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I Miss the Energy and Apparent Clarity of Mind
Selegiline (Ensam patch)
Citation:   Robert W. "I Miss the Energy and Apparent Clarity of Mind: An Experience with Selegiline (Ensam patch) (exp80635)". Jul 15, 2015.

20 mg transdermal Pharms - Selegeline (patch)
After 42 years I had to face the sometimes debilitating depression that was affecting my ability to function. Rather than see a conventional MD I found a clinical researcher that was testing new drug therapies as part of FDA approvals. I ended up participating in several studies using combinations of (novel at the time) anti-depressants or placebos. I had too many negative side-effects with conventional (SSRIs) anti-depressants, and, readily identified placebos. In late 2003, they placed me into a study group testing an old drug (selegiline) in a time release form (at the time - 40mm patch, now 20mg I think). I hated the SSRI’s and tricyclics so it was natural to attempt something different. Why not an MAOI?

My response to the drug was quite positive. I never felt drugged, tired or the detachment I had with SSRIs. My goal was never to eliminate depression entirely. I simply did not want to be ruled by it. The selegiline patch provided the closest approximation to what I expected and felt was normal (no more debilitating and extended lows) with the positive side-effect that my energy levels increased. I generally required 5-6 hours sleep per night and would wake up refreshed (sometimes falling asleep was a problem). Many mornings I would wake early (about 4am), put on a pot of coffee and begin my work day with clarity and purpose. My libido was fine, and I felt genuinely engaged in life again. I spent almost two years on the therapy. During the study I received the treatment for free, psychoanalysis from a caring doctor, and monthly physicals and blood work. My doctor continued to provide me with the test patches for 6-months after the study ended, then weaned me off the drug.

It was about a year later that the drug was finally approved in the US for distribution. When it was released, I could not believe the price tag (over $500US/month) for a drug that can be acquired for about $60 in pill form. I pay for private insurance and therefore careful about piling on healthcare costs. I also could not bring myself to enrich a manufacturer for an otherwise inexpensive drug.

At 50, hopefully having gained some basic intelligence, I manage the major depressive states through daily running; exercise; eating balanced and regular meals; vitamin/mineral/herb therapy; proper sleep; meditation; lots of prayer; and, focused self-analysis.

I showed up online at this time looking for info on standard selegiline treatment. I miss the energy and apparent clarity of mind that the time-release patch appeared to provide. Maybe it was the time of my life and events taking place…and maybe it really was the patch. So, I'm trying the pill form of selegiline (10mg/day) for the next few months to see what happens.

Exp Year: 2003-2005ExpID: 80635
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 15, 2015Views: 5,041
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Pharms - Selegeline (228) : Depression (15), Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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