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2C-C, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
Citation:   Alkaloid. "2C-Chill: An Experience with 2C-C, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp80903)". Erowid.org. Jan 10, 2010. erowid.org/exp/80903

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral 2C-C
  T+ 3:00 2 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide
  T+ 4:45 1 cig. smoked Cannabis
  T+ 5:50 1 cig. smoked Cannabis
Here is a concise report of my first experiment with 2C-C. It was a Saturday night, and I was home alone. A little hungover from the night before but feeling good and excited for what was to come. I'd taken 30mg 2C-T-7 the weekend previous and didn't experience great effect, and so there is a brief comparison to this in the report.

2030 (T=0:00): 50mg 2C-C drank with juice on empty stomach.

2050 (T=0:20): Starting to feel something. Slight stomach-uncomfort.

2100 (T=0:30): Definately coming up. Very slight OEVs. Subtle monochrome cartoony CEVs.

2120 (T=0:50): More visual than the T-7 already. CEVs are quite prominent and interesting. Bit of coloured patterning to it.

2135 (T=1:05): Been getting some cool open eye action, everything's crawling. Closed eye is quite fun. Mental effects not very strong but more than the T-7, hard to think of things to think of. At +3.

2150 (T=1:20): Think I'm just about at peak. I feel quite sedated, yet speedy at the same time somehow. Digging the visuals. Not overwhelming at all, but interesting. Mentally still fairly lucid, but glad I don't have to talk.

2330 (T=3:00): Listening to music in bed has been great. Not quite euphoria, no real emotion of any kind actually, but just a relaxed feeling of contentness. Visuals have been very entertaining, really easy to just close my eyes and dissolve into them. Nitrous blew me into another dimesion with fucking amazing visuals, great mix, much different to the I + nitrous.

0040 (T=4:10): Sedated feeling has left, now feeling more 'alert'. Visuals still going. Possibly at the end of the peak, though.

0115 (T=4:45): Visuals etc decreasing. Smoked a spliff.

0150 (T=5:20): Smoking didn't do alot. Visuals almost gone.

0220 (T=5:50): Feeling pretty much at baseline. Smoked another spliff which brought back a little of the CEVs.

0455 (T=8:25): Went to bed, feeling baseline, slept great and no noticeable effects the next day.


While the comeup was fast and I felt a little uncomfortable for a bit of it, once I hit the peak it was smooth and mellow. Very easy on the body and only a hint of stomach upset near the start, probably because it was already slightly unhappy from the hangover. The visuals were alot of fun, open eye there was alot of crawling and closed eye there were nice patterns and cool 'sharp' imagery, geometric kinda stuff. While not really 'strong' in the grand scheme of things, they were still nice. The nitrous was really something else. The music I was listening to (chunky forest psytrance) got faster and faster over a period of seconds, my heart felt like it was beating at the same bpm, my vision started strobing in time as well with electric blue patterns flashing everywhere. Just when I thought I could be coming close to a heart attack I soldiered through and went with it, broke through the other side and felt like I was thrusted onto a surfboard riding a wave of blissful colour. It was quite intense but amazing. Much different to my experiences of the I plus nitrous, where it doesn't seem to thrust me into anywhere different but just heighten what I'm seeing already.

It was definately a very pleasant experience that I'm keen to repeat in future. At this dosage it didn't feel too strong at all, but didn't feel like it wasn't enough either. It was a very 'easy' experience, similar to the B visually and with the general lack of depth. Probably even more 'hollow' than B, didn't really do any thinking at all, just quite recreational & enjoyable. Next time I'll make sure to have more than two bulbs of nitrous available before I start, as that shit was off its tits.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80903
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 10, 2010Views: 9,523
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