To a Derlious Hell
Citation:   Tycone. "To a Derlious Hell: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp80455)". Jan 22, 2010.

T+ 0:00
80 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 40 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 30 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

I would first like to mention that this trip and trip report took place and was written over 6 months ago, I have since edited it a bit. At the time of this trip I wasn’t in the best set because of a recent drug trafficking arrest a week prior. Anyway I found 2 capsules in my room that I remember scaling and packing 40mg of 2c-t-7 into each. Remembering my previous experience with 80mg, I decided that this would be more than a good enough dose for a strong trip considering I hadn’t tripped in about a week.

I swallowed both the capsules and within 20 or 30 minutes I started to feel the anxious and weird body sensations of a classic onset. This remained and no psychedelic effects started even an hour after that, and I decided that for whatever reason I wasn’t going to get any real effects from that dose, So I dumped just about all the 2c-t-7 I had left on my scale and it got up to 70mg. A good portion of the powder had missed the scale platform and fell onto my desk. I put all the powder on the scale and my desk into a pile and proceeded to rail about 2/3 of it. I capsuled and swallowed the rest. This was a mistake because as I was doing that, the 80mg I ate earlier had really taken effect. After a few minutes the usual 2c-t-7 nasal discomfort set in and this left me in quite a bit of pain, as well as a near crippling nausea. After 20 or so minutes the nasal pain started to die down and the nausea was still there just bearable.

I started to notice quite different visuals then I normally see with t7. Everything seemed to be vibrating in an extremely rapid and exaggerated amount, this vibrating effect was so powerful that it started to hinder my sight. I closed my eyes and fell into an extremely deep trance very quickly, I felt like I was one with my environment and all of its energy was flowing through into me as we merged.

I popped out of that feeling with a radiance of glowing positive energy around me. It was hard to walk, I was stumbling, my body felt drunk and off balance. I got back on my computer and through a voice chat program I spoke to a Swedish tripper friend of mine who was saying many thought provoking and mind fucking statements in his very Swedish accent, which confused me. My conversations with him were very intermittent for awhile and I joined an instant messaging chat room with a bunch of people I knew online who were also very inebriated. During my time in this chat I had a very hard time staying with the flow of conversation and comprehending what people were saying. I had a lot of trouble reading the words due to the nature of the visuals.

I also had a really hard time making out the objects in my room. My room was being filled with fractal patterns that would float through the air. A lot of these fractal patterns started off as geometric psychedelic texture patterns on objects that would just fly off, most of them seemed to just come out of nothing. These patterns started to merge and float into me and I felt their energy and power. The chat started to be too much for me so I left it.

I guess the oral dose I took when I snorted the second dose of t7 took effect at this point because a forced dissociation overtook my body and mind next. I started becoming very heavy, and my vision started to darken. I became so heavy I could barely move and I could barely see and I almost felt like I was “leaving”. I noticed there was a chat window open for one of my really good friends and I managed to type in “I think I am dead” and as I hit enter I became completely paralyzed and my vision blacked out. When I regained vision everything in my room faded into a white never ending abyss or a void, all that was left was me, my chair, my desk, and my computer monitor, and I couldn’t move or even breathe at all.

The white abyss had some static like light flicking around in the air. The scene was very similar to the loading screen in the video game Assassins Creed. There was a similar environment on my computers monitor. Something was wrong with “time” it seemed to be no longer linear; it seemed to slowly play and hop or loop back to a point over and over again. My thoughts came on very slow and simple, they were more simple nature then cognitively ego provoke.

Repeatedly I heard and felt the words “Secrets, Love, and God” slowly from this very deep, mystical, and ancient voice. I was at first fearful that I was dying or was already dead. At the same time I was extremely euphoric and at peace, if indeed I was dead or dying I was accepting it with subtle curiosity and excitement. Time seemed to continue to overlap itself repeatedly, and I felt the strong presents of an otherworldly being trying to communicate with me, I faintly remember an “entity” emerging from the white ground sort of in front of me, but my memory keeps me from remembering anything further, I just remember the aura that surrounded it and uplifted it slowly.

The abyss started to clear up back into my just about un-recognize able room, and I was out of the paralysis. My body continued to feel very heavy for a few minutes. I was now in a state of hardcore delirium, and I started to experience small bursts of unprovoked negative vibes. My friend saw the message I sent and logged into the chat and asked me what I meant. I told him I was tripping really hard and that I ok. He told me he was going to move into a different channel to talk and play an online video game with another friend of mine and that he would be back.

I began talking to my Swedish friend again. I was using a very empty, emotionless, and blank tone of voice when I spoke. My Swedish friend sent me a video link to his brother’s reggae band. The reggae music I was listening to sounded alien like and otherworldly. While talking to my friend I was put under the impression that he was controlling my mind and that he used that video as some sort of voodoo link to do it. The things he would say greatly affected my world. I remember part of our dialog going something like

Friend:”you want it to stop?”
Me:”yes please…”
Friend: “Consider your mind unfucked”
And as soon as he said that my delirium for a short time was greatly lifted from me, but it was still overpowering.

He sent me another video of his brother’s band playing at a show in the middle of a jungle in Sweden. There was a man singing in Swedish with his brother’s band playing reggae and I was under the impression that it was psychedelic trance. I actually remember thinking “wow this Swedish guys really know how to make some crazy complex and trippy psy-trance”. The song quickly rose in intensity (in my head) and on the screen a solid aura of purple, black, and green swirled around the vocalist. The vocalist and the aura began to grow out of my screen into my room. My room started to shake very intensely like an earthquake, and it started knocking things down. I was very afraid. As this happened our dialog went something like,

Me:”Please Stop”
Him:”You don’t like?”
Me:”No stop it stop it”

It quickly grew very large and I managed to stop the video. I was in a very bad place mentally now. I was trying to play his game and do what he said because I thought this was the only way out. I eventually started begging for him to stop and to leave me alone; he was very confused and replied “stop what?”

My friend that previously came in to ask me if I was ok had rejoined the voice chat (We’ll call him Friend A) and also brought another friend of mine(Friend B). Friend B did now know how to talk to someone having a difficult psychedelic experience and he just added to my negative vibe. I felt like I wasn’t communicating properly to Friends A and B that I needed help and was not ok anymore but I eventually made it clear.

I kept loosing sense of reality; I did not know what was going on. I needed repeated reality checks from friend A. Friend B was making me feel uncomfortable, so I told Friend A that friend B was not helping and friend B eventually left. Now it was just friend A and my Swedish friend. It is a good thing friend A had joined in because he is another experienced tripper and is very intelligent and is someone who I trust a lot so this really helped me.

They were both just trying to talk me down while I tried my hardest to keep a grip on my mind. The drug’s effects on me seemed to be still increasing in strength. I constantly felt like I was not in control. I had a strong fear that I would go into the unresponsive stage of psychedelic delirium that I have from time to time seen in other people. I felt I was very near that point of going crazy and losing control and getting into some real trouble.

I really had to go the bathroom but I was very afraid of leaving the comfort of my room, outside it might not be the least bit stable for me. Also I feared as soon as I let the shelter of my room I would lose myself and get into trouble. I discussed this with my friends for what seemed like hours, friend A advised that I piss in an empty water bottle and hide it till I come down after hearing my fears. For some reason I got the idea that friend A was only telling me this because it was some sort of funny prank on me, I felt very split because I didn’t know if I should trust him or he was just out to get me, which is very weird because friend A happened to be one of my best friends and very trustworthy person.

I decided to take the risk, and stumble to the bathroom as quietly as I could to avoid confrontation with anybody. I made it but I could not go at all, I stood there for what seemed like ever, although my sense of time was completely distorted so I don’t know if it was even a long time at all. I eventually gave up in frustration and crept back into my room and to my distress as soon as I got to my room I had to take that piss.

I continued talking to my friends. All of a sudden a zombie like arm reached up from in front of me and grabbed me then jerked my arm; I looked down there were a bunch of zombie arms coming out of my keyboard, which was now a portal to some underworld. I quickly shook it off and jumped back. They disappeared. I know repeatedly heard voices, calling to me, but there was no general language being used. I kept seeing shadowy figures gliding past me. At one point I felt the presents of my father behind me and suddenly I felt and saw his hands on my shoulders, and he says “ohh Tyler” in disappointment. I noticed my door had never opened so no person could have really entered my room.

I accidently closed the chat on my computer, and felt alone and panicked. It took me a few minutes to get open again, not because I couldn’t locate the program’s shortcut, I knew where it was. I couldn’t really see the mouse; I would have to put my face right up to the part of the screen where the mouse was and slowly guide it. I finally got it back up and into the channel my friends were in but there was a problem, I could hear them but they could not hear me. Friend A instant messaged me and the box popped up for me. I was able to communicate to him through that while he verbally tried to guide me through the process of fixing my microphone so that he could hear me But never to any avail.

I repeatedly through the night attempted to go to the bathroom to take a piss yet nothing every time this was extremely annoying to me because when I got back to my room I was nearly about to piss myself. A couple of times I heard the bathroom door down the hall from my room open and close, meaning someone else in the house was awake. I was so afraid of confrontation because I felt I was on the verge of losing control and confrontation with anyone would have most likely ended up in a trip to the hospital due to the dysfunctional maniac nature of ego.

I felt an intense fear growing through the whole night, eventually it got to me. Something spooked me and I got in bed right away and hid under the covers shaking in fear. I verbally begged to god (which is interesting because I am atheist) to let me come out of the experience ok, and that I would never do drugs again if I did. I laid there for what seemed like forever.

I eventually felt it was safe and got back on my computer. Slowly I started to come out of the delirium and into just a very strong trip. I was able to then fix my microphone right away, and successfully went to the bathroom. I spend the rest of my trip explaining to my two friends what was going on in my world earlier in the night and thanking friend A for sticking with me over the course of the night seeing how it had trailed onto past sunrise.

Towards the end of the trip I was tired like I usually am after t7, sleeping was moderately easy. I woke up with nausea and really tense muscles. My feet were sore and swollen and slightly bruised looking and I had to walk with a limp (Another very high dose of 2c-t-7 caused this for me too). I was way off baseline the entire next day, more so then the usual powerful trip. I do not remember a lot of the experience for some reason, which is unfortunate.

I faintly remember having multiple forced dissociative experiences like the one that left me paralyzed and thinking I was dead. This trip was finally the trip I was waiting for, after all the doses and combo’s I had consumed this was the one that finally put me in my place and taught me to be careful and respect psychedelics and body. I really wish I have mentally prepared myself for that experience and kept a clear set. I really should have just gone into a trance and stayed off of communication on the computer, that trip had a lot of potential.

I would not recommend this dose of 2c-t-7 to anyone; the strong delirium and forced dissociation could be very dangerous. Although it was horrifically frightening, and probably the biggest mental struggle I have ever had, I would not take that experience back.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80455
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2010Views: 8,811
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