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Dream Disorientation
Mugwort & Dreams
by Paul
Citation:   Paul. "Dream Disorientation: An Experience with Mugwort & Dreams (exp80392)". Aug 6, 2009.

2 tsp oral Mugwort (tea)
I found that mugwort tea consumed before bed definately affected my dreams in some instances. There was the sense that I was more present in my dreams, and that my dreams had the potential to be more meaningful, rather than random sensory impressions.

I would like to stress that the drug suggested that it was to be to be worked with over time. Obviously there are stronger drugs than mugwort, so in some ways this isn't surprising. There was a sense of disorientation within dreams, as if I were trying to find my footing. Perhaps the drug suggested that with further exposure a lucid dreaming state might be attained. But it certainly was not attained the first two or three times I tried it. Maybe mugwort just produces this kind of extended dream disorientation...

The effect is not certain. I have taken it several times with little effect on my dreams. But as I said, several times I felt that the effect was noticeable.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80392
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 6, 2009Views: 25,889
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Mugwort (292), Dreams (85) : General (1), Not Applicable (38)

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