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Tripping in Slovakia
Morning Glory (Flying Saucers)
by Butternhoney
Citation:   Butternhoney. "Tripping in Slovakia: An Experience with Morning Glory (Flying Saucers) (exp80887)". Mar 10, 2010.

90 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


First of all, some background information about myself. I am an 18-year-old female living in Slovakia and going to a small school where all drugs, besides weed, are virtually unattainable. I have been drinking (a lot) for the past 3 or 4 years and have only tried marijuana once, but very little, and so nothing happened. I discovered legal highs when I lived in America, like nutmeg, diphenhydramine, and DXM. I did not like diphenhydramine and nutmeg did not seem to work for me, but I did like DXM. I am very open to trying drugs and I enjoy exploring different states of consciousness.

In Slovakia, things are very different when it comes to chemicals and drugs to get high on. Even people don’t like doing drugs at all here, it is looked down upon, at least at the school I go to. That is why it is hard to do any research about drugs for Slovakia. OTC drugs do not exist here; you have to go to a pharmacy to get simple medicines like for allergies, or colds. Even then, I have never seen any form of sleeping pills or cough syrup here. Harder drugs, like painkillers have to be gotten from a doctor, but it is much harder to find a good doctor here. Alcohol can easily be bought here, even if you are underage, I have been IDed maybe 3 times since I was 13. It is also served in restaurants and bars to basically anyone who has money. Smoking cigarettes is the same like that too. There are no organic stores here to find fresh spices (such as nutmeg) or teas.

As for morning glory seeds, stores are very different from the ones in America I guess, because I couldn’t find them anywhere except one major gardening store, and even then, they didn’t have much. All I could find was Ipomoea tricolor Flying Saucers, Ipomoea tricolor Himmelblau (German for Heavenly blue), and Ipomoea purpurea Blue Star. They were either Austrian or German brands, so none of them actually said ‘Morning Glory’; I had to look up their Latin names. Each came in packs of 20. I did the research, and tried 20 of the Blue Star variation, just for a test.

The seeds were white, which was different to what I had seen on the Internet so I was confused as to if I had eaten the right thing. But after about an hour I was staring into space, feeling (wrongly, since it was such a small dose) an incredible body high, (which I would later find out was actually spasms and twitches in my muscles, once I took a higher dose), grinning like an idiot, laughing, not understanding what people were saying clearly, talking nonsense and having blurred vision. I was happy and amazed that all this happened after only taking 20 seeds. They didn’t taste that horrible either so all the people saying that they want to puke just THINKING about the seeds, I thought, were pussies. Boy, was I wrong.

So 2 days after that ‘test’, me a friend, D, decided to try tripping on morning glories. We went back to the gardening store and bought all that they had, which added up to only about 300 seeds in all…a little bit of Heavenly Blues, and little of Blue Star, but mostly Flying Saucers. At the cashier we put down almost 15 packs of these flower seeds, some coke, and a few psychedelic posters, which must have looked kind of crazy, but the attitude in Slovakia is ‘don’t ask don’t tell’, and in general people don’t give a shit about each other’s well being here. It came out to almost 50 euros!

I would say our mindset at this time was that we were excited to see what would happen, and generally in a good, laughy mood. I explained to D how to eat the seeds (to chew them really good) and we told each other what we had eaten that day. I had eaten a fairly large breakfast 5 hours earlier, and she had eaten nothing at all the whole day (it was about 16:00) I also told D that we would most likely feel sick, so we headed home, and as we did, we opened the packets and started chewing the Flying Saucer seeds right outside the store, which came with 30 seeds a pack. These seeds were black. The first 30 I chewed on weren’t so bad, but the next were worse, and the third and last 30, I gagged on, but got down. We both ate the same amount and only Flying Saucers. The coke helped with the taste. I would have forced some more down, but our bus came and I didn’t want to puke on there.

D said she felt very sick while we were traveling on the bus, so we had to get of in the middle of nowhere for her to puke. I felt ok, but the more I thought about the seeds, and D puking, the less I wanted to eat more and the more I thought that this was a waste of time and nothing would happen. After her puking again, we managed to get to the bus stop near my house about 45 minutes after ingesting the seeds. When I got off the bus my vision, I could feel, was mildly effected, like colours and lights were brighter and I remember telling D that my legs would wobble while I walked. At this time, we were both sort of grim and quiet because D kept repeating ‘I’m never doing this again.’

When we got to my house, we both lay down on my bed straight away. She was feeling better and so we started eating some ice cream and watching videos on the computer. This was when I puked. For me, I didn’t feel nauseous or sick like D did, I just puked and I felt fine afterwards. I guess I have gotten good at holding things down because of all the alcohol and cough syrup I drank in the past.

We stayed in the computer for quite a while, people invited us to go out but we told them we were sick. We both felt completely normal laying down, except that we were both laughing more than normal at things, but when we sat up, it felt a little weird, we were both feeling the same; sort of sick, twitchy and sensitive to light. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and we had large pupils and flushed skin. We both thought that this would be the extent of the trip, that we were already high, and we couldn’t care less because of how horrible the seeds tasted, and how they made us puke.

About three hours after ingestion, at about 19:00, a friend, A, was going to meet us outside, so we were forced to get up (we had been lying down that whole time). When we got down the street, (I live on a shopping street, so there are tons of stores and cafes and people), that’s when I noticed the seeds were DEFINATLY having an affect, a very intense affect, that I thought I liked at first. It felt like I had drunken 10 cups of coffee in a time span of 30 minutes. ALL my muscles were twitching, and heart was beating very fast and I felt that nervous/excited/butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling. I remember almost yelling at D, ‘let’s walk!’ because I couldn’t possibly keep still in the condition I was in. I know now, that had I not been with a friend, this feeling would have horrible and I would have started panicking, I just know it. I realized I hated the feeling, I felt there was something very wrong in my body and that I had been poisoned. D said this is how it must feel when you try to walk a lot while you are very sick.

Colours and lights were very bright. I looked at the ground and it looked like it was swelling up to me, like I was very short. D is very tall, so when I looked at her walking beside me, she looked very strange, I can’t explain how, but it was like she was a really, really tall, discoloured robot. I wasn’t hallucinating, she looked like she always does, but to me, at that moment, she looked very weird. We both kept blurting out things we were feeling, both amazed, and interrupting each other. We must have been acting weird because everyone in the street was staring at us, some people even laughing. D told me my eyes kept going in all directions and I was licking my mouth a lot and my pupils were HUGE.

When we finally met up with A, we only talked for a bit, because D had to go back to my house to puke. Afterwards, we both lay down in my bed and agreed that this was very intense. It didn’t feel good though, it wasn’t like we were ‘high’, it was just this very intense uncomfortable feeling. When we lied down, it seemed to be ok. It was getting dark outside, and we decided to lie there and put on some music and try to hallucinate. We listened to techno and both closed our eyes and told each other what we were seeing. Surprisingly I could explain to her what I was seeing and she knew exactly what I meant, and vice versa. Basically kaleidoscope /trippy stuff. It wasn’t as intense as DXM, because I had to concentrate, sort of, to see anything, and it wasn’t very vivid. Then D looked at me and gasped. She said she just had a hallucination. That I had only one big eye. So we stared at each other some more. If someone saw us doing what we were doing, they would have thought us very queer, but to us it felt completely comfortable and not awkward at all, like it normally would have been.

As I stared at her face, I couldn’t believe what I began to see! It was just like out of a movie, where they try to film what it is like on acid or something. She was melting, or her face was being stretched down. Then only half her face would melt and the rest of her face would slowly follow. Her nose was pulled out forward and her eyes started to wonder in, cross-eyed, then all around the room. Her mouth would come off her face, and go to the side. Her hand, which was close to her nose would grow big and become part of her nose. Her eyes would come off her face and in a twitch she would be making inhuman faces at me, then turn into a hog, and a ventriloquist dummy. All these things were so vivid! But when I blinked it went back to her normal face. I had to concentrate to see this stuff. I can imagine on acid or something, these would be much more real looking and colourful, possibly.

For some time after, we didn’t feel like standing up or anything, we just laid in bed and watched movies, and stared and felt good just lying there doing nothing. One of the movies we watched was called ‘The Game’, which is actually a complicated movie, but we both felt content watching it and deeply thought about the movie and talked to each other about it. We had deep conversations and actually thought about each other’s opinions and feelings. Another thing that happened that I thought was kind of unusual was that we ate a lot! We just never felt full and kept wanting to eat. We ate cereal, yogurt, breadsticks, pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, lots of chips, sandwhiches and whatever I had at home, we ate. At times we went the kitchen, got lost in space and thought, and went back to my room, but I was forgetting things easily and it felt like time was going by fast, not slow like people usually says happens with morning glory seeds.

At about midnight, 8 hours after ingestion, we could feel that the intensity was dying down, I felt more dizzy than twitchy, and we finally slept at 3 o’clock. Sleeping was not hard because I did not twitch at all when I lay down. Actually the sleep was quite good for me. We woke up 5 hours later, at 8:00, because D had to leave early. I still felt dizzy. Then I went back to sleep and woke up at 14:00 and felt completely fine.

I am not sure if I would ever do morning glory seeds again. I would like to try a higher dose, but I can only imagine what that nervous feeling will be like. I can describe ‘tripping’ on these seeds as being poisoned or sick, and the side effects of this ‘sickness’ is hallucinating a little. Plus D, my only friend whose cool with drugs is never doing it again, and I need to her to feel calm, to not be bored, and to get what little psychedelic effects I could out of the seeds. Yep, it looks like I’ll stick to growing them instead, and I know when I look at those little blue flowers, it will remind of this experience, that if anything, made me closer with my friend.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80887
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Mar 10, 2010Views: 18,015
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