When NOT to Take Acid
Citation:   Rhiathamus. "When NOT to Take Acid: An Experience with LSD (exp80124)". Erowid.org. Oct 2, 2019. erowid.org/exp/80124

1 hit oral LSD
I am going to try and describe the effects that one tab of LSD had on me when I took it at completely the wrong time and place.

Me and a few of my mates decided to go into town to a club one evening, get fucked, and go crazy. I was 16 at the time, and quite new to the club experience, especially this kind of club. It had quite an angry, perhaps 'criminal' feel to it, as there were quite a few dangerous looking alpha-males hanging around and challenging looks being thrown. Even so we got into the spirit of things and took some uppers and started dancing. My comedown came after a couple of hours: and what a comedown! I was bored and depressed, and sitting alone, so when this guy came up to me and promised that one of his tabs will send me straight back up
this guy came up to me and promised that one of his tabs will send me straight back up
, I was all for it. I had taken LSD twice before in 2 tab doses, each resulting in enjoyable trips.

But taking even a tab there and then was a BIG mistake - and thus the nightmare began...

For half an hour nothing happened, and then suddenly all sound except for the deep thud of the music's bass drum disappeared. Then there was loud ringing, like after a loud noise had gone off right beside my ear, followed by a feeling of uncontrollable fear and paranoia. Everything had also taken on the hue of a deep red, like blood, and my vision began to swim slightly. I looked around, wide eyed and fearful. Everyone had stopped dancing (or so I thought) and was looking directly at me. Now think of an image resembling the Scream killer's mask, and imagine all of those peoples faces, staring at me, slowly morphing into that. I thought to myself 'Holy shit! Fuck van Gogh, I'm out of here!' As I got up to leave, my friends, who, luckily, had remained visually unaltered, found me. After managing to explain what was happening, they hauled me outside where we waited about half an hour before leaving. I was more in control at this stage, though the feeling of fear was still permeating throughout my mind.

On the journey home it got worse. The fear became almost sickening. And on the bus I began to hallucinate quite direly. I saw in the reflection of the bus window a woman dressed in black rags and cowled sitting next to me, in her arms a dead, rotting infant. She was rocking it, and singing eery, haunting tunes to it, all the while fixing her gaze on me. And she was trying to communicate with me, and while I was trying my utmost to block it out, the message came across: she was mocking me, mocking my life and my past, explaining her preference to the dead baby over me.

After disembarking and getting onto the next bus, a new ghastly personage entered my trip, this time from afar. As I watched buildings go past, there was a dark figure that expelled what looked like black dust molecules from him. I saw him because I was somehow on the understanding that this was male counterpart of the woman with the baby, kind of like a husband of sorts. It felt as thought the woman had bored of tormenting me and had sent her man-friend to do it for her. I saw him appear in various places about me: on rooftops, in windows of building, sitting beside car drivers. And he was always watching me, making sure I got no moment's rest.

The next couple of hours is still a bit of blur, but I don't remember much worse happening after that. We got back to my friend's house, and after a good 9 hours sleep I was, surprisingly, absolutely fine, if a bit emotionally distressed
after a good 9 hours sleep I was, surprisingly, absolutely fine, if a bit emotionally distressed
. To this day the memory seems more like an extremely vivid lucid nightmare that I could not wake up from.

I dont need to do any explaining as it was so obviously a bad idea that was most definitely going to result in a bad trip. I already knew the lesson even before I was taught it the hard way. Stupidity, nothing more. I'm glad to say however that by careful observation of this lesson (that psychedelics need to be take under the right circumstances, and definitely not on a comedown in a club), I have since had nothing but enjoyable experiences on LSD =)

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80124
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Oct 2, 2019Views: 705
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