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Defying Gordon Brown
Spice (Bombay Blue)
by Flitjibbet
Citation:   Flitjibbet. "Defying Gordon Brown: An Experience with Spice (Bombay Blue) (exp80995)". Nov 28, 2013.

200 mg smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids
  100 mg smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids
  100 mg smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids

Well, the Fuehrer has spoken. Despite providing a regulated, trustworthy alternative to the increasingly poor Cannabis in the UK, Gordon Brown's Labour Government has decided to ban Cannabinoids, alongside less devastating news that BZP (now all but superceded by the safer MBZP) is also to go. Well, while we understand an underground revolt is due, and we know that this leaves people with no alternative but chav*-grown weed, there's still a few sweet months left for us Brits to savour the impressive array of Products available.

I went to the headshop and was recommended a 3g pack of stuff called Bombay Blue. This was to be the 3rd legal-high I'd bought, after an impressive kick from Magic Silver then a floaty, tingly stone from Spike99. The lady was helpful as always, we had a good chat about what a unbelievable twat our Prime Minister is, and I was on my way, 22 lighter and 3g heavier.

My first go was the following morning. I lay down, rolled up about 200mg (a normal amount for me, I like to pace myself) and smoked the lot. It burnt quite fast, so it was hard to get a good amount inhaled. Nonetheless, I began to feel a tingly high, not unlike the Spike99 I'd had. It was, to say the least, delicate - about 10 mins in, a call from my Dad snapped me straight out of it. That 10 mins had been good though, so I decided to have another go later.

My second go was mere hours later. Another fresh 200mg rolled, and then half smoked before fear of being caught forced me to wimp out. Seriously, my family knows how to burst in at inconvenient times. Anyway, first thing I got this time was the munchies, so my order of call was to run downstairs (yes, I ran, yes, I nearly fell down the stairs) and ate 3 yoghurts. As it was the first thing I found. I was still pretty much straight though. All I can say happened was that my extremities tingled a bit. Hot and cold were a bit more noticeable.

'Damnit' I thought to myself. 'Placebo.'

Ah, little did I know what was coming. The other half of that roll was still in my room, and I decided I'd have one more go with the other half before making any judgements and asking for my money back. After some frisky MSN conversations with some Canadian chicks, I popped my iPod in and took the rest in, trying madly to hold the smoke as long as possible. Its incredible what 100mg of this stuff can do if you get a good bit.

First thing that came was the tingling. By now I realised these tingles were more than Placebo. Something was happening, and this suddenly made me bust a huge grin which would stay with me until I finally crashed out about 2 hours later. I was high as a kite. :)

The tingling spread out through the body, giving me the old-school electric feeling. The occasional twitch only made me believe even more that I wasn't human. The stone was getting stronger, pushing ever heavier on my body, like I was locked to the bed. The only light in the room was the lamp, casting shadows everywhere which I became focused on. Everything was suddenly fascinating.

About 15 minutes in, which felt more like an hour (it only hit me how distorted time was when I realised that each song on my iPod was lasting seemingly for ever) the first worries hit me. Despite wearing noise-cancelling headphones, I could hear movement out on the landing. I didn't realise until later that these were audio hallucinations, but the fear of being caught completely stoned finally drove me to my feet.

The very first thing I did was dance the robot to The Way You Make Me Feel by MJ. Music was immersive. For that 15 second period, I was Michael Jackson reincarnated. But after then, the phantom landing noise snapped me back to my aims. It would appear again whenever I was doing something other than the task at hand. I walked towards the lamp. Every step was a meaningful thing, the electrical energy surging through me as my foot hit the ground. I looked to the mirror, and thought 'wait a minute...pupils...' My robotic steps took me to the main light, which I operated and then went back. Nope. Nothing.

The noise! I panicked and jumped at the light before getting back to bed to pretend to be asleep. It took another minute to realise that I had not accomplished my goal. The lamp remained on. Forcing myself back up in a flurry of tingling, I jutted my way to the lamp. Passing the mirror again, I noticed a passing resemblance to the Raptor Walk defined by Hugh Dennis from Mock The Week.* I finally found myself at the lamp. I went to switch the switch, but one of two worries hit me:Now, the second thought is a good indicator of how out-of-it I was. Before I continue, I must mention there was no real paranoia, save the noises that kept me on task. The rest of the things that worried me were taken tongue-in-cheek and actually amused me. The electricution worry was answered with the quip 'I'm electric, it won't hurt me.' Which if I recall, was one of few things I said out loud that night.

I fiddled around with the plugs and plugged up the Lava Lamp in it's place. It was soothing to say the least, but my efforts were proven futile, for moments later I decided I needed the light on so I could write some songs. With a click, the room was awash with light. I had to peek my head out the curtains to assure myself the time was past midnight.

Various songs were written, involving (amongst other things) the scottish jail system, perving on the girl next door, Morning Glory Seeds and Walruses. I also drew various odd doodles, which I couldn't possibly explain. I do remember feeling joy when writing 'Legal High,' the words seemingly flowing directly from brain to paper. This euphoric feeling was, now that I recall, omnipresent throughout the time spent stoned.

At about 12:45, I figured 'That's it, no more risks. Mum keeps coming out and she'll get me soon.' I turned everything off and got back into bed with only my iPod for company. Then, the oddest sound. A flush? It clicked. I had been having audio hallucinations for about 75 minutes. Knowing that the parents had no idea increased the euphoria to the point that I pinned myself to the bed, moving my legs to Pink Floyd's 'On The Run' and picturing myself free in my mind. I don't know how to describe it. Closed eye visuals? Perhaps. I do recall earlier having some amazing, if faint, patterns appearing to Improper Dancing by Electric Six. I could describe the Pink Floyd pictures as the normal pictures one can see in one's mind, with an added sheen of pastelly colour. Like transcending to a dream, but with conscience present. Certainly this amused me. I laughed quietly to myself, aware that I was getting away with being totally out-of-it in the family house.

Finally, I began to drift to sleep. I switched my music off and lay back, almost willing myself on towards the dreamworld. The stuff was incredibly relaxing - despite being perfectly able to keep myself awake, I was comfortable in the knowledge that at any point I could knock myself out at will.

I re-examined my day. It had been a good one. New material goods seemed natural. This was the first of two minor revelations I had - that Material Goods is not evil, but rather a tool with which we can mould our journey through life. After all, the Bombay Blue was material goods, sold as a product, and it had given me a sight into other worlds!

The second revelation was that of Women. I'd been spending the evening beforehand flirting on MSN with various girls. I'd developed no conscience at this, but those last moments of my conscious day let me realise the mistakes I'd made. We men spend vast amounts of time chasing anything with a fine tooshie and bust, but for the love of god it's not worth the hassle! I was spending so much time searching for a woman that I'd forgotten that love comes to you, you don't go to it! Thanks to the Blue, I'm now a free man, enjoying other things in life besides highs and women. Although the highs are still intended to appear every week or so. Let's hope the girls do too. ^_^

So I've still got 2g left, and this Bombay Blue has finally proven itself to be worth the price. I'm likely to have another go soon, but for now, I hope this has been an insightful reading. Reports on the net of this being 'weak' are nonsense.



Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 80995
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Nov 28, 2013Views: 7,556
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