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Beware the Brown
Citation:   The Masked Chemist. "Beware the Brown: An Experience with 2C-C (exp80618)". Jan 10, 2010.

  repeated   2C-C (powder / crystals)
I managed to get a large amount of 2C-H freebase, so I decided to synthesize (and bioassay) some of the still legal, lesser known 2Cís. The first of the list was 2C-C, mainly because the relative easiness and good yield of the reported SO2Cl2/acetic acid synthesis (compared to PiHKaL method).

The first batch was synthesised from 1.86g of the freebase, and the 2C-C obtained was very pure, white crystalline powder after recrystallization (from MeOH/ether like the original paper suggests, instead of the wasteful acetonitrile recrystallization reported) and washing with ether, yet the overall procedure gave a poor yield (around 0.5g), probably because of the difficulty associated to the slow SO2Cl2 addition.

The material was first bioassayed in the 10-15mg dosage, and the experience was comparable to around 100mcg of LSD, with lucid thoughts and some plastic-like visuals and the carrusell-like (closed-eye) hallucination pattern typical of 2C-B.

For the second batch, it was decided that the procedure should be scaled-up approximately 12x, hoping that the rate of addition would be less of a problem. The addition was also performed at a much slower rate than what the paper stated and the acetic solution was more concentrated. The synthesis seemed to be a total failure since nothing precipited after the addition of the ether, nor after several hours in the freezer. Then, after some thinking, it was decided that partially evaporating the solution and performing an acid-base extraction may recover some of the product. More than 17g of a slightly brownish solid were obtained that way, and after washing with ether (which failed to provide the pure crystals seen on the first batch), the product was heated in order to evaporate the solvents and the excess chlorhidric acid and try to decompose the brownish, non crystalline residue. After some time the solids had partially lost their original color, and when scratched from the crystallizer, some very finely-grind powder was accidentally aspired.

Thinking that the breathed powder was not enough to induce any sort of mentally altered state, and that a very recent experience had builded some tolerance up, around 20mg of the substance were ingested. The unexpected effects were first noted at +1:30h, in form of a very undefined tension, and some mental clarividence. The state seemed to had peak, so it was decided that social interaction was OK, and some supper would be eaten at a local restaurant. At +2h to +3h, while still in the restaurant, some very defined visual imginery was starting to develop, in form of vivid colors, dissolving surface textures and size-changing objects, and kept gradually increasing until a very profound, incredibly visual (comparable to >500mcg of LSD), psychedelic mental state was achieved, at around +4 to +5h.

At this point, some feeling of dyscomfort began to show up, especially catalized by the extreme summer heat (>35ļC). After a while some signs of serotononergic syndrome (increased blood pressure, hyperthermia, increased bowel movement, temporal mental confusion and slight headache) were readily evident and waved in and out in a very unpleasant manner. The increasing headache, lightheadedness and overall dyscomfort eventually lead to a visit to the hospital, ending up with the oral administration of 5mg of diazepam (which rapidly lowered the blood pressure from 190/100 to within acceptable limits) and the recommendation of stop taking drugs. After the hospital, the trip was still quite intense, and the hallucinations lasted for several hours more (up to +12h), leaving behind a state of both slight agitation and mental tiredness. Reminiscents of the heavy body load were still present the next day.

Due to the possibility that the unknown brownish impurities had contributed to the serotoninergic syndrome (maybe in form non-specific MAOI action), it was decided that the solids should be washed and/or recrystallized. Washing with ether failed to achieve the result, but it turned out that acetone washed most of the color away, so after 3 washes and some dissecation, a total crop of 16,7g of white, very slighly grey solids were obtained.

The substance has been bioassayed intranasally in low to medium doses (around 10mg-15mg, taking into account that bioavailability is roughly twice than orally) several times after the incident, and has even been taken in combination with stimulants (cocaine), with no unpleasant physical side-effects whatsoever. Up to the moment, no sedation has been felt, but some kind of 2C-B-like jumpiness and social empathy seems to be the rule. Oral doses seem more unpredictable, both in terms of intensity and onset time, than other entheogens. Intranasal doses (not as painful as reported, or at least not as painful as other more common mind-altering substances) tend to reach plateau in 15-30 minutes and fade off much faster. Tolerance doesnít seem to last for very long, or maybe doesnít build up as fast as with other psychedelics, although more tests must be performed in this direction in order to draw some conclusions.

The Masked Chemist
August 2009

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80618
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 10, 2010Views: 17,399
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