Intense Insight
by j
Citation:   j. "Intense Insight: An Experience with LSD (exp80918)". Jan 28, 2024.

T+ 0:00
1 hit   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 10:00 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
T+0.00 I take the tab with two friends of mine (D and R). It's D's first time tripping on a psychedelic. I tripped on acid once and have tripped on shrooms 6 times. My recent trips have left me feeling content and refreshed.

T+0.15 We go to starbucks to get some drinks. Paintings catch our eye and we seem to zone out a little.

T+0.30 We then go to Ralph's and a Chipotle to get some food and water. I start to feel anxious and zone out even easier. My friend D feels the same while R is just to catch things with his eyes. No pupil dilation yet but we can tell the lsd is starting to kick in. We begin to lose focus of things quite easily and driving becomes a little more difficult for me. Lights are slightly brighter and the trees look pretty tight. Music is slightly more intense (listened to trance in the car) and we begin to head over to the beach.

T+1.00 (approx) We're walking to where are friends are. We begin to shake and sweat a little more than normal. Colors are sticking out and we begin to crack jokes and laugh quite easily. I don't remember checking the time very often but we were at the beach for about 3 hours? We get to the beach and catch a cigarette. My friend D is doing alright with all of the people so far; so I'm surprised. It gets REALLY hot so we decided to go to the water. It was amazing. We could feel the ocean's currents flow through our body. Playing in the water and going under water were amazing experiences and I had tons of fun. I usually see pink/purple/oj/red rainbows when I shroom but today I see actual rainbows being reflected off lights. Didn't try seeing my closed eye visuals yet but the open eye visuals start to kick in. The clouds were morphing and dancing around the sun while the water splashes reflect bright colors and rainbows. D is still trippin well and we decide to go back in and rest a little. We lay down and R wants to get some beer so he goes off on his own. I trusted he would be okay since he has tripped multiple times. The clouds were still morphing and dancing and nature looks beautiful. I feel giddy and I enjoy playing with the sand. I remember my CEVs were amazing and I could see smiling people beckoning over. I know it's just CEVs so I just smile and enjoy them. I then see people making love in a state of euphoria and look forward to experiencing the same someday with a significant other. D's trip begins to intensify and he begins to feel uncomfortable with everyone around him. I try to keep him in touch with everything but the trip begins to peak even more and he starts losing it. He thinks everyone is looking at him and he begins to worry. I try to draw his attention to the sand but his self-consciousness makes him feel extra embarrassed to play around in the sand. He starts to worry about how he looks to other people and describes how people are starting to look like aliens (the typical big-headed, skinny-body/limbed aliens). I try to explain that trippin puts you in a new world so things are going to be different and unfamiliar. He repeats this and tries to believe me. I could still sense his discomfort and his failing attempts to truly believe me. I asked him if he wanted to go back into the water and he agreed and he chills out a little until he starts noticing all of the people again. I decided we should take a cigarette and go on a walk. He still freaks out because of all the people but I don't know where I can take him in order to get away from the people. I try to distract his thoughts by talking and talking but it's hard for me to formulate my own thoughts. He says I'm the only person that looks normal to him and he continues to freak out. We decide to go back to our group and wait for R to get back. When we got back the beers were there but R was nowhere to be found. So we start to walk along the shore. He calms down a little as I continue to reassure him that he's alright. I tell him that he looks normal and that people aren't really staring at him. I also tell him that it's typical to feel the way he feels since it's his first trip. I tell him to think about happiness and I try to get his mind to focus on insightful concepts such as the concept of happiness and the concept of love. I tell him things are different because we took acid and he continues to repeat that. It's still too intense for him and he continues to freak out. He starts to wish he wasn't tripping anymore and I told him it was ok and that it was just really intense. We come back and R is back too. R starts to reassure D as well but he keeps freaking out. So we all pack our stuff and head back to the car but he's still freaked out about how the people looked like aliens. He isn't enjoying the intensity of the trip and we convince him that music will make him feel better. He believes us.

Probably T+3.30-4.00 We reach the car and the music brightens D's mood and he starts to enjoy his trip again. However, thoughts of the 'aliens' keep popping into his mind and it's slightly hard to enjoy the music. We start driving and the view is spectacular. D's trip brightens and he enjoys it until he sees people again. He can't seem to get over how people look so different and continues to dwell on this thought. On the other hand, R and I are enjoying the trip very much and my CEVs consist of beautiful girls dancing around and inviting me to join them. I smile and enjoy the sight while listening to music. The sun is blazing red as it sets and the clouds around it look like a beautiful fire. I swear I saw 'lucy in the sky with diamonds.' It was a cloud that deeply resembled a woman throwing her hair back and I smiled and thought that the Beatles were pretty cool after all, although I still do not enjoy their melodies as much as bands such as Pink Floyd. I start thinking about song lyrics and how well I could feel them. It's really easy to get lost in the music. I could feel the beats pulse through my body and I wished I was at a rave.

T+5.00-6.00 (approx) We arrive at the house and we chill on the balcony smoking cigarettes. I wanted to start up the hookah but it got so complicated that I got over it. My friend D can't get over the intensity of lsd and wishes it to end. I told him to try and not have that mind set since it just makes it worse but he can't shake it off. We try to get him to drink some beer in order to mellow him out but he refuses. R and I finish the beers and feel really good. I start to think about how people need to respect themselves more and how that in turn will make people look more attractive. We crack personal jokes in order to lighten D's mood and it works slightly, but whenever we would stop his mind would go directly back to how much he wanted it to end.

T+7.00-8.00 (approx) I start to talk to my other friends who have tripped before and one of my friends talks to me about the book 'Be Here Now' by Ram Dass/Richard Alpert and I begin to have an urge for learning. I decide to go on a cigarette run with my friend and we talk about life. We talk about how psychedelics have affected us and how we can exercise our minds with them, while drugs such as mdma/alcohol just numb our bodies. We also discuss how psychedelics force us to face our problems rather than run away from or numb them. We continue to discuss things and we eventually arrive back home. D is listening to music and we can tell he's distressed and so we continue to talk to him. He worries the trip is gonna last forever but we convince him otherwise. As the intensity of the lsd decreases he calms down until he is almost back to normal. He starts to relax more and more. We talk about our trips and how intense it was for D. We convince him he'll be fine tomorrow morning and he believes us. I show him some videos of raves and his mood lifts.

T+10.00 We leave the house we were at and return to my house. D is fine now and he falls asleep at my place. R also falls asleep. I'm still slightly (very slightly) trippin and I sit outside by myself smoking a cigarette and watching the smoke dance around. I realize I'm completely sober and reflect on my trip.

T+12.00 I go to sleep

I have never desired to learn so much as I do now and I look forward to going back to school and feel refreshed and ready to live life to the fullest. I'm happy with myself and I appreciate life even more. I continue to appreciate life more with every trip and all life has to offer. I promise myself I won't trip again for a week or two but we'll see :D.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80918
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 28, 2024Views: 38
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LSD (2) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Various (28)

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