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My Divine Plan
Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis)
by Osta
Citation:   Osta. "My Divine Plan: An Experience with Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) (exp80649)". Oct 31, 2009.

100 ml oral Ayahuasca (liquid)


In the evening, Alex and myself got ready to go to Javier's. Kirill also wanted to accompany us, but was told by Adela that it would be better for him to not drink with anybody other than her for now. This time, I did not push him, and did not try to convince him to come with us. When we arrived at Javier's, he asked where Kirill was. “Adela wants him to have three ceremonies with her. All of the curanderos always tell people to just drink with them and no one else”, I told him. “We'll see what you will tell people when you are a curandero”, he replied, laughing.

We waited for a while as the people shuffled in. Finally, at around 10 PM, the ayahuasca was passed around. I drank a complete dose and Alex had only a tiny bit less than me. We were both expecting a very strong experience, but it was surprisingly mild. There were almost no visions, only thoughts and feelings.

For the most part, I was focused on my future. I thought about our center, and about Alex and Ninfa. I imagined Alex coming back to stay and work with me, and decided to ask him about it after the ceremony. I also thought about Ninfa, and realized that I would have to marry her to allow her to travel easily between countries. I thought of marrying her in Mexico, in the company of her family and friends. I imagined my parents making a stop over in Mexico for the wedding and continuing on to Peru afterwards.

The purging effect was moderately strong, but also quite smooth. I mostly purged outside of the main room, during my trips to the bathroom. On one occasion, as I was throwing up near the bathroom, I heard a voice softly calling me, “Hey.... Hey.... Hey.... Hey....” I looked around and did not see anyone there. It was a spirit. I tried mentally asking him who he was, but received no answer. The voice kept calling, and I decided to hurry back into the next room. For most of the ceremony, my body felt really nice, and this became one of the points of focus on which I could place my attention. The other point of focus was the music. I listened to the songs with a lot of attention, and a few times actually sang along.

I was able to hear spirits singing towards the end of the ceremony. I heard women singing, but when I opened my eyes to look, there were no women in that direction. Whenever I looked, the singing stopped, but when I closed my eyes, it continued again.

There were several instances of telepathic communication with Javier. I lent him a hundred dollars two days earlier, and a thought came about whether he would pay me back or not. He stopped his singing and told me that he would pay me, then said something in dialect, and finally said that the money would also pay for tonight's ceremony for Alex and myself. Later on, Javier sang the song “Rosa Cruz”, asking his students to not play their chacapas. At first, I listened very carefully, but then my mind got distracted. He stopped singing for a moment and told me, “Andrew, listen to the song carefully!” I was again surprised, and put all of my attention into the song. Within moments, I realized that a lot of the lyrics had to do with me and with this land that we were buying. In plain Spanish, Javier was talking about the land, about us building a temple, about me bringing people from all over the world. Several times, he used my name and mentioned the land a number of times as well. I would bring people for healing day and night, and we would buy more land, eventually building seven temples. Hearing this song was for me a religious experience, and I was filled with gratitude.

I wondered how Javier could have these powers, the powers of reading thoughts, healing people, etc. Mentally, I made the decision to ask him about this after the ceremony. As it turned out, I did not have to wait. During a break between songs, Javier asked me directly if I wanted to learn this science and obtain these powers. I answered that I definitely would. He then said that he will talk to the great spirit of the father on my behalf.

When I went up for my healing, Javier again asked me whether I wanted to become a student of this science. I again replied that I very much would. In my mind, I could only think about how perfect everything was, and how it was exactly what I had always wanted and hoped for. Javier then sang me a special song to prepare my body for learning the science. This song talked about my heart and my soul, saying that there was no dirt in either of them. It talked again about our land, that this plot of land was only the first of many. It talked about the seven temples we would build and about the pyramid as well. I remembered my trip to Kiev, where the Russian shaman told me that I would build a pyramid in Peru. At the time, I could not believe it, it seemed totally impossible, but now, it all came together. I was ecstatic with the awareness of this great divine plan.

After the song was over, Javier showed me the guardian who will live at the center with his wife. This man was present at the ceremony. Javier also said that we would have many businesses and make a lot of money. He said that several movies and documentaries would be made about us. Then he said “Somebody lied to you.” I had no idea what he was talking about. “When?” I asked him. 'Some time ago”, he said. I tried to think about who this person could be and how it was related to what was happening now, but the confusion would not lift. “We will talk about it later”, he finally told me.

The ceremony continued for a little while longer. When the lights came back on, we were all very tired, but I was excited from all of the things that just took place. I felt like again my life was totally changed. I was filled with happiness and gratitude. Before we left, Javier called me over to have a chat about Alex. “I saw something a little bit bad concerning your friend”, he told me. “You cannot travel to Cuzco. The boy has in his destiny a traffic accident, and this accident will happen during your trip. To tell you the truth, if we don't do something to remedy the situation, Alex is going to die. You will have a broken leg, and Kirill will lose a leg. We have to do something urgently. Come tomorrow at noon, and we will talk about it more.”

I went home filled to the brim with excitement. Again, so much has happened. The ceremony was not very strong, and yet it was extremely powerful. I did not let my mind dwell on what Javier said about the accident. I knew that everything would be alright.

Images and memories from the night circled and settled in my mind. I remembered some of the patients of that evening: the woman in a wheelchair who would soon walk again with a cane, the woman with a bad heart who will receive a transplant from a fifteen year old girl, and the woman whose husband paid a sorcerer to kill her. This last woman said that she still loved her husband, but Javier told her that she should leave him, because nothing good can come of their relationship now. “He is tired of you. He wants to get rid of you. His mother found a sorcerer, and he is paying that man almost 1000 dollars to kill you. Do you really want to continue trying to make it work with him? Do you know all of his life? He is an evil man. You have a lot of future left in front of you. You will do many great things. Leave him and start over again”, he said to the woman. With tears in her eyes and a shaking voice, she thanked him and made the decision to start a new life.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80649
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 31, 2009Views: 9,323
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