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A Bit Overrated
Citation:   Forseti. "A Bit Overrated: An Experience with Tyrosine (exp80892)". Jul 12, 2019.

650 mg oral Tyrosine (pill / tablet)
I usually take 650mg/day to reduce fatigue, and make me more productive at work. It really increase alertness, but it can't push me more, when my mind gets tired (not good for staying up all night and learning for an exam).

It will reduce my urge to eat all day, it's easy to forgot that I haven't eaten during the afternoon.

I experienced decrease of libido. It's also easier to go on without cigarettes, but when I finally get one, it feels much better than usual. I couldn't experience that when I smoked the usual dose.

I usually dream less when I took one during the day, but dreams feel much calmer. I find it hard to meditate on it.

When it really helps is physical exercise. It's easier to get my mind to do another set by making workout more enjoyable.
It's easier to get my mind to do another set by making workout more enjoyable.
(I only did pushups and crunches, but I think it would work with running also.)

One day I decided to get 3x650mg. The day passed as usual, I was productive and alert, but when the night came I couldn't sleep until 4. This also happened during the first 1-2 occasions when I experimented with 650mg.

My experience is nothing like speed with tyrosine, it won't make me do things, I won't grind my teeth, and it won't make me nervous.

With that amount of those, I don't think that there is any chance of addiction, it's just simply not that much of an experience. It's just a nice thing to make me more focused, or do an another set of pushups.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80892
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jul 12, 2019Views: 1,839
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