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Scary Stuff...
by marshall m.
Citation:   marshall m.. "Scary Stuff...: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp81005)". Mar 18, 2018.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:10 6 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It began with 8 pills of 25mg caplets. About 10 minutes later I could feel an uneasiness coming on so I decided to smoke about 6 hits of some blue dream weed to ease the anxiety from the sleeping pills.

I begin seeing shadows out my peripherals. I decide it would be a good idea to turn all the lights off so I couldnt see the shadows anymore. Once I got up, after about 20 minutes into the trip on an empty stomach, I had a hard time walking, felt like the ground was sinking and that if I step on the wrong floorboard I might fall through it (even though I'm on the first level of the house). I proceeded to turn off the lights, and I remember a chucky doll I had being on the floor. I don't remember it being on the floor as the last place I had it was on my bed. I began to think someone else was in the room moving my stuff. I just turned off the lights quickly and told my self that I was just tripping.

I came back to the computer and stuffed a few pieces of pizza down my throat in order to give me a fuller stomach as the sleeping pills were too strong in my system. After basically inhaling the pizza, I look up at the computer screen and realize that there was a small portal like mirror that had my face in it. I realized it was a security camera and I was viewing my self from a few days earlier in an elevator. After a few blinks I realize that I just have a webcam on talking to my friend who was on slightly lower dose than me. I tried to take my mind off the drugs for a while by watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. What felt like a couple episodes, I turned off the player n realized I had only watched about 3 minutes of it. I decided that this was a bit too strong of a dose for my first time tripping on it, and decided it would be just best to go to sleep. The computer screen turned into a jelly haze and the shadows on the walls were all pointing at the shut down button with their index fingers. I was too disoriented too manually shut it down from the menu's so I just went to push the button down on the computer. I got into bed and began hearing noises. I thought my landlord had used the master key to get into my house and was in the other room smoking my weed. All of a sudden I hear a helicopter and confuse my self that there was a helipad just outside the window and I should just ignore it. I realize a few seconds later that it is my fan. I decide to go to the bathroom and find earplugs which I stuffed down my ears. I went back to bed, which was incredibly hard to do as I felt like I was carrying a really heavy book bag on my shoulders, I was wondering why I was holding my schoolbag, so I tried to take it off before I got in bed but realized I didn't even have it on. As I walk around the room, I begin to have the ability to see faces in every object- the pillows, the carpet, the couch, the lights from the modem(this was one of the funnier hallucinations I had...the modem lights were extended so that the green dots made eyes and the orange dot made a smiley face)

As soon as I get into bed I begin hearing my heart pumping blood at a rapid speed. All I could think of was the cartoon version of tarzan banging on some drums that went at the same pace as my heart. I realized I could slow down my heart rate just by believing I could, then suddenly make it super fast again. I checked my phone to see a text message from my friend saying 'another hour till they pop. What will you do then?'...

As I look at my phone, it seems to turn into one of those vortex type things where you just look into infinity. All of a sudden the phone screen became a movie theater and all the glowing numbers on the keypad were the audience members looking up at the screen.

On this note I decide it is definitely time to go to sleep before I start seeing even weirder shit. I begin to feel like there are electric bolts shooting through my body, like a really strong hit of weed. I begin to feel a massive body high, and I sink into the ocean of my mattress as I begin to think extremely weird shit like beer bottles being thrown at my wall and shattering and just random weird shit like that. Every few minutes I have an urge to kick, and not just a small kick. A kick like I'm in a soccer game and I have to kick the ball as far as I can to win. I end up kicking over the fan by my bed and hearing it screaming as its on the floor like a bird was caught in the blades. I get up to fix it, as I look at the computer screen to see that it was never turned off. A display message had said do you wish to close this program before shutting. I thought I had turned off the computer and the monitor. I pick up the fan and turn off the computer once again. I get back into bed but notice a man in a top hat is staring at me from the foot of the bed. There is also a large skinny tree in a corner, looking like a pole that firemen go down in the station. I realize I should just close my eyes tight and go to sleep. As I open them just to see if the coast is clear, I notice that the pillow next to me transforms into a woman's leg. I decide to just close my eyes even tighter, but I still see the's as if my eyes were open. I check to make sure they're closed but touching my eyelids, which I did, however I could see my hand touching them.

That's about all I remember. The feeling of electric bolts would come in waves, and it would be extremely heavy to move. As I write this my mind is still playing tricks on me. Mild ones though. The black screen on my computer with the colored font keeps turning into snake like patterns moving across the screen as I follow them.

Overall out of ten
Mind High: 10
Body High:10
Anxiety: 10
Scariness: 10
Ability to actually sleep from the drug that was made to make you sleep: 0 (same with dxm stopping coughs..doesn't work for me in high doses)

Overall trip (in terms of good being a fun ephoric trip and 1 being a scared shitless trip) : 4

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Mar 18, 2018Views: 3,209
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Diphenhydramine (109) : General (1), Alone (16)

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