juice is out of the question. Walk off a couple more times in case I need to vomit- but never do. A little more conversation and discussion happening now that the peak has passed.

T+6-8+ hrs. Visuals remain interesting. A little weed is smoked among the group, and I actually smoke some cigarettes, something I did very little of during the bulk of the ride. More conversation and discussion than earlier in the night, though still sporadic. The music continues to be amazing. Around t+7 or so the radio switches back to hawaiian music, and someone throws their Ipod on the radio. Things are definitely tapering off.

T+8+ hrs. I fall asleep around the fire. T+9+ hrs - a heavy shower- I huddle under the blanket for a while before making a dash for the car. sleep in the car for 2-3 hrs. Shortly after sunrise, and after 4+ hrs of sleep for the group they come back to life and go sit by the water, enjoying the early morning sun. Feeling better then expected, but also feeling not 100% at baseline. Smoke a little weed, hang out for an hr or so, then pack up.

I drive 15 mins back to his house, shower, and lay down to sleep. A good solid 8+ hrs sleep. Feels good when I awake but also definitely know I took some heavy substances the night before. Quick run to the store, a quick meal, a little reading and back to bed.
The following day on the jobsite by 7am for a 12 hr day. Morning a little rough but not too bad at all.

Summary. 2c-e is another amazing gift from Shulgin. The visuals are amazing, unique, powerful. Not as much learning as with some other substances- though I did have some interesting windows. I would be hesitant to recommend this substance to most folks- it is not a toy. It is one of the substances that the lab rats nearly 20 years ago decided was best to be kept out of mass distribution. The angel/devil or heaven/hell pairing seems to be a common thread with this substance, and I have known some very experienced aardvarks who have had a very rough time with it. Still, they do seem to say it was an intensely mystical experience. I walked away with the mystical feeling as well, though I can't put my finger on why. I do wonder if the methylone had anything to do with cutting down on the dark side of this substance.

I will definitely experiment again with this one again. But I strongly urge anyone considering this (or any other rc really) to read up on it and make sure you have a proper scale. Save this one for the proper time and place. Its like the ocean- beautiful, but with a cruel streak.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80106
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 17, 2010Views: 9,517
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2C-E (137), Methylone (255) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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