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Salvia divinorum
by Vladimus Maximus
Citation:   Vladimus Maximus. "Harvest: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp80825)". Oct 31, 2013.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Alright so this account is faithfully absurd.

I think the thing about Sally is that she simply isn't very agreeable but posses the powers and insight to unravel the mysteries of the Cosmos, problem being if you're uncertain of your certainty then she can be quite temperamental, as any serious lady would. ;) I think the Oaxaca natives have been visiting that dimension for thousands of years, bringing back knowledge, but they have a whole system devised to ensure there is an exchange, a ritual.

During my first experience I was alone in my room, nude after intense meditation, I smoked it through a pipe and perhaps only got a glimpse of this other world. It started with a giant creature resembling caterpillar beckoning me to join this realm, it said 'COOOOME' in a dark raspy voice, of course my reaction was like 'UMMM WHAT THE FUCK?' The next thing I knew I was laughing maniacally at the wall, having an entire conversation in fact. Of course it wasn't the wall, but some invisible entity with which I conversed. It seemed to be toying with me, I can't remember how specifically but there was this overwhelming sensation of being fucked with, for lack of a better word. Now while this is happening I can see myself in the third dimension from the corner of my ceiling. Naked, laughing at my wall. Yeah, this isn't exactly something you tell the grand kids.

See I have now visited that realm over 15 times and invited even more friends. Always fascinated by someone's first reaction to something so profound yet so short. ;) Of the 10 friends or so who have tried it, only 3 have had a good experience. The rest left terrified, confused and vowing to never venture again.

To be quite honest out of those 15 times I've tried it, there have probably been only 5 of which I can say were profound and when I say that I mean they were most enlightening, the things I have learned will be taken with me for ever into my many life journeys.

What I've learned from Sally is that If I enter with expectation or determination, she will bestow upon me a slap powerful enough to rattle China. Alas, if you come without expectation and allow her to work her magic and allow for yourself to be taken (meaning cease to struggle to get back to the third dimension, cease to try to re-unite with your ego) then she may just take you on a journey of a life time.

Of course these trials were in my earlier 20s but I hope to venture again soon, perhaps in the summer. Anyhow, this topic fascinates me to no end, alas I will stop rambling and get on with an anecdote.

The story unfolds in my room, back at my parents' place. A musky twang of settled incense fills the air. The walls are a reddish clay color, deep, warm and inviting. There is a Persian rug on the ground floor filled with geometric patterns, swaying colors and solid lines. A wooden mask of the Buddha hangs above the earth colored Ikea couch on which I sit holding 'Hermes' my aptly named bong. Across from me sit a group of friends, waiting patiently and anxiously for me to take the hit.

I take a deep breath as I ready to light up and a feeling of uncertainty travels up my spine. It all feels surreal, I'm no pioneer, yet here I am about to venture into something which can only be likened to another dimension. Alone,taking a step into this vile darkness. Will I be back? Is this anything like what astronauts feel as they ready for lift off?

SHLLURRBLLLLAAGURRRGLLEESHLLUUURGGLE...the sweet crescendo of turbulent bong waters.

My friends are smirking. This is the last image to enter my retina before the lids are shut, and then....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Like a nuclear explosion, I feel my mind and brain being pulled backwards through a worm hole. My body now heavy like iron begins to sink into the sofa as the walls around me start to enfold, once then twice, then again until all that I have ever known is little more than a kaleidoscope of color, shape and line. I am no longer, yet I cling desperately not wanting to let go. My body no longer exists, it has cascaded along with the folding dimensions and become a host for other worldly architecture. Darkness is here. There is a faint murmur of circus music emanating from around me, what the fuck is this god damn circus music and why is it always playing when I enter this all too familiar realm? Is this some practical joke?

Vines of green and leaves of black are everywhere. They shimmer like a diamond, it's blinding and confusing. They are in my eyes, they are within me, they are me? Where am I, who am I?

I am conscious once more but only emotionally. The entirety of my being is somehow contorted and enfolded. My consciousness which can only be described with the imagery of a sawed open head, like a partially opened can of Tuna, is laying on it's side in a field, a field filled with hundreds of thousands of elf-like creatures, joyously singing along to that blasted circus music. They are singing as they mine a thousand other heads, other minds, other consciousnesses, blissfully unaware. They chant something which I cannot understand mentally but feel emotionally. It's all making sense now...and then...

A message appears within my mind telepathically. It is the elves and they are telling me to 'Harvest' my friends. That God-damned circus music, now this? It's all too much, this must be all a joke. I begin to laugh and as I say out loud 'Shuuut the fuck up, whaaat? shuuuut up, nooo you're fucking crazy', I realize that I am seeing a faint glimpse of that other world. It's all too much. I gather all of my mental and emotional strength to pull myself out. Around me, the wormhole spinning and undulating with vivid color, snaking and turning, making me want to puke. RAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH, I pull myself out. My couch is here, I'm back. My skin is burning; it feels like it's been removed and put back on, I'm hot and sweaty. I rip off my shirt.

'WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK?, you guys aren't going to believe this shit, those mother fuckers must be fucking with me, alright take this how ever you want, but they told me to harvest you, I think they want you to join them...'

The next day is spent writing journal entries trying to understand what was meant by 'harvest'.

It's fleeting now, like a dream, but it was all so real. It really happened. I have a feeling there are symbiotic and perhaps parasitic relationships, other dimensional relationships; which we are blissfully unaware of.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 80825
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Oct 31, 2013Views: 3,291
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