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Waves of Intensifying Nausea
by Pink Panther
Citation:   Pink Panther. "Waves of Intensifying Nausea: An Experience with Oxycodone (exp81018)". Jul 31, 2018.

25 mg insufflated Oxycodone (ground / crushed)
  15 mg oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)


My experienced effects after foolishly consuming 40 mg of oxycodone:

Effects (not adding how strong, because it depends when):

-Change in equilibrium and balance (combines with latter to produce odd headspinnyness)

-Feeling light and giddy (this and the previous effect combine to make a certain type of odd headspin that is slow)

-Comfortable asthough there is some protection around my body that means that nothing can feel nasty (analgesia I expect, I guess this is what people mean when they say wrapped in a blanket)

-walking is not as good as lazing around in a chair or lying down,

-I am warm, this is another part of the comfort, my heart and inner torso are at a perfect warm temperature, nothing is too hot or cold

-Calm and relaxed

-Wanting to talk to my friends or have contact

11:38 - I consume the last two pills orally on a walk, I probably geban consuming them at 11:00 or a little later.

I got home as the feelings intensified past what I was ready for, (mainly because of the inclusion of nausea, otherwise it would have felt fine) it comes in waves, slow waves, and each wave brings nausea, I manage to use my mind, water (I tried tea, one sip let me know that food/anything except water would not go down well), and breathing techniques to ward off the first wave, I am shaking, my pupils are very small, and I am pale, also I notice on my skin and oddly enough on my teeth a sort of buzz or vibration that seems to pulse, my heart is slower, I believe this is part of the high. This is not the end though, I consumed 8 pills in total 5 of them through the nose (5 mg each, Endone), I am still getting higher. Walking around is weird, I am giddy and I have lost some sense of equilibrium granted by my weight (that is now much lighter) the only comparison I can make to the way the world looks is to when I am drunk and it seems to be spinning, but this is still not the same.

Before the nausea even kicked in it felt uncomfortable to walk and listen to music (headphones+ ipod usually= very happy me), the feelings wane and then get harder once again bringing more nausea, this time I can't ward it off, and the resulting expulsion is powerfull watery (thank god for the water beforehand) but easy and not that uncomfortable, I feel much much better after this and the colour returns to my face. I think I am almost sober, but I am wrong, things get more and more powerful again, I notice that I am experiencing a similar thing to when I am trying to wake up in the mornings or trying to stay awake a bit longer in bed at night. All effects are very strong and I keep losing attention and focus and drifting off into a sort of dream like trance that I assume would have lead quickly to sleep had I not stopped myself.

--------between these two times I called a friend because I felt like I needed to have someone to talk to, I notice on the phone that my voice is very shaky and I sound incredibly fucked up... Which I am. The conversation consists of me telling my friend what is going on with me and asking what he is doing and has planned (I wanted to feel connected with him), I ask him to come on msn and he later does, the conversation there was almost nonexistant but it was nice to know he was there. I talk to someone else who had only been an acquantance previously and we connect more, she tells me she is into weed more than grog and I feel connected with her and feel we have a lot in common, it feels nice

1:45-3:00 - I think it was somewhere in the middle of that time, my mother gets picked up from work at around 3:00.

The next wave comes intensifying the nausea singularly (all I was focusing on), and I feel very sick, I have to go and throw up again, I do but it is harder (less water) and more unpleasant. I told my father upon throwing up the first time that I had caught the gastro bug that is going around, this time he sympathizes with me again and recommends I have a shower. I do so but I want to get rid of anything else while I'm in the shower, I notice my pupils are more normal now. I manage to get myself hacking (I can't think of the word) and getting up very little in a very unpleasant way. I leave it at that and get out of the shower, I look for a movie to watch but nothing captures my imagination, I think of watching skins on my computer (1st+2nd seasons that I've already seen) or talking to my friends or listening to music, nothing seems as appealing as lying on the sofa and literally doing nothing at all.

Roughly 2:45 (approximate of time it would take by car to get to my mother's work)-3:00 and onward

I am lying on the sofa between consciousness and sleep, listening to our chickens clucking brings me back to consciousness and then I drift off again, I feel like normally I would be cold, but I am not I feel like a stone and I am very comfy. In no time it seems my father is back home. My mother sympathizes and I feel very happy to be receiving such love I am reminded of how much I love my parents, apparently I am still pale. I wonder whether the nausea I felt is ONLY due to the oxycodone or whether I am actually sick as well and therefore need to refrain from food, I am hungry (unusual for a stomach bug this early in the getting better process for me) I wonder how long oxycodone lasts and I decide to play it safe. I go back to drifting in and out of consciousness but I think I may have actually gotten some sleep. When I resemble less of a hybernating bear I talk to my mother and we decide to watch 4 weddings and a funeral (I needed a film about food or something to make me feel good, I was indulging myself because I think I am sick).

Perhaps 8:30-9:06

I finish the movie and get up, I don't feel nauseous anymore (to be expected, I think my stomach is empty), and my face has regained a bit of it's colour according to my mother. I dilly about a bit and then sit down to see who is on msn and to write this report. At this moment I am very surprised to see that it is 9:06 but I remember that films last a while.

The effects were not all unpleasant, some of them were nice although I was expecting euphoria which I didn't get, the nausea became an extreme drawback. For some reason I get the feeling that I simply don't get euphoria from oxycodone (I don't really know). I massively over-did it today and I think I will take a few days to recover, what I did was extremely stupid and there is definately a lesson to be learnt that I will gladly learn, I read since that no one with no tolerance should do over 40 mg under any circumstances, and I am glad nothing worse happened. I'm not sure whether I want to do Oxycodone again, but that may change after a long while to recover and put it out of my mind, if I ever do it again, I will do much less (half of what I did today or less) and do it fast enough to feel a quick onset instead of doing more, more slowly.

Really, I think that there is a valuable lesson here, I thought that I could get myself a little bit of euphoric highness at the spontaneous drop of a hat upon discovering these pills and I ended up doing way more than I thought I would because I didn't wait for it to kick in and was stupid.
I ended up doing way more than I thought I would because I didn't wait for it to kick in and was stupid.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81018
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Jul 31, 2018Views: 4,302
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Oxycodone (176) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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