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Floating, Fluttering Ball, High Up in My Chest
by Belle
Citation:   Belle. "Floating, Fluttering Ball, High Up in My Chest: An Experience with Methadone (exp80323)". Feb 12, 2018.

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Methadone for One

I am an 18 year old female. I've been smoking pot since I was 12, and experimenting with heavier drugs for a bit less than 2 years. Mainly pills, acid, tripstacies, and occasionally crystal meth. The only other prescription drug I have tried is valium, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm 5'2, and 55 kilos, I don't exercise, I smoke about 4 packs a week. I drink rarely.

Last night I swiped a methadone pill from my mothers bag. I sat upstairs, watching tv with my mum for almost two hours before I started to feel any effects, I was getting annoyed that nothing was happening, but eventually I started to feel a light tingling in my arms and legs, and I noticed that I was very relaxed, and speaking candidly with my mother about things I usually wouldn't. I decided to 'go to bed'.

When I got into my room, I sat in bed chatting to people online and downloading music. The effects became a lot stronger a lot faster. I felt lovely, warm and glowy, and floaty, and so nice that it was actually a bit overwhelming and sickening. My skin was also itchy, which was annoying, and my mouth became increasingly dry, and stayed that way for most of the night, despite how much water I drank. No worse however, than say, the cotton mouth Iíd get from pot. My body also kept tensing and un tensing in parts, and I was feeling a little jittery, not unlike the beginning of say, speedy acid. Which is a feeling I actually quite enjoy.

I got a little bit nervous and felt stupid for taking a drug, when I was fairly unfamiliar with the effects, so I went and started reading peoples accounts. There were mixed reviews, and a lot of people said they got increasing sick from it and vomited their guts up. The other thing that became apparent was that it lasts for 24 hours! Usually, I would be pleased, thinking ďmuch more bang for your buckĒ, but seeing as I had things to do today, I started feeling worried. I donít actually know how to explain how I felt, but being worried didnít really bother me. The things I had to do today werenít particularly important, but I knew I was going to be around people who MUST NOT FIND OUT what I had taken, under any circumstances.

Very slight nausea came in waves throughout the night, but it wasnít nearly bad enough to ruin my good time. I was enjoying the high so much that I didnít want to go to sleep, so I forced myself to stay awake, surfing online and just sighing and rolling around in my sheets, enjoying life. Music sounded very beautiful and layered, but I had to listen to a few different things to find something that suited. I ended up enjoying ďBroken Social SceneĒ the most. Listening to ďAnthems of a 17 year old girlĒ and ďlovers spitĒ and feeling utterly breathless. In retrospect, although I felt sleepy, Iím not sure I could have slept anyway, because I did have some trouble falling asleep many hour later. I read in someoneís account that they couldnít feel physical pain, so I tried slapping myself. It felt tingly and kind of nice. I went outside for a smoke a few times, and it made me feel a bit sicker, more from the walking around than actually smoking I think. Walking felt nice, but made the nausea more noticeable.

The few times Iíve taken crystal meth (I know drugs like crystal meth and methadone arenít to be messed around with much, but Iím a firm believer in trying things out, and the occasional overindulgence) ĖIíve felt a kind of floating, fluttering ball, high up in my chest. A ball made of happy things. Well the ball returned with the help of Methadone.

I felt very at peace with the world, and eager to speak with close friends on the internet. However, I was getting very nervous for today/ the come down/ possible vomiting/ how would I get through the day with a house full of people and act completely normal?? I closed my computer and lay down to sleep, but couldnít. I decided that masturbation might help, and actually I was kind of interested to see what orgasm felt like.

It took me a very long time to come, mostly because my mind was wandering, I felt too lethargic to get into it properly (lol) and also because it felt really nice and I didnít want it to end. When I did come, it wasnít an intense orgasm, but it was slow and drawn out and made my whole body feel tingly.

I went to sleep at around 9:30-10am, and got up at 12. I pretended I had period pain (a stroke of genius! I love being a woman!) and said that I wanted to stay at home. However, strangely, I havenít gone back to sleep. Iíve had no come down at all, I actually feel better than I do when I only get 2 hours sleep, and I havenít been on any drugs. Itís 4:15pm and I can still feel it, but its gradually wearing off. I am feeling quite seedy and a little nauseated now, but I plan to have a nap as soon as I finish this. I believe I could have done the things I needed to do today with not too much trouble, however that was mainly just shopping, not working or anything like that.

All in all, a very positive experience! Iím glad itís not very easy to get, because I hear itís a fucking bitch to be addicted to.
Hope this helps, and maybe puts some people at ease.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80323
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 12, 2018Views: 4,351
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