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Love Comes From the Source
MDA (Ecstasy)
Citation:   k4rnage. "Love Comes From the Source: An Experience with MDA (Ecstasy) (exp81050)". Feb 28, 2017.

1 tablet oral MDA
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis
Before trying MDA, my experience beforehand was marijuana, mushrooms, ayahuasca, salvia, and MDMA. I defenitely loved MDMA so I knew I was in for something good.

I bought a Green Mitsubishi from my roommate, and popped it that night. I don't know if I checked beforehand or while I was coming up, but according to a few posts on pillreports these pills were straight MDA. I remember coming up, and the first thing I revelated was that, THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR, not dexedrine or base amphetamine. I was stuck in an addiction, my first term of school on taking dexedrine (and I didn't even have my own prescription), and MDA gave me the fulfillment and contentment that dexedrine could never give me. I felt so at home on MDA, and that I could just rest easy and FLOW with the universe. I was listening to Jack Johnson's relatively new cd at the time, 'Inbetween Dreams', and holy sh*t it was the most euphoric experience I could imagine. I felt deeply connected to the rhythms, the words, and the beat that this was all I could do for at least 2 hours. Now every time I hear this CD I come back to this memory, somewhat like a flashback where I hear the music like I did when I was high on MDA. Purely amazing euphoria, as I HAD to move to the music, unlike MDMA where I could just listen with contentment. MDA made me move, almost as if it would be like being tortured if I wouldn't be able to move my head back and forth or flow to the music.

Since I was into meditation at the time, I smoked a bowl and turned off the lights and the music and laid down, connecting to my inner self, which I like to call my guides, sentient parts of the inner self that live inside of our heart and mind. I asked them a few questions and because I was inebriated on MDA (which I felt like was a direct connection to my inner, divine self), my questions got answered quickly and clearly. I was also presented with an inner hallucination so vivid and liquid-dream like that I freaked out, because I was presented with a very liquid-metallic ladder that dropped down from the top of my field of view (no joke), and it was so real and vivid I freaked out and the hallucination stopped. I wonder what would've happened if I had climbed that ladder?!!? I probably would've had all of my questions answered, and I don't think I was ready for such a thing. I honestly believe I partially traumatized my soul this evening because of how freaked out I got, when I was in such a deep, conscious connection with my inner self. Did I tangle my selves? Did I sever a connection that I might've needed later? Because my life hasn't been all that it had been promised to be (by my inner self), though I am hastened to believe (by my inner self), that all is as it should be and that with humbleness, and patience, all will come to pass as promised. I am just anxious to experience what I had previewed, and live the truth of the Golden Age on Earth, when right now things feel darker than I was to believe at the time how my life might be like. I must love my soul back into incarnation!

I believe MDA to be a tool of the self, inner-reflection, similar to LSD but from a different perspective. Say LSD was the father giving me insight into my truest self, I believe MDA to be from the mother, because it's so nurturing and flowing to learn what MDA has to teach. MDA, just as much as MDMA, should be used as a tool for the soul and blending it properly with the ego so that life can move as smoothly as possible. I believe MDA is the source molecule and was created before MDMA, and I believe it leads you to YOUR truth, while MDMA leads you to THE truth, which are potentitally varying depending on when your soul was born or created.

If MDA is source, and MDMA is love, and perhaps MDEA is joy, what a beautiful line-up of molecules Nature has provided us to work and play with. LOVE ALCHEMY!


Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 81050
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 28, 2017Views: 2,424
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MDA (34) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4)

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