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Complete Focus
Citation:   randyyy. "Complete Focus: An Experience with Adrafinil (exp80308)". Jan 18, 2013.

450 mg oral Adrafinil (pill / tablet)
On the internet, I read about an interesting drug called Modafinil. The account I read was quite a good one, and praised the drug. So I searched online and found out about Adrafinil. Due to price and legality, I chose Adrafinil over Modafinil. The only thing I was concerned about was the potential liver damage that Adrafinil may cause (it may change levels of certain enzymes in the liver if used very regularly). As far as I have read, it is no concern if you're not going to use the drug very often.

The first time I used it was during school. That particular day, I skipped breakfast and took 300mg (one pill) around 8:45. Around 9:00, it hit me: I was more focused in school than I had been in a very long time. The subject matter wasn't even that interesting, but I had complete focus on the lesson. Once I realized I had this ability to focus, I could focus my complete attention on anything. I could study the clock for 15 minutes straight if I really wanted to. No longer did my eyes dart around the classroom, desperately seeking a focal point. School work became quite easy, and I finished it in record time because I wasn't distracted at all.

As far as mental stimulation goes, there wasn't a whole lot. Adrafinil didn't make me 'think,' I felt that I was thinking on my own accord. My thoughts wouldn't wander nearly as much, and I didn't find myself thinking about superficial things a whole lot.

Adrafinil differed greatly from most other stimulants. Caffeine always made it impossible for me to sleep. I could take Adrafinil and go to sleep with ease. In fact, it may have made it easier since it prevented my mind from wandering. But sometimes I found myself just not wanting to sleep. I would stay up and read for hours on end. Caffeine also gave me a sort of 'inner tension,' while Adrafinil did not.

Later, I started taking adrafinil about three times a week. At one point, I did take a dose of 600mg (two pills), but I found myself getting an acute 'mental headache,' the kind you get from staring at a television screen too long. 450mg (one and a half pills), I found out, was the perfect dose for me. Besides for the headaches at higher doses, the only other undesirable effect was the sulfur smell that would plague my urine for almost 48 hours after all effects of the drug had worn off.

Adrafinil and Cannabis was quite an interesting combination. While normally high on cannabis, my thoughts would wander, almost to the point where I could not listen or speak. But adrafinil elimated this wandering. I was never a good speaker, in fact, I often stutter. Shortly after taking smoking Cannabis, I took 300mg of adrafinil. This turned me into a prolific orator. I told elaborate stories without fault. I became didactic, almost to the point where I was teaching my friends a lesson.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80308
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2013Views: 28,622
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