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The Wall That Is Money
Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) & Ritual
by Osta
Citation:   Osta. "The Wall That Is Money: An Experience with Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) & Ritual (exp80648)". Oct 31, 2009.

100 ml oral Ayahuasca (liquid)


Kirill left to go to the forest early in the morning, ignoring our suggestions to attend ceremony with Javier. I let him go without any resistance. Alex and myself spent the day relaxing, visiting the market and the beach. While we were swimming in the beautifully warm water, we saw a great rainbow hanging over the lake, each color distinct and clear, from violet at the bottom, to red at the top. On the dock were a group of youths, all of the girls beautiful and full of life. The hanging vines and lush greens of the tropics were gorgeous. The entire scene looked magical and reminiscent of Krishna´s pastimes with the Gopis in the forest of Vrindavan.

After we got back home, I took a nap for a few hours, and shortly after 9, we left for Javier´s. Alex was very excited, but I felt slightly ill to my stomach, a little bit nauseous. When I drank the purga, I could barely hold it in. The first two emergencies were people on the edge of death. As they were being cured, Javier and his assistants and students vomited profusely, over and over. The energies of the patients were leaving their bodies and manifesting in the bodies of the healers. These energies took shape physically and were vomited out. I saw this clearly in my vision.

As the first two people were cured, there were strange noises in the room. Once or twice, very loud banging came from the wall on my left, as if a very heavy object had fallen over. The first hour was difficult, but after the really ill patients left, the energy got lighter.

Earlier, when I asked Javier what the aim of today's ceremony was, he said it was to finish cleaning out my body and closing it to external energies, making me ready to travel. My focus was mostly on my own personal healing and cleansing. I was only served half a cup, and did not really have any strong visions. It was very different from what happened on Wednesday and on Thursday. I purged a lot, probably between 1.5 and 2 liters of liquid came out, with lots of white phlegm. During the ceremony Javier walked by me, put his hand on my head and said “You are going to be so great! You are a great being,”

Although I didn't have many visions, I had many understandings and realizations. I saw the ring of protection that I asked Javier for. The ring was smaller than the one Javier had, and was positioned on somebody's middle finger. When I looked at Javier's hand later on, I saw that he was wearing his ring on his middle finger, just as I saw it. When Javier called Alex for a healing, he offered Alex a ring as well. Alex said that he wanted a smaller ring. Thus, it appeared that what I saw in my vision was Alex's ring.

I saw in a vision that I should not eat animal foods. I could feel the flesh of the fish that I ate earlier in my stomach, and it did not sit easily or feel good. While Javier sang a song calling the black boa snake, I saw in a vision that very same snake. I thought that the black boa, if it really has the abilities and powers to heal, must be an extraterrestrial being. Species like the boa and other animals that shamans call to cure their patients must be more spiritually advanced beings than humans in order to be able to heal. However, unlike us, they prefer to stay low profile. The same is even more true for plant species such as the sacred Ayahuasca.

I saw in another vision the truth of how Ninfa came to me. It was by Amma's blessing and by the power of the rudraksha bead I bought from Amma in Detroit. That bead did it's job, bringing Ninfa into my life within a month.

I had another vision, in which the melodies of the healing songs that were being whistled took visual form. Individual notes were like rays of light, while the melodies, the positioning of the notes, bent and twisted these rays of light into various shapes. The shamans who were singing were creating their melodies based on this principle. In this way, I understood that inner vision, creativity, and imagination are very important. I saw that these qualities come from God, and therefore have infinite transformative and healing potential. I saw that aside from the love in our heart, creativity and imagination are the most important and divine qualities we have.

I also had an insight about Javier's songs, and their mechanism of healing. I saw the harmonies and melodies of the songs as designs, the vibrations of which rearranged the very structure of reality. When I put this idea forward to Javier, he confirmed that I was right. “The songs change reality”, he said.

Ninfa entered my mind briefly. I thought that I shouldn't push her or force her to do anything in any way, but that she should rather make her own decisions. A sadness came over me in relation to Sonya, my beautiful dog who has been suffering from an infection for some time now. I had asked Javier to heal her, but he could not promise certain results, because his doctors did not work with animals. Still he agreed to help Sonya after I told him that she was a true member of our family. For some of the ceremony, I quietly prayed for her.

I also had realizations about Javier – about how he works and why he does what he does. In the three days I worked with Javier this week, I saw him heal a wide range of illnesses and bring several people back from the jaws of death. I also heard him asking for money. For example, he told my friend Cory that his mother has cancer and needs a psychic operation. The cost of the operation would be 400 dollars. Certainly, it is not very much money to save a life, and conventional medicine would have cost much more, but a question rose in Cory's mind “Why does he charge this money? Can't he do it for free?” This inevitable question arises in almost everyone.

There are many people who come to Javier to whom he recommends a certain procedure, which they decide not to do, not wanting to spend their money. During the conference, I heard plenty of people talking about Javier as if he was a greedy crook. I myself fell into the money trap, not wanting to pay Javier the 100 dollars he wanted for the cleaning of my stomach. I thought that my stomach issue would go away by itself. Of course, it didn't.

After I decided to not return to Javier's, which happened as the result of speaking with the wrong people, all kinds of unpleasant things happened to me. First of all, I got robbed. Then, I got two kinds of malaria. The medications I had to take for malaria were almost worse than the disease itself, and for 10 days, I felt terrible. In this way, at least half of my first month in Peru was a crazy series of unfortunate events, which would have certainly been prevented if I had gone to see Javier as he told me on my first day in Iquitos.

As I sat on the toilet, I thought about what Javier does with the money. He has nothing of value in his house, doesn't wear expensive clothes, jewelry, or watch. He doesn't even have a house phone. Then what does he do with the money he earns from the foreigners? He must give it away, because there is no sign of him using it for himself.

I saw very clearly in my spiritual vision how the laws of giving and receiving work. One cannot receive without giving in return. How much one is asked to give is relative to how much he has. Those who are very poor can give very little or give nothing, while those who have a lot can give a lot. This rule appears to be the foundation of Javier's work. Over this past week, the question of money came up a number of times during ceremonies, and I saw money as a great obsticle on the path. I saw Javier teaching the people to give, teaching them a very important lesson, knowing that those who give will receive many times as much. Humanity needs to get over this block, this wall called money. As long as money rules over our heart, we are living in illusion. Without selfishness, there is no difficulty involved in giving money away. Especially to those who need it. This theme had been present in my visions a number of times over the last few days.

Although Javier promised to heal Sonya and also worked on Alex's neck, he did not ask us for any more money. I think because we were able to pay from the heart already, there was no reason to actually ask us to pay. Those who have an emotionally hard time paying will be asked to pay, while those who can give easily will not be asked to pay anything. In this way, Javier's center is like a school, a spiritual university.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80648
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 31, 2009Views: 8,804
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