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First Breakthrough Experience
DMT, 2C-B & 4-AcO-DMT
by Diacetyl-M
Citation:   Diacetyl-M. "First Breakthrough Experience: An Experience with DMT, 2C-B & 4-AcO-DMT (exp80375)". Dec 10, 2009.

3   Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  7.5 mg   Pharms - Eszopiclone (pill / tablet)
  30 mg IM 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  30 mg IM 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  50 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


First off I should point out that I'm on 100mg methadone per day (for the last 7 years)for opioid dependence therapy, as well as 54mg methylphenidate (concerta) per day for ADD. I don't consider them as contributers to this trip, but I'm sure their presence affected the quality of the trip to some degree.

All doses were weighed on an accurate scale, and all drugs prepeared for injection were done so using sterile equipment in a sterile fashion.

Sweet mother of Jesus! My first DMT breakthrough was nothing like my 4-Aco-DMT breakthrough! Perhaps it's cause I managed to take the entire 50mg in two montser hits... perhaps it's because my launching pad was primed with 30mg of turbocharged-IM-2CB-goodness, and 30mg ultra-high-octane IM 4-Aco-DMT .... yaaa that could be it lol. Here follows an account of the evening....

Sitting at the computer, browsing the vast stores of knowledge ... drinking a few beers and wondering if perhaps I am ready for my first breakthrough DMT experience? After consulting a few of the greatest minds in the field this world has seen since Albert Hoffman - I decide to begin preparations for this epic voyage into the unknown ... my destination lacking all shape and form, only a vague prescience... a shadow of a thought... (in a low whisper) terra incognita.

Preparations were of primary concern. Perceptual priming is sensitive to the modality and exact format of the stimulus, and thus, priming this finely tuned, soon-to-be-oh-so-spice-saturated machine, was of the uttmost importance. I felt that some well placed modifications to the rocket were in order, with a particular focus on a stream-lined, high altittude launch pad constructed of equal parts Nexus (2CB) and psilacetin (4-Aco-DMT). Anticipating high heat and stresses on various structural components of this vessel during the faster-than-light entry to hyperspace, I took 7.5mg of zopiclone while I drank my three beers, as I've heard that small amounts of benzos can actually enhance visuals without clouding the experience too much, provided you only take a tiny amount.

While finishing my beer, I mixed 30mg of 4-Aco-DMT with 30mg of 2CB, placed the off white powders in a spoon, and added 30 units of distilled water. A slight amount of heat was added, though very little was necessary to make it dissolve. Unfortunately I was out of micron filters, so I filtered the solution three seperate times, by packing a few balls of cotton in the end of a syringe, wetting it and squishing it down with the plunger, and then backloading the solution. When this was completed, I had about 27 units of perfectly clear liquid. I cleaned my shoulder with alcohol and injected half into the muscle in my shoulder, put the rest in a carrying case, and hopped on my bike

It was dusk outside, with a light rain and a bit of fog swirling through the night, patches of stars peeking through gaps in the clouds, and the horizon the deepest shade indigo... I love twilight. Half way to Tim Horton's I got my first alert... another minute and I was no longer just riding a bike... I was flying it. An incredible extension of my body, with limitless energy coursing through my veins... along with something else too ;) I stopped briefly in a clump of sumach and IM'd everything else except 5 units which I IV'd. Within seconds I was up to a strong +++ the beautiful synergy of tryptamines and phnelthylamines... pure body bliss. Euphoria far exceeding MDMA... gorgeous sensory perception and visual colour palette that felt and looked like a new psychedelic as opposed to the mix of two.

Joy. Graced by the touch of God...the unending gratitude and honor of being alive, right here, in this moment of time. A few minutes pass and I'm back on my bike, soaring at near light speed through the fog and mist. Can I go faster? You better believe I can! I can do anything at all at this moment! Anything at all! Save for exercise realistic judgement ... or tie my shoelace Damn it! What do I do about this lace!? Getting caught in the gears... This will require a deceleration, effectively slowing from relativistic speeds... a return to mortality, but only a momentary return. Now, time to exercise all my powers, bending the faculties of my mind, both profound and acute, to that task at hand! hmm.. hmmm... hmmmm... never fear I'm up to the challenge! Now how does that ryhme go?...

Build a tee pee
Come inside
Close it tight so we can hide
Over the mountain
And around we go
Here's my arrow
And here's my bow!

....hmmmm....hmmm...fuck it Aha! my powerful mind triumphs!... I shall skillfully manipuate my dexterous hands, flex the sheer size of my intellect...... and tuck my laces down the side of my shoe! After taking a moment to pat myself on the back and bathe in the glory of my own ingenuity, I hopped back on my bike, warping right to the door of Tim's, ready for a coffee. I'll comment here that I usually quite enjoy interacting with the public on psychedelics... it does however, present a few unique challenges lol.

As I approach the door of the coffee shop I understand several things inherently... almost instinctually, and feel as a keeper of vital knowledge. I know what I want, (a large double-double), and I have an abstract understanding of how to get my pocket I have metalic objects, devices that humans use to represent their worth or the worth of their abilities. I reflect that the thing of greatest value one can give another, is their time. (aside from respect or love or friendship but these are of a different nature and have no real monetary or quantitative equivalent). It also occurs to me that people exchange their time for these small token representations, and that the people who work in Tim Horton's are considered to have 'low-grade' time. It occures to me that all people's time is not created equal, which is quite strange as time exists for us all in the same way...or at least similar.

I look at the girl standing at the counter. She's gorgeous. How does she feel about getting so few symbolic units in exchange for her work? Her time seems valuable... much more so than our flat money.. paper and metalic representations with no inherent worth. It occurs to me that I'd love it if she'd give me some of her time.... well perhaps if I were single, but I'm in love and only enjoy looking these days lol...

With a little difficulty, I manage to communicate my desires to this gorgeous girl... not all of them luckily ...but the coffee yes. I watch with fascination like an outsider observer as this interaction and exchange takes place. I watch my hand extend, handing her all the money in my pocket ... about $15 and some odd change. She looks at the handfull of money, squints at me strangly and says, 'It's only $1.45'... I puzzle over this unexpected turn of events... the words of a famous psychonaught, I think to myself, 'what now? what comes next???' Luckily she takes matters into her own hands (don't you love a woman with initiative!?), hands me back the coins and the $10 bill and performs the complex set of equations to determine my resulting change.

A wave of relief washes over me as I realize that I have narrowly avoided a very challenging social/mathmatical/and physical operation that would probably have required me to once again (like with the shoelaces) use the full capacity of my mental faculties. A good thing too, as surly the brilliance of my mind working at full capacity would blind everyone within a one mile radius? The combined climax of 2 million years of evolution and millions of synapses firing... The employees and customers of the coffee shop are safe ....for now.

I finish my coffee and head for home, riding into the night and the fog, modified memories flashing through my mind...I think of a Neal Stephenson novel.. I feel like I'm flying a high-powered mode of transportation.. belong to a hallowed suborder of elite warriors. I've got esprit up to here. My clothes are black as activated charcoal, filtering the very light out of the air. A bullet would bounce off the cotten and acrylic microweave like a bird flying into a mirrored window, but excess perspiration wafts through it like a breeze through a freshly napalmed forest.

Man of steel... my body protected in an invisible bubble, clothes as soft as a sherling jacket, feels like smooth soft leather, protects like a stack of phonebooks. Need to get home. Have a job to do. I can shoot lasers from my eyes to smite my enemys. I have never used my laser eyes in fear or anger. But I have used them in Walmart. Got asked to sign a paper promising I'd never try to get a union or have employee/human rights while working there. It also promised to pay every walmart employee as little as humanly possible so long as the profits from illegally exploiting employees is greater than the few $100 million they are fined every year for doing it. Blasted the nuts right off Sam Walton with my laser eyes.... all the mom and pop businesses on this continent were saved, I'm a jedi .... immature and modified memories come to an abrupt end as I approach home.

Once again I feel free and alive..light and full of energy and good-will. The visuals have just reached their peak, the initial edgyness of the 2CB's onset has past, and I know that I am now ready. It has been approx. 40-50mins since I first injected. The pipe is at home, brillo packed with 50-60mg of pure white powdered DMT , which has been gently melted so it would stick to the brillo. The launch pad has reached sufficient altitude to facilitate a high probability breakthrough experience... and I'm excited to say the least.

The nature of the visuals I was experiencing at this point were a strange combination of tryptamine and phenylthylamine... the very colourful and crisp geometric neon patters and ideographic characters I get from DMT and 4-Aco, but with a phenythylamine softness and flowing movement that warped the dimentions and proportions of the environment around me. Everything was soft and smoothe and flowing... fractal and geometric shapes shifting and swirling... and I felt highly attuned to the universe and my immediate environment. When I looked at people in the public areas, I would get little glimpses of who they were, like little movies or stories being told in a flash of insight. Real or not, these small glimpses inside peoples souls felt real, and seemed based on the persons karma or simply the energy they projected.

I sat on the bottom stair of my workshop with the door to my appartment closed and the light in my kitchen shinning through the drape in the door window. I took the largest toke I could, rotating the pipe slowly, and holding the flame just from actually touching the Spice. My lungs filled with a very sweet and not at all harsh smoke which I held in long and deep. By the second inhale I was starting to hear the universe being torn in half... the second toke was harsher but still not bad at all. By the time I exhaled I was well on my way to hyperspace.

I can no longer see! The patterns are small and moving quickly and unfolding into an imense alien landscape... and there's someone, or several things here too. They are peaking at me!! lol, they smile mischieviously and keep just out of site. They seem to know what's going on. This is their world. They come prepared. I keep seeing them poking around objects and peeking, peeking at me! Who and what are they!? They seem friendly but not entirely benign either. Pleasure and love and vibrating information being sent into my head but it's too much, I don't understand... punctuated moments of fear, but fear can be a good can heal and remind and most of all it makes me appreciate my smallness and insignificance, and also my tiny role in this great dimentional symphony. This is overwhelming.

1000 years... no 2 or 3 minutes has past. What I see is somewhat recognizable...the door to my kitchen, but instead of it moving or flowing, it is rapidly changing into completely different's cycling through them and each one is AMAZINGLY intricate and looks like it could lead to a different universe. The visuals are so strange! Changed so much by the 4-Aco and 2CB! I stand and open the the door. The room on the other size is not mine, but I am welcome... things keep peeking at me from behind objects and furniture lol! I have never seen visuals where I can be looking at an object and it simply becomes another object or moves instantly... amazing!

I see my shoes on the carpet...what odd shoes, and as I look they (and I don't know if I'd believe this could happen if I hadn't seen it myself) literally are bending and dancing to the vibrations. But not like walls breath or patterns swirl on traditional psychedeilcs.... I mean they look like they are physically dancing, and very quickly while the rest of the room stays the same. Then I look at something else and it too changes into different fantastic objects.

Wow! In the wise words of someone I have great respect for, 'Yarbles!
Great bolshy yarblockos to you!!' Oh my god my CAT! It is a cubically geometric, rapidly moving block animal with a knack for changing colours, shapes, and performing physically impossible feats. The room is a new world every few seconds... I have never seen visuals where objects change shape, colour, appearance, and geometry so completely and quickly... this is incredible.....

I find the brilliance of the DMT experience to be too short lived and intense for real reflection or insight. With longer lasting psychedelics I move through the trip, evolving with the experience... DMT just takes me there. There is time for thought or reflection. No time for insight in the way LSD or mushrooms imparts it. With DMT it feels like a vast amount of information is being downloaded into my head all at once... and I find it difficult to decipher and translate that wisdom. The DMT experience feels like an exercise in pure being.

I have no more words to describe this trip.... at least not now, but perhaps I will add to this after I start to integrate the experience. I feel great today, and there is many more insights that I'll be writing about when I have time to reflect on this experience...

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80375
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 10, 2009Views: 13,377
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DMT (18), 2C-B (52), 4-AcO-DMT (387) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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