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Okay but Nothing Really Awesome
Phalaris Grass (P. arundinacea) & Arundo donax
Citation:   Quite Affective. "Okay but Nothing Really Awesome: An Experience with Phalaris Grass (P. arundinacea) & Arundo donax (exp81017)". Aug 7, 2018.

  smoked Phalaris Grass (leaves)
    smoked Arundo donax (leaves)
Phalaris Feeling

I am quite affective to any type of medication, drugs or substances, so this report is also based on a very easy approach to the substance by my mind and body.

I just got my new Phalaris plants and some Arundo Donax and planted those into good soil. I later on took the already brown leaves and plant parts to clean the plants and made those ready to smoke right after having planted the plants, just to see how it may work out.

I do not know what the dose may be but I put like a mini head full into a small wood pipe in the first step. The taste of the smoke was somehow usual to me, although not having smoked this particular plant before. The effects were quite fast coming and much like a strong heavy feeling on my mind and body. It turned out to make more sense to take some papers and roll a joint with the leaves as using the wood pipe. The smoke was very hard to inhale but no problem, otherwise, who smokes such and awaits a taste like factory weed from Holland.

So I did that and smoked like half a paper full of leaves. The effects were strong for just being a bit of leaves, while there were no definite clear visuals or anything clear at all it was a typical diffuse feeling relating to type of use, dose and setting.

At one moment I felt like sitting exactly under the Arundo Donax plants of mine or being those, feeling and seeing the plants close over my third eye while being away from them. My Hair was the large green bamboo like leaves etc. Next were some usual visionary or sorcery related things, like seeing some parts of the life of a female person I know since years.

In the end effect it was okay but nothing really awsome.

I had better hardcore DMT Flashes without using any drug at all, so to say, I think the best way to get heavy spiritual experiences is to use meditation, music and most important to have the desire for such experiences which includes to be capable of loving, in easy words.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Aug 7, 2018Views: 2,990
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Phalaris Grass (174), Arundo donax (478) : Combinations (3), Preparation / Recipes (30), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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