Extensive Use
Pregabalin (Lyrica)
by TWP
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    Pharms - Pregabalin
Okay so letís keep this short and simple. Iíve used nearly every drug legal, illegal, pharmaceutical and herbal, minus some of the hard to find exotics, and Pregabalin (Lyrica) definitely holds a place in my heart. One part euphoric, one part entactogenic, and three parts GABAÖ.???? Itís a very unique drug which Iíve been lucky enough to have extensive use with as well as my friends thanks to a generous prescription (120x 100mg/month).

First thing to understand about this drug is its dosing. Anyone unfamiliar with this substance should absolutely stay under the four digit mark, 800mg is usually my cap when dispensing to others no matter how much they beg, scream and plead to get ďfucked upĒ. Also understand that cross tolerance to this drug is, from what I can tell nearly non existent other than with itself and Neurontin (Gabapentin) which is a structurally related pharmaceutical drug. For first timers I would recommend 400mg on an empty stomach +/- 100mg for size or psychoactive experience. Also take note that bioavailability actually drops when consumed with food from approx. 90% to 60%.

Second thing to know about this drug is how god damn long it takes to kick in. Always reminds me of the quote about mescaline from fear and loathing. Itís actually entertaining to watch people tell me after 90min or even two hours how they donít feel a thing and then seeing them later that night absolutely blasted. PLEASE READ: Lots of people will take this drug not fully knowing what to expect and after consumption will feel Ďsoberí and able to drive, only to reach a destination, have it kick in and then have no way of returning to where they previously were. This is absolutely not a drug to be ďoperating heavy machineryĒ on. I have seen people go in and out of consciousness after taking this.

Third and final bit, well what the hell does it feel likeÖ? Good question Billy, I would describe it as a combination between MDA and Butalbital (which is a barbiturate) most people arenít familiar with barbiturates (or MDA) though so I just say alcohol, with heavier ataxia and slightly less mental clouding and ecstasy. Definitely a dis-inhibiting drug though, donít plan on making any decisions while youíre under the influence. While coming up the euphoric happiness is predominantly seen, somewhat reminiscent of the euphoria from amphetamine based stimulants, except without the stimulation. The next effect that then comes into play is the entactogenic effect, which I would say resembles the tingles one gets while rolling or experiencing something very enjoyable while sober. They tend to lightly course down the extremities and end in the palms, in a feeling of warmth. During the entire experience the GABA based effects seem to steadily increase, causing difficulty keeping balance and performing fine motor skills, reflexes are impaired and some people may feel slightly dizzy. The entire experience is usually felt for approximately eight hours with lower doses to as long as sixteen hours with high dosages.

Other little bits and pieces, I would be cautious combining this drug with other depressants, although itís definitely a nice booster in low doses to opiates. Also, YOU CAN BECOME ADDICTED to Pregabalin and lemme tell you withdrawal from it is kinda a bitch, Iíve gone through stimulant, benzodiazepine, and opiate withdrawal and while I wouldnít necessarily put it on that level it wasnít a fun time. For any people out there who truly wish to test the depths of perspective and mental state, i'd suggest combining MDMA with Pregabalin, top three highs of my entire life. Iíd say dose the Pregabalin two and a half hours prior to consuming the MDMA.

Stay safe and have fun.

TWP - The Walking Pharmacy

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80196
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Published: Jun 3, 2021Views: 1,994
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